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My mother was overcome with emotion and burst into tears. More examples He showed no emotion as he walked into the witness box. Overcome by emotion, she found herself unable to speak for a few minutes. The British traditionally tend not to display much emotion in public.

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As an actor he could communicate a whole range of emotions. The manager warned his young players not to get carried away by the emotion of the occasion. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words Strong feelings agony all-consuming anguish ardent be convulsed with laughter, rage, etc. Advertising traditionally relies on the persuasive power of positive emotions. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

Looking time is recorded, and longer looking at the novel stimulus permits the inference that the infant has discriminated the two emotions. From Cambridge English Corpus. Research should also examine the way that child gender may influence the development and use of emotion regulation strategies in physically maltreated children. For the existential stressor, emotion -focused approach strategies were reported most frequently. Obviously that leads you back into the past, into memory, into repressed emotions.

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Here, a story-completion approach was also used around attachment and emotion themes, and children were asked to complete the stories and describe the characters' feelings. Can emotions and themes in children's play predict behavior problems? Lower levels of empathy may contribute to conflict in social interactions and thereby heighten levels of negative emotions experienced by some children.

Narrative form integrates situations and context, and less salient cues, to infer whether an emotion indicates suffering or something else. Unlike other emotions, anger may be especially helpful in providing information about the behavioral intentions of others. These areas otherwise contribute to the production of emotion , cognition, and somatosensory awareness.

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It places that research in the context of the neobehaviorist theory of emotions. Despite reported racial differences in preferences for end-of-life care, patients have individualized needs for information, discussion of emotions, and decision-making collaboration. Moreover, personal and institutional interpretation of an emotion could be quite different. Some emotions are very specific, insofar as they concern a particular person, object, or situation.

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Others, such as distress, joy, or depression , are very general. Some emotions are very brief and barely conscious, such as a sudden flush of embarrassment or a burst of anger. An emotion may have pronounced physical accompaniments, such as a facial expression , or it may be invisible to observers. An emotion may be socially appropriate or inappropriate. It may even be socially obligatory—e. Panic and fear, for example, are often thought to be kindred emotions, but there is a significant difference between the panic that is manifested in an irrational fear or a phobia and an intelligent fear—such as the fear of nuclear war—which requires a good deal of information and analysis.

Terror and horror, two other kindred emotions, are nevertheless distinct from fear. Or consider the huge family of hostile emotions akin to anger: rage, fury, hatred, resentment, contempt , loathing, and scorn, to name just a few.


The great variety and abundance of emotions suggest that the category of emotion may not be a single class of psychological phenomena but a large family of loosely related mental states and processes. Although love and hate, for example, are often conceived of as polar opposites, it is worth noting as the plots of so many novels and dramas have made clear that they frequently coexist not as opposites but as complements.

Moreover, love is often painful and destructive, and hatred, sometimes, can be positive. Anger is indeed a negative feeling if not a hostile one directed toward another person, but it can be edifying for the person who is angry, and, in the appropriate context —a context in which one ought to be angry—it can have beneficial effects on a situation or a relationship.

Thus, the feminist movement took a major step forward when women realized that they had a right to be angry and much to be angry about. It may be, as Aristotle noted, that emotions are accompanied by pleasure or pain often both , but they are too complex and often too subtle to be classified on that basis alone. The study of emotions was long the province of ethics. For Aristotle, having the right amount of the right emotion in the right circumstances is the key to virtuous behaviour.

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Thomas Aquinas c. Although moral thinking about emotions has always been concerned with emotional extremes and malformations, as in psychopathology and madness, those phenomena have never been the primary reason for interest in the emotions. As Aristotle and the medieval moralists understood quite well, emotions are essential to a healthy human existence, and it is for that reason that their malfunction is so serious.