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Move slowly and smoothly with no forward lunging or jerking. Sit on mat with knees drawn toward chest and arms wrapped around legs. Rock back to tailbone with feet hovering a few inches above mat. Inhale, rolling back to shoulder blades then exhale to roll forward to balanced starting position. Use abs to control momentum and pause before feet touch mat. Lie faceup on mat with knees drawn toward chest, shins parallel to floor in tabletop position. Exhale to lift head, neck, and shoulders off mat. At the same time, extend left leg straight to a degree angle and draw right knee toward chest.

Burpees: How to Do The Perfect Burpee

Grab right knee with left hand and right ankle with right hand. Switch legs on the inhale, pulse for 1 beat, and switch legs again on exhale, keeping shoulders off mat and core engaged throughout. Lie faceup on mat. Lift head, neck, and shoulders and bring knees to chest, arms hugging shins. Inhale, and straighten legs to a degree angle while simultaneously extending arms along ears. Exhale, and circle arms down to hug shins as you return to starting position.

Keep shoulders off mat throughout and maintain even breathing. Lie faceup on mat with legs extended straight up, perpendicular to floor. Lift head, neck, and shoulders off mat and bring right leg in as close to face as flexibility allows, lightly holding right calf with both hands. Pulse right leg toward face 2 times while left leg extends away from body and hovers above mat, then repeat on the other side. Lie faceup on mat, hands behind neck and elbows wide. Lift head, neck, and shoulders off mat. Bring left armpit to right knee and extend left leg to high diagonal.

Twist to the other side and switch legs, bringing right armpit to left knee and extending right leg.

How to Do the Perfect Burpee

Lie faceup on mat with hands supporting back of neck and knees bent toward chest. Exhale, bringing upper torso off mat and extending legs toward ceiling.

10 Tips Your Fitness Coach Won't Tell You About

Lower legs to a degree angle for 3 counts then lift again for 1 count. Lie faceup and hug knees to chest. Reach arms directly overhead and extend both legs to high diagonal.

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Stretch arms back toward ears then shift them toward toes, rolling up to a seated V position. Keep arms and legs at a degree angle to mat. From this position, lower and raise legs for 3 to 5 reps. Roll spine to mat one vertebrae at a time, then lower legs to return to starting position. Walk hands out into a high plank position. Lower body halfway to mat, elbows tucked close to ribcage.

25 Key Fitness Terms Everyone Should Know Before They Step Foot In A Gym

Straighten arms to press up and repeat the Pilates push-up for 3 to 5 reps. Walk hands toward feet and roll back up to starting position.

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Lie faceup with knees bent, feet flat on mat, arms along sides. Exhale and roll hips off mat toward ceiling. Holding this position, extend right leg and kick it to ceiling with pointed toe. Flex right heel and lower leg to level of left knee. Do 3 reps, then place right foot on mat.

Extend left leg and repeat on the other side, then roll hips down to mat to return to starting position. Lie facedown with right cheek on mat. Place hands on low back, one on top of another, palms facing up. Allow elbows to fall toward mat. Kick both heels to glutes 2 to 3 times. Plenty of the spices listed above. Keto ice cream. Ingredients another option is my mix here :.

Same as lunch, but often sprinkle berries or raw honey on top for nighttime carbs. A typical mix for me is a heaping tablespoon of ghee or coconut oil blended with organic coffee , cinnamon , stevia , sea salt , and MiCacao. Finally, I kicked this whole thing off with this stem cell procedure with Dr.

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OK, those are the biggies! You just need to be very, very consistent. Namely the big ones:. Again, these are nice-to-have, but in my opinion not really necessary to gain significant amounts of functional muscle while maintaining high-end cardiovascular fitness and keeping any fat gain to a minimum, which is really the focus of my entire protocol. Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for me about this muscle building protocol? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

Ask Ben a Podcast Question. Obviously a surplus is necessary for growth, but that is a substantial jump. I have a very high metabolism, so I need more calories to support significant growth. Different people will have different specific needs. As long as you're keeping your blood glucose fluctuations minimized outside of the refeed, there's not a huge difference… Personally, I do my refeed in the evening because I typically do my more intense training in the evening, after having consumed little to no carbs throughout the day. This helps refuel my body, regulate hormones, and help recover for the next day.

Would you still perform your carb refeed in the evening on non-training days? Also, as a side question, what is your reasoning for not including carb sources such as oats that seem to make it much easier to get your carbs in than sweet potato? I typically still do, but not totally necessary as long as you feel you're recovering fully. However, I would suggest lowering the number of grams you consume on non-training days.

Oats are a solid source as well, but I highly recommend organic and soaking them can help with digestibility. Personally, I prefer a delicious sweet potato mash…. Thanks Ben! One other side question. A couple years ago, I somehow aggravated the nerve in my right bicep, so now anytime I perform any curling exercises, my bicep will get progressively weaker, taking a good amount of time to heal again. I am thinking about getting a recovery tool to help my bicep recover faster. EMS would have a more robust effect. Typically no, but some brands have a higher THC content then others, so do your research.

I'm doing a hr intermittent fast most days… Typically more towards the 12 hour mark while I'm in the muscle building phase to ensure plenty of time to meet nutritional needs. If so, would it be okay to swim and run on your days in between? WTF Tesamorelin am I figuring this out wrong? A 2 mg peptide bottle means you take a full bottle a day? Hey Ben, I have my Ipamorelin vials ready to be reconstituted but my pharmacist says I need a script for bacteriostatic water.

A quick google search tells me it can only be purchased by a licensed physician. So, now what? If you have muscle to lose and still want to gain muscle, what would be your recommendation regarding how to tweak this, or what article or other resource would you point to for a suggested approach? Anywhere from hours, but typically more towards 12 to make sure there's time for adequate intake. Ben, what time of day are you usually working out? Should one be worried about the antioxidants in autophagy tea reducing the free radicals needed for muscle growth?

Or are you taking this tea on rest days while carb-loading at dinner and stimulating anabolism on workout days? Do the tea at least a couple hours pre or post workout… I usually do strength workouts in the afternoon. Ben you need to give a cool marketable name for your protocol like John Kiefer calls similar protocol as Carb Back Loading. I know you say to reduce body temperature, but why do you want to do that post exercise? I currently take a hot shower post exercise due to benefits I had heard related to doing that, and sprinkle in some cold or contrast showers throughout the day.

Please let me know. Any tips on how to make liver more convenient and palatable? I love the health benefits but it can be a bit much to eat it sauteed in butter with onions and garlic all the time. Jerky perhaps? I make liver and beef meatballs. I throw in the freezer and can just grab one for that liver punch! Ben, where do isometric and dynamic exercises fall into the mix if at all? Is your cadence super slow and to failure on these? I recommend posting this to the Kion Community. How would a cyclical ketogenic diet work with consuming carbs primarily in the first 4 hours of day compare to what you do?

Speaking simply here, but I would appreciate any feedback. It's a little more in line with natural hormone cycles and circadian patterns to consume toward evening, but as long as you aren't having regular glucose spikes throughout the day should be fine. It's a good idea to support yourself with methyl precursors such as dark leafy greens, organ meats and magnesium. I am a newbie to weightlifting, i am fat and would like to start lifting weights, am i going to do all of the training you mentioned in the newbie section?

Furthermore, should i wear a weightlifting glove? This best work glove review has it as number 5. Congratulations on your decision To start incorporating weightlifting as a way of living a healthier life. Unless you have access to one, you should stick with the routines in section one. And, remember that consistency is key. Most people newer to weightlifting make the mistake of changing up their routine frequently.

You only need a few compound movements, such as the ones mentioned in this article, to produce real, long-lasting results. Good luck. Is it a substantial tool for mitigating fat gain for you? I noticed very rapid progress when I dove deep into GST for a year. In the past did you follow Dr Doug mcguff body by science one set to failure?

Thanks for the post. Simplified and easy to follow. Would this program work if I was to play basketball times a week during the off days? I usually play for mins consisting brief spurts of intense action. Thanks Ben. Hi, so you train fully body 3 times per week? And you choose 1 of these 3 workouts based on accessibility etc? So that means your eating grams of protein. I also thought an extremely high protein intake is not necessary for muscle gain?

Great article Ben, thanks! Two quick questions. What are you doing on off days and is any off your training fasted? Sorry about that, missed the section on other movement protocols. Question about fasting was whether or not you are training fasted, not whether you fast. Yes still training fasted some days, but strength workout is typically in the afternoon so not always fasted. Ben, when am I going to see you on America Ninja Warrior? Hey ben, love the products and info in this one. I saw gainz following a similar approach after yiu first talked bout it.

Im curious if you measuring your boood glucose during this? Just outta curiosity, how did the extra protein along with the increased carbs as well affect it if it did? Blood glucose has stayed low. Avg Protein doesn't affect it that much and the carbs are relatively low Glycemic Index.

I read bout Leptins and how keto coffee can help with that just ordered your coffee for first time! But does Keto coffee grass fed butter and MCT break autophagy gains if you have it during the fasting period? Ive dialed down my running from 50m weekly to at most 20m. I want to gain muscle but also be able to go out run a 50k and even a 50m scheduled for July. What do you think? How many sets do you do here or are you doing one set and adding weight each following training session? Great stuff! For someone who weight trains early a.

Does it check all the boxes Paul Saladino describes are the benefits from a fully carnivorous diet? While adding some much needed variety …. Wow…lift some heavy stuff 2 or 3x per week.. Hummmm pop a few pills, nothing has really changed in the last 40 years. Thank you for providing this info. Truly grateful for your efforts. What is your average daily caloric burn from workouts? I Currently average calories a day from workouts alone. My metabolic rate is about and average daily activity burn is about that multiplied by 1.

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