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See more of Lily Childs on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Kate Pilarcik. My mother would've thought this miss amiss if I didn't bake a batch Not squealin' on the recipe though Col Bury. Hey Lily, I'd be really interested in featuring you for my online ez Let me know, thanks! Information about Page Insights Data. Lily Childs shared a profile.

Lily Childs. Works at Horror and dark fiction writer. Magenta Shaman. Lily Childs shared a link.

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Good luck. Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow. Natural born shaman, Magenta Sweeney is torn from the comfort of England's green coast and sent on a terrifying trance journey by the very guides and guardians that claim to protect her. I'll go along with that statement completely. After all somebody has to be. The twisting of the messiah complex from saviour to slaughter is a very clever idea. Retribution often sets flame to the plasma when we read it and this story was no exception. I really liked the structure which gave us insight and cause without holding back the flow of the unfolding drama.

Great story Lily with a crisp ending and chilling character transformation. Excellent, excellent piece, Lily!

Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow

You showed great control in your revenge, although all the Carter's of the world deserve a bullet between the eyes! Very well written from start to finish. So mesmerised was I by the tremors shooting through his bound limbs, I almost forgot to call the police. Loved it. Plenty more in there as well.

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  • Great job with this Lily. Woohoo, some mighty images in this story, Lily. But its not the images that did it for me. Just then, the rest of the Winx will swoop in to try and save Bloom. Just as the Winx and the Trix are about to have a standoff, Bloom is presented with two choices she must make: let her friends handle the situation due to her dwindling powers, or struggle in an attempt to transform in her Believix.

    If Bloom decides to trust Sky, she will step into the wedding as Diaspro is making her vows. Just as Sky is about to make his, Bloom steps in front of him, smiling at him as she looks into his eyes. Sky then realizes that Bloom is in front of him and she jumps into his arms, ecstatic to know that he was simply under a witch 's spell. Just then, the Trix appear before Bloom and Sky, irritated with how she was able to get past their illusion. Bloom explains that it was because of her deep feelings for Sky that she was able to realize that it was all fake.

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    In retaliation, the Trix trap Sky in a Cage of Pain and, from here, Bloom is presented with two choices: unleash her full power on the Trix or think of a rational plan to defeat them. If Bloom chooses to protect Sky from Stormy's next attack, she will conjure up a shield that will deflect Stormy's attack. Once he is safe, Bloom rushes to Sky's side and he will advise her to keep an eye out on Stormy. However, Stormy pops up from behind Bloom and lands a direct hit. As Sky tries to get by her side, the Trix will taunt Bloom over how much of a couple the two make, claiming that it is a shame that they hate stories with happy endings.

    As Bloom tries to stand up, Stormy continues to taunt Bloom over how her worrying over whether or not Sky would get hurt caused Bloom to fall into her worst nightmares. As the Trix laugh at her, Bloom is presented with two choices: unleash her full power on the Trix or think of a rational plan to defeat them. If Bloom were to let her friends handle the Trix then the Winx will try to use a Believix Convergence , only to realize that they do not have enough energy. Stella and Flora try to get Bloom to join in the fight in order for their Convergence spell to work, but Bloom cannot as she feels too drained.

    The Winx are blown away by a powerful tornado conjured up by the Trix's combined powers.

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    • Afterwards, the three witches will taunt Bloom, telling her that she will be stuck with them in a never ending nightmare. With this, the Trix are successful in trapping Bloom within her memories and only by going back to the beginning will Bloom be able to keep from making the wrong decisions. If Bloom were to struggle as she tries to transform into her Believix to save her friends and Sky, Bloom will manage to transform and will unleash the full power of her Dragon's Flame , blowing the Trix away for good. From there, she will suddenly wake up in her room in Gardenia.

      She holds Kiko close as she tells him that she just got out of a realistic nightmare but, in spite of Bloom being successful in escaping her nightmares, she still has not found the Stone of Memories.

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      Therefore, she is trapped within her memories and only by going back to the beginning and avoiding all of the wrong choices will allow for Bloom to truly succeed. If Bloom were to calm herself down to think rationally, the Trix will taunt her as she stands by doing nothing. They taunt her over how her Dragon's Flame feeds off of her deepest emotions and will weaken if she does not listen to her instincts. They then trap Bloom in a second Cage of Pain as they laugh at her, leaving Bloom trapped within her nightmares forever. Only by going back to the beginning will Bloom be able to keep from making the wrong decisions.

      If Bloom were to try and attack Stormy now that she has an opening, she decides to watch Stormy and Sky carefully. As a Specialist , Bloom believes that Sky will evade Stormy's next attack. Stormy fires another beam at Sky only have him dodge her attack completely. Now that she has that opening, Bloom goes into her Believix and attacks Stormy with her Dragon Heart spell.

      Darcy will suddenly appear, ready to pay Bloom back for attacking her little sister but Stormy will interrupt, claiming that she can still fight back.

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      Bloom cuts the two of them off and unleashes her Fire Arrow , blowing Darcy and Stormy away. From there, Bloom suddenly finds herself somewhere else. She finds all of her friends standing around, trying to come up with a name. Bloom realizes that she is back in the moment where they came up with the name "Winx Club" for their group. Aisha asks Bloom if it is a good idea for them to be chatting instead of fighting off the Trix and, from here, Bloom is presented with two choices she must make: listen to Aisha's advice or stay and come up with the best name for the group.