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Rogozin told RIA Novosti that Roscosmos would explore the possibility of using lunar soil as a resource that could help 3D-print new parts and repair equipment, negating the need for costly resupplies from Earth.

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Roscosmos has outlined a multistep plan toward landing cosmonauts on the moon. Its final stage envisages humans using local resources to set up the infrastructure of a moon base.

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Leading up to the manned moon landing, the Russian space agency will conduct a series of missions preparing for the return of humans to the lunar surface. It will aim to send a lander to an unexplored area of the moon's South Pole. NASA also has its sights set on the moon.

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The U. According to NASA, a key component of establishing the first permanent American presence and infrastructure on and around the moon is the Gateway, a lunar orbiting platform designed to host astronauts farther from Earth than ever before. This will be developed in collaboration with Roscosmos, alongside the ESA and the Japanese and Canadian space agencies.

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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview This colorful 8x10 picture book tells the story of a Husky dog named Dimitry who thinks he is in love with the moon.

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He wants to catch her and marry her until his friend, Crystabelle, a Ragdoll cat, shows him that the moon is made of rock. She teaches him that the joy of being in love is giving love, and Dimitry finds that he is full of love for the whole world. Product Details.

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