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Weingartner, who co-authored the handbook with Richard C.

In his toy industry career, he rose to associate vice president for inventor relations, a position through which he met with hundreds of toy and game inventors. Now a resident of South Dartmouth, Weingartner also worked for three years as director of research and development at Playskool in Chicago during the years Milton Bradley operated the facility.

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After the acquisition of Milton Bradley by Hasbro, the Chicago operation was closed. Levy is an independent inventor of toys and games.

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He presented game concepts to Weingartner over decades, and they became friends. I was Mr. USD Overview The toy industry is a 30 billion dollar-a-year business. It's also the last frontier for aspiring independent inventors, with an annual new product turnover of 60 percent and plenty of opportunities for the creative mind.


Here, one of the most recognized and successful toy and game inventors in the business teams up with the former head of research and development at Hasbro to bring clear, comprehensive information to aspiring toy and game inventors About the Author Richard C. Levy is the King of Toy and Game Inventions.

The Toy and Game Inventor's Handbook

In the past 20 years, he has co-developed over toys and games, including one of the most popular toys of recent years, the Furby r. Inside and Richard was Mr. Outside," as an independent inventor, Weingartner explained. Levy has created and licensed numerous games.

He co-developed the toy, Furby, which is currently on the market licensed to Hasbro. Most products fail in an industry that is ever changing, faddish, whimsical and volatile. But nothing is more satisfying than to see the product of one's own creative skills on retail shelves at Toys R Us and other stores and on Amazon. Weingartner retired from Hasbro in