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If you couldn't tell, I absolutely loved this novel. It brought me back to a time that the majority of women can identify with; that is, the search for love while trying to be successful in a job and still find time to enjoy the joys of life. The characters are extremely witty and charming, and the story is expertly crafted. This is a novel that women everywhere will love and pass among girlfriends. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

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With an With an important deadline looming, plus her dreaded Christmas Day birthday, Starr just wants the holiday to end. But when she wakes up Christmas Eve night to A short story published in considered modern? Louisa May Alcott bestows a truly amusing and thoroughly modern retelling of The Then there's the old regular she's had on standby for eight years, a guy who doesn't inspire her, and he dumps her! Kat begins to wonder and bake. She has a great talent for making scrumptious cookies when she has the blues. Surprisingly, Jason shows interest. When he kisses Kat, her toes tingle.

Then, when a business trip doesn't go quite as planned and it sends Kat running away as fast as she can. She has quirky, supportive friends who also add interest to the story. Kat's many fantasies land her in heaps of trouble at times, even leading to a car accident. She's a normal, easy-to-relate-to character, and her story is written in an entertaining way. There's this other guy, Cooper, who's cute, smart, and an artist, but she's had such bad luck with men, she decides that she just wants Cooper as a friend, even though he's interested. What will happen to the likeable Kat?

Will she finally find happiness in love? The Cinderella Blues is a light read, and those who like modern-day romance should check this one out. Mind readers need not apply. This book was a delight. Kat is a 30 yr old who has what I consider Cinderella Syndrome. She believed Disney was telling her how life would work. Wait and prince charming shows up. You know the drill. You just have to suffer till he shows.

This woman gets in car accidents constantly due to her wandering imagination. Her bus trips alone are hysterical and sadly familiar.

Cinderella Blues by Britt Connors

She invests time in her attractive boss. There are some interesting family dynamics, and the possibility of a ghost. The story was a little slow to start, but hang in there. There are some serious LOL moments…lots of fun in this one. Apr 23, Rae rated it it was amazing. What a surprising, charming book! The Cinderella Blues reminded me of those stories. But instead of a writer living through the adventures of her characters, we have Kat Young, a mid-level manager in corporate LA - who gets lost in "all the pretty stories" of the romance novels she reads to escape her hamster wheel life.

She's smart very , and successful at her work, but still desperately hoping a modern day prince charming is going to rescue her. But what she fails to realize is that there's a reason they call them fairy tales, and it isn't until she stops expecting a Disney version of her life that she realizes how rich it really is just the way it is. And, low and behold, when she accepts that, guess who shows up? This is a sweet, LOL, touching story of a woman on a journey of finding herself, with a little help from her BFFs not to mention a very persistent ghost.

Sep 09, Sande rated it it was amazing. Amazing book, starts out as a romance bodice ripper and in two chapters you are some place else all together as main character Kat turns 30 and comes out of a 29 year stupor of arrested development, stuck in the fantasies of childhood and wondering why they don't work for a her as a woman. Rarely does one get to see a character grow in awareness of themselves and start to see the world of possibilities, then grasp them.

This is a book rich in story content, two laugh out loud grab your sides bel Amazing book, starts out as a romance bodice ripper and in two chapters you are some place else all together as main character Kat turns 30 and comes out of a 29 year stupor of arrested development, stuck in the fantasies of childhood and wondering why they don't work for a her as a woman. This is a book rich in story content, two laugh out loud grab your sides bellowing scenes, so totally unexpected -- never seen in a book before.

Bokitch is a man who has transcended gender and caught what is human and real in every young woman coming into true adulthood and in Kat's case, unsaid truths, blatant lies and omissions from her past that finally clear away the fog that had her craving the life of a pirate's wrench in her opening fanatsy. A Good Read, indeed. Jul 12, Jbaker rated it it was amazing. Excellent read. My wife was reading it and really enjoying it so when she went to bed I picked it up and read it from beginning to end.

Skillfully written. Yes, it is a chick romance, but even though I'm a 74 year old retiree, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone that likes a good romantic novel. Thumbs up. Aug 21, Karen Kohl rated it really liked it. Pretty fluffy, but still cute. Man did I want to bake some cookies after I finished. Sep 22, Marlene rated it really liked it Shelves: reading-romances-challenge. And I could have sworn this was supposed to be a contemporary romance. It said so right there on the label. A couple of pages later the heroine dropped out of her daydream and into an auto body shop.

She was daydreaming this stuff. That made way more sense. Haven't you done that?

See a Problem?

I've done that. Drifted off in my head to fanfic-land. At least, I hope not. Kat, on the other hand, has an unfortunate tendency to daydream so deeply, to travel so far into Katland, as her friends fondly call it, that she wrecks her car. Over and over. On her way out of the body shop, she runs a red light and dings a big red pickup truck. His fender is dented. Her Mini needs a tow. Her insurance company is not amused. The scruffy but yummy guy driving the pickup takes off without so much as a word. Kat finally admits that her trips to Katland while driving are hazardous to her health as well as her wallet.

She puts her car in storage and starts taking the bus. In Los Angeles! Including remind her that she doesn't need Prince Charming to rescue her. I give The Cinderella Blues 4 stars for doing a terrific job of lamp shading the Cinderella trope, standing it on its head, dancing a jig with it, and still bringing home the happy ending.

Copy received from publisher in exchange for review The Cinderella Blue is a modern day fairy tale with quirks and a lot of dreaming. Kat Young is a dreamer. She's constantly daydreaming. She's a book lover and scenes from her book will play out with her as the damsel in distress or the main character with the Fabio like character falling in love with her.

That daydreaming gets her into a fender bender and that's only minutes after she gets her car out of the shop from a previous accident. To top Copy received from publisher in exchange for review The Cinderella Blue is a modern day fairy tale with quirks and a lot of dreaming.

To top that off her boyfriend of 8 years decides he wants to take a break from their relationship. He also asking if he can date her BFF, Tina.

Van Bueren Collection Cinderella Blues 1931

I wasn't interested in that part. I wanted to get back to Kat's reality. Her reality was way more interesting then her daydreaming. After her aunt passes away and leaves Kat her house, Kat contemplates keeping the house rather than selling it. Strange things begin to happen at the house. She thinks her aunt's ghost is there with her. Kat unravels a family secret and with that comes a bit of closure for her mother. Jun 11, Peggy Payne Paustenbach rated it it was amazing.

A quick, delightful read. Book is perfect for a beach afternoon or rainy day at home. I have to admit I had a "WTF this-is-really- bad-literature" sinking feeling while reading the first page The author is clever, and the joke was on me. The book is, in fact, very well written. Main character lives much of her inner life in a variety of hilarious bad romance novel scenarios A bit of a "coming of age" book for the young, single 30 year old working female.

And many aspects of her emotional world are pretty true to life for most females. She is eminently relatable as a person with developed character dimension and problems that many women of her age confront. Book has humor, warmth, and enough plot twists to keep the mind engaged. Feb 12, Laura rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this real world love story.

I really like that she finds her own happiness before finding love. I did find the bouts of fancy that Kat had, and the extended chunks of other stories to detract from the overall story line, but they were easy enough to skip over. Overall it was a fun and fast read. Jul 11, Chik rated it it was amazing. The Cinderella Blues is a great good romp of a read, one that I enjoyed thoroughly and highly recommend to anyone looking for not only an entertaining read, but a satisfying one. The characters are well-drawn and compelling, the arc of the plot perfectly paced, the humor delightful and generous, and the ending perfect for this reader.

Jun 28, Shelly rated it really liked it. I really did like this.

Cinderella - Bad Seamstress Blues, Fallin' Apart At The Seams

It actually didn't go where I wanted it to, but I enjoyed the read. The characters and their lives are fun. You want to hang out with them. I did not care for the other universe. I skimmed them at best. Overall, a fun read and I would read this author again. Aug 18, Lola rated it it was amazing. Would you believe Chik Lit? This was written by a guy. Your CD Baby online session is due to expire shortly. Would you like to extend your session and remain logged in? Continue Shopping. Go To Artist Page. More Artists From. Other Genres You Will Love.

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