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That's what the 5 Keys are all about. In this book, you'll discover how models eat, move, sleep, de-stress and stay healthy enough to live on the road and still look gorgeous. You'll get model playlists to help you bop through every Key, model meal plans so you can see what models really eat, model 'exercise' tips including the reason why most don't actually exercise , and more. You'll find out what models wear, how they shop, how they snack, and how they pack when they find out at 6 p. Then you'll learn how you can apply those model secrets to your own life.

With the 5 Keys to channeling your inner supermodel, you'll maximise your best possible self. Life will get easier, more glamorous, sexier and more fun! Not everyone can be a supermodel by profession. The world needs doctors, teachers, journalists, scientists But just because you're still in school or you're a stay-at-home mum or you work in an office doesn't mean you don't deserve to look and feel like a supermodel.

Trying to be or look like someone else is just a waste of being You!

Supermodel YOU: Shockingly Healthy Insider Tips to Bring Out Your Inner Supermodel

Genetically speaking, there will never be another You - so why not be the most beautiful, healthiest, most confident version of yourself possible? So drop the self-loathing and low self-esteem. Forget about diets and crazy exercise regimens. All you need are the 5 Keys, which are based in science and vetted by models all over the world. The Keys are proven, and making them part of your life is fun! You'll get into the model psyche and learn how to adopt the attitude that You are the supermodel version of yourself: gorgeous, flawless, fun, sexy and amazing.

You're about to look it, feel it, live it. You're about to achieve "Supermodel You"! Get ready to walk the runway of your life. True definition of sexy is someone like Sarah DeAnna who finally brings forth the awareness needed for all to be healthy. Whether you are a model trying to compete in this crazy industry or someone who is searching for how to be healthy and not sacrifice your life but rather enjoy it. I've shot thousands of young aspiring models for over 20 years and believe in this book more than words can say, as I have seen so much unnecessary body abuse. Not only is she fierce in her approach, she combines real-life circumstances that women often face with her own unique experiences as a supermodel.

Above all, Sarah DeAnna delivers a message that our culture is desperate to hear: You don't have to be a model, or a size 0, or a huge success on the runway for you to learn to love the skin you are in. By ripping apart the supermodel stereotypes and giving us a peek backstage at the fashion show of life, Sarah gives us a real path to rocking our looks!

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Her Five Keys are a livable, everyday recipe for beauty inside and out. Shooting for a magazine is only 10 percent of this glamorous life. The other 90 percent is taking care of yourself so you can be the best of you! Supermodel YOU will empower you with both wisdom and wit to live a life of integrity and authenticity. Darren R. Weissman , holistic physician, developer of The LifeLine Technique R , author, and educator Supermodel YOU is a compelling book that takes us on a journey of supermodel transformation!

A terrific guide that shares the keys to unlocking the inner model within all of us. Supermodel YOU shows you how it's done in a healthy, happy way Now that's chic! News correspondent. Some of the saunas are intense. The same goes for hot tubs. Thou Shalt Scrub.

The oil scrub massage is not necessary but is definitely a highlight.

Keep the peace. Silence is golden. Come with friends, detox together, but keep chatter to a quiet minimum. Toss The Tech. Keep your phone in your locker because A.

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You have everything you need. Settle into the comfort of knowing you could grab it if the urge to selfie is just too strong, but ask yourself: do you really need another?

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Bring your own beauty! Bring a mask, deep conditioner, your latest lotion obsession — whatever floats your boat. Pretend this is your own bathroom, but with lots of other naked people primping themselves in close proximity. No shame! Do you.

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Massage or facial? Separate private rooms? Cleansing Tips All Cleansing Tips. All Detox Diaries.

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