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The segments are simple and easy to understand.

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Absolute beginners through beginner-intermediate learners will enjoy this series on Amazon streaming. In this Chinese cartoon, a group of lambs and sheep live in harmony on a lovely pasture until Gray Wolf and his wife decide to move in and become a problem for obvious reasons. Even though this the main demographic is ages four through six, it would be best if the viewer had a couple of years of Chinese language experience under their belt to be able to catch on.

16 Chinese Cartoons for Kids to Learn Mandarin | Lingo Bus

This show was co-produced by South Korean, Chinese and American production companies. This is definitely reflected in the show, which seeks to teach kids about cultural diversity, tolerance and empathy. While this version is in English, there are lots of episodes that take place in China and discuss Chinese culture. Even though many of these shows are geared toward children, adults can definitely find them useful and even entertaining when learning Chinese. They write about a lot of stuff, from music to films to language. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn Chinese with real-world videos.

Experience Chinese immersion online! FluentU brings Chinese to life with real-world videos.

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By Em Casalena. Is it actually that rough? It takes a lot of hard work to learn how to read, write, speak and understand a second language.

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MUZZY is designed for children to learn on their own, but as we know children learn best when Mom and Dad are involved. The guide allows adults to guide their child during the language-acquisition journey. The guide includes a recommendation for how to get started, tips on subtitles, and a description of each section of MUZZY. It is available anywhere there is an Internet connection, and there is no downloads required.

16 Chinese Cartoons for Kids to Learn Mandarin

Designed to grow with your child and his or her expanding language skills. There are games for pre-readers, early readers and learners of all ages. Your child entertained while they learn new lessons that come every week by email.

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No long-term commitment. Cancel anytime. She can enjoy it as entertainment but it's profoundly educational.

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