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May your hope inspire all to discover their responsibility to build wholeness. May your love form deep roots that nourish your ways endlessly in our lives, And in the life of the world.

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And when we think we may have had enough, When we are not sure where to turn, When we do not know if we can keep going, Call us again to worship fo here we turn to you with thanks and praise, always seeking strength through the prayer you gave the people to pray saying… Our Father…. Our lives and the life of the world O God, are constantly in transition.

The Prayers of the People

Change is weekly, if not daily, like the tides rising and falling, like the seasons always turning. In all the shifting transitions, we are knit together a one community in you, Lord, by your Spirit. Gather us, God, by the grace of our savior, Jesus Christ, to be one with you and with each other. We give thanks for the new life that forms among us. For the gift of babies born into families of our community. Bless them as we anticipate meeting them. Bless all families who are in transition, whether with exciting births and in saying goodbye. When we send beloved friends with blessing to new adventures, send them O God with a reminder that a beloved community will always welcome them in and that such a community receives them in transition.

Leading Prayers of the People

On this day our nation celebrates fathers. There are Fathers who have seen us from birth to life to independence, And we celebrate their commitment walk with us through our lives. Bless their gifts of grace and possibility, We give to you O Christ, our gift of thanks, for raising abundant life among Fathers.

We prayer for reconciliation where there is violence, healing where hatred and contempt are cultivated. We also pray once again for the life of our nation and community as we transition to an awareness of pain and racism that has long dwelled among us and within us. When we lose our words facing such tragedy, let silence speak. Do not let the sun set on our anger and frustration with racism. Guide us O God to be people who live to reflect your grace among all people, to let our hands and our voices to do justice for living a good life is simply not enough when strong witness to resurrection is required.

When walking humble is called for every day, when people remain captured within the prison of brokenness. Heal and awaken your people to be faithful disciples of that most powerful love, to be neighbors bound by love to be the people of hospitality that you created and have called us to be, And may we gather our voices as one, as the children of God who pray the prayer you gave us to pray saying….

A Prayer for the People

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The links below are to alternative forms of the Prayers of the People that are keyed to the seasons and the lectionary readings of the liturgical year.