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How to Read a Book. Khurshed Batliwala. Ashwin Sanghi. Kevin Paul. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Customer images. See all customer images. Showing of 24 reviews. That you try to eliminate your weaknesses in these areas. So what would I do?

I would try to keep the basic knowledge In mind and try as best as you can to eliminate the week spots. Steve can u please reapond to me a little faster so that i can analyse tbe ways u r gonna suggst to me to study… I am sorry i am being very much desperate but i suppose u can very well understand the situation coz its just not striking me as to how to manage well with these subject withought have even a minute wasted…. You can find the answer to question in the comment above.

Yesterday i post a comment in which i asked for suggestions regarding my preparation to which i was waiting for reply from Mr Steve…but now i find my comment missing! I am sorry Mr Steve…. Thankyou Mr Steve for your guidance that you have been providing till now….. As you said that since only one month is left for my exam i have to overcome the mistake which i have committed in the past and choose either between failing and winning…. Please do help me out coz my tests are gonna start from tomorrow..

Secondly as i said that i will try to complte my first revision by 8th of april…and then whatevr confusio i come across i will definitely ask from you…. And yes thnku fron saving from such procrastination… i ll try more to keep myself away from distractions …. Regarding the mock tests, do you have pay any means the chance to get the tests? If you are able to get these tests or if you are able to ask a fellow student to give you these tests that would buy you some time. That way you could study now and do the tests once you have finished studying.

As a sort of last control before the exam starts. If you do not have to chance to get these tests you will have to decide how you spend your time in a more productive way. Is it more productive to do these tests? Or is it better for you to study? Anyway, if there is a possibility just to get the tests and their results and to do them on your own once you have finished studying, that will be much better.

I have two months and a bit until my graduation exams from high school and I only trust my ability at one subject, literature. You need to understand that the people around you can only motivate you so far. This kind of external motivation might be helpful for a short period of time. But in the long run you would have to find ways to motivate yourself. If you are able to effectively motivate yourself to benefit from this tremendously. The article outlines some important points that you need to consider when you want to motivate yourself.

You say you have no goal. Then find a really motivating goal. Whether you want to be the future? Do you want to study? You want the good job? What is it that you want? Use that what you are desiring and combine it with your tests. The other alternative is to set yourself a really really exciting reward that you only get once you have accomplished the test.

Hello Sir steve….

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But thats for sure that its just next to impossible to pass this exam…i somewhere ashamed of myself too that i didnt keep up my promises i made to myself…i feel like i am lost…i dont know but i am very very depressd. Did i do anything wrong Sir by quiting? This course has its own value and it requires a great deal of hardwork…i have not at all worked that hard to acieve what i wanted now i have next six months left for me to prepare for the exam…please do tell me what can i do to make myself work hard for the exam… i never gave up all my life but this time it was necessary…coz out of depression i was trying to commit suicide!

Please help me Mr steve and lemme know whether i have done right or wrong? I think it was the right decision to give up. Sometimes you just have to accept a failure. Nonetheless, it cannot be changed anymore, the only thing you can do is learn from this failure for the future. It is good that this failure is bugging you, because you can draw a lot of motivation from it. Use this to fuel your motivation. Always keep in mind that you need to change something, if not you will get most likely to same results, which you definitely want to avoid.

Sometimes you just have to force yourself to something. Push yourself. Always remind yourself of the fact how terrible it felt to fail and that you never want to allow this to happen again. But i just dont understand that why does this happen! Are all these things somewhat linked to destiny Sir? One month back i was really happy that i had started putting in my efforts and i was ready to face the exam due to which i had collapsed multiple times this year…i was happy that i was now working equivalent to all my friends and was very much serious about it…i was happy and satisfied…but just dunno what happened suddenly in the middle that i stopped studying..

I dont understand…. It is important that you draw your lessons from that which has happened to you. Analyze the situation and see what caused your behavior. If you do this you can learn from this for the future. However, at one point you would have to let go of what happened in the past. You are constantly creating the future in this very moment. This means that when you are ambitious you create an ambitious future.

But once you let go your future changes accordingly. Is important to understand that your focus needs to be razor-sharp at all times. You should not allow the slightest distraction from your goals. Thankyou Sir…for guiding me in such difficult times. Okay sure, I will see how I can help you.

Where exactly is your problem? I think I have something for you that could help you to develop an interest in your subject and to gain more motivation to study. Just follow this link and see if this helps you: Getting motivated to study. You can feel free to report back if the problem cannot be solved with this article and I will have a closer look in your situation.

Sir,I have a biggest problem of procrastinating. I have to clear an exam named iit jam but m not attaining any seriousness towards that…. I want to clarify it desperately but…due to this desperation I am unable to concentrate on one thing. At the same time I am trying to complete 2 3 things and at the end of two hours am finding myself to be at the same place where I was before 2 hours. I encourage them even if I have got my work…I am lacking self discipline….

I am in a great dilemma. Procrastination is a big issue for many students. Basically, you can approach it from two perspectives. First of all: By establishing proper focus and concentration. Why do we procrastinate? Because we are not focused enough. Try whenever you start studying to establish the proper concentration.

You can achieve this for instance by not doing anything for a short while, or even meditating. The second aspect of proper focus is that as soon as you note that you are procrastinating you need to immediately stop yourself. So as soon as you realize that you are not focused, you need to really make yourself aware of it. For example if you procrastinate, stand up and jump around what do anything else that helps you to get your blood circulation going. Second aspect to approach procrastination is by having a really ambitious goal. So by all means that yourself goals and subgoals for every study session, to benefit from the motivational aspect of them.

Thanks a lot Sir…..

I will surely work towards it……. The desperation will fade away when you really prepare yourself properly. The more you study and the better you focus during your studies the easier it will be for you to let go of desperation. But I want to say is that the better you prepare for your exams the less likely are you to experience desperation or anxiety.

With the self discipline problem, well. It is a habit that you have to grow. You would have to take action and develop this self-discipline. This is a continuous fight day after day. You really have to force yourself, but after some time you will notice that your discipline has already increased tremendously. So think in small steps one day after another.. I am very greatful to you for this help…..

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Sir i am prakash and i like ur article abt how to study smart When i was reading i knew abt my kind of reader as EMOTIONAL one i like to study mathematics with emotions and imaginations but my route problem is all about distraction owing to which i lose interest and motivation what i had created this happens mostly to me due to lack of concentration and running unnecessary thought coming in my mind i want to know the following from from u 1- how to study for long time without losing focus and interest?

Hi, be sure to check out my article about study motivation , as it addresses many of your questions. Regarding your questions, your first question basically all revolves around having a proper study goal. Do you have a proper goal that keeps you motivated and going? Just this week a student told me his goal was to have really great marks. So I inquired if he had any other goals, which he did not.

Yet he was wondering why he was not motivated to study. The problem was so clear his goal was simply not motivating at all. Having great marks is a terrible goal. So the first thing you need to do is to find a goal or even better are true vision that keeps you motivated. Succeeding at University is not a goal that keeps you motivated. What you need is a true vision that keeps you going and going and going.

Something like making the world a better place with your math calculations. The way to identify a good goal is by looking if it keeps you motivated and if it keeps you going even if times get tough. If your goal does not keep you motivated for a long time, it is not a good goal. But once you have found your true vision your true purpose in life it will keep you going for ever, no matter what the circumstances. About your second question, I think this is not such a big problem. I believe you can learn the most by reading different chapters from various books.

This is just efficient not to read the whole book from beginning to end, but only selectively the most important parts of it. Hello sir! I believe that exam anxiety can be reduced through repetition meaning that the more exams you write your life the less anxious you become about it.

And blackouts can be prevented by a tremendously good preparation, meaning that you prepare the best way you can for exam. Sir Steve I being an emotional learner find it too difficult studying technical topics! I have a great interest in reading rather than technicaksolving technical subjects? How to convince myself to study for technical subjects and do well in them? And then tutions from p. Tuitions are great for the lazy students.

If you really want to succeed you need to go deeper than that and you need to study on your own. When you become your own teacher and only then you will succeed or even master the subject. These are very much helpful for me. My grade is not very well enough comparing with my mates coz I hardly can memorize anything. I just read the things and write down that I understand but sometimes important points are ignored.

This is not a good way to get good grades. What should I do to improve my grades, Sir? In every of my 6month semester, I have 5 courses. How can I plan my study schedule to do well for the next semester. Now I am in semester break. How can I prepare myself for this new semester? First of all, I think it is a good recommendation to try to find out what kind of a study type you are. I, for instance, am a person that hardly can memorize anything quickly.

For this reason, I have adapted might study technique so that I begin far advanced with studying, which gives me enough time to properly memorize things. You say that you can hardly memorize anything, but I would disagree with that. Maybe you are a similar study type as I am, which means that you would have to memorize through continuous repetition for over a month.

If you sit down day after day and try to memorize your study subjects you will notice that your learning corve will increase from day to day. Regarding your question about a study schedule, I think it is pretty helpful to do during the cause of the semester or the preparation work that you require during the preparation for the exam. So this means that you write your summaries and of read the important books or do all the exercises that unnecessary. This gives you a good foundation once the time has reached where you start studying and preparing for exams.

For me personally, I always start one month before the exams begin. Hi Steve. Last week I had an exam for which I felt unprepared despite continuous revision and this also entailed anxiety. I did pretty badly in the exam, losing my focus when faced with topics I had least prepared for, wasted time on replying questions which I was familiar with and could not allocate time commensurate with the marks given per question.

This time I will be better prepared thanks to your advice and techniques described in your articles Study: Time Management for Students, How to Study Smart not Hard and How to get motivated to study. Great that the articles have helped you, and even more important: that you put their contents to practice. The key is to train your mind. Once you start training your mind will be come easier for you to focus and concentrate. You can use for example meditation for this purpose. Gracias sir!! Bt d thing is i want to study but i m unable to do so….

U can say like i m being distracted by friends family gadgets …. You want the most motivating thing? In my opinion: meditation. If you learn to concentrate you can accomplish the most outstanding things. This type of article can help a lot to an eager students. The proper way of study should be thought. I really liked the article you wrote. It is really worthy and help me a lot to be motivated and focused. Besides it is really informative. Thanks a lot. I had my 12th board exams in march…. I m a science student with subjects phy chem mathematics computer and english…..

Could you please detail where exactly your problem lies? Actually the thing is that I want to revise evrythng frm my 11th and 12th standard syllabus of phy chem nd mathematics before my graduation session starts…. I would be very thankful if u could help me. Plan a loft of study time throughout the day but combine it with regular breaks so that you can freshen up your mind.

In general, it is best to do one day mathematics, the other day physics and the next day chemistry. That way you can ensure that you continuously repeat the subjects in a regular time span. Plan the first week for revision, when you try to familiarize yourself with this study contents. And the last half week could be used to freshen up the memory. Hello sir… I am facing an issue for a very long time.. I used to study so well.. As u have mentioned in the article, I used to study by visualising things making connections… It was interesting ,effortless and free flowing for me.

Then one particular day something happened, a negative thought, a guilt captured my mind…made me very sad and lost every ability to study. Whenever I try to study, my mind start to analyse those thoughts, makes me sad… I lost my gift.. But I also think that this negative thing is therefore particular reason. So the best way would be to try to work it out somehow so that you get your ability back. By designing that you try to overcome this issue so you can refocus all your attention back on studying.

These are the best two tips I can give you.

Hey Steve! Nice article. My problem is that I find it really hard to get back to studies after brakes. When we grow up we have to do things that are necessary no matter how motivated we are or how we feel like. Some things got to be done for good. Can you please help me with that? I getting very tensed coz this bad habit of mine is stopping me to move forward in life. Some people just write a one liner but I never can help them because I do not understand the situation.

I have experience the very same issue time after time. Even though it is amusing to watch television during your break, it also breaks the concentration. As a result of this you would have to try even harder to regain the previously gained focus and concentration. If possible, try to switch to activities you can do during your break that are not as intense.

For instance reading a book or an article in a magazine or newspaper. The best thing of course is to do nothing and just to use the time to chill and relax. But it is understandable that most people do not like this option. The second problem, not being able to start studying is also a rather difficult problem. Even though you might not feel like it you would just have to sit down and do it.

And you also would have to remain persistent and not allow thoughts distract you to do other activities. But, I also think that this way of studying by keeping everything else in my life aside is somewhat killing my life. Isolation is I think a temporary solution to this issue, till my exams. This made me believe that I may be not so smart like those guys.

I find it hard to start things, even things like getting up to brush in the morning! The most depressing thing is that none around me can help me and this made me feel somewhat alone. But, thanks for your reply, that actually made me feel positive. I used to be a good student till 8th.

I still remember how I used to study and enjoy my life. I used to play everyday, I used to watch movies, I used to go out and what not. I still fell bad for them as well as for myself. But I not really sure if having a girlfriend would make the situation better or worse because I always had this thought that girlfriends are high maintenance, they need significant amount of your time, energy and resources to keep the relationship fit.

Studying 101: Study Smarter Not Harder

Yeah they are high maintenance, but I believe in the end you will benefit tremendously from a healthy relationship. That is to say a healthy one. And I think in a healthy relationship most people will have no problem if their partner takes some certain amount of time before an exam to prepare for it. If the person has a problem with that however, might not be the right partner. Even better: if your girlfriend is a student as well she will definitely share your concerns. What you write is very correct: the people around you can only help you so far. But in the end, only you can achieve a true and long-lasting change.

No one around to can do that for you. Luckily, it is not necessary that you give up your whole life just to get good grades. But what is necessary is that you become more efficient at the things that you are doing. From what you write I have the feeling that you occasionally waste time. Just think about your daily routine and the small amounts of time that you waste here and there.

These little amounts accumulate to quite a lot of time at the end of the day. You write that many of your fellow students are studying less and have more spare time. You draw the consequence that they are smarter than you. But it might also be possible that they are simply more efficient than you.

Meaning that they spend less time with studying but have a better outcome than you. Often times as a student one has the feeling that studying quite a lot of hours a day is helpful. I disagree with that. I would say it is more efficient to study five hours before an exam a day, when it is done in a highly focused and concentrated manner than doing all nighters without much focus.

Here's Everything You Need to Know to Study Smarter Not Harder

So the issue you can address is that you become more efficient when studying. This of course can only be achieved with a higher focus and a better concentration. The next issue is that you write that you feel that you have no time any longer for your hobbies. For me personally, I have always taken myself one month before the exams for studying. And it is quite true during this time I really had no hobbies and did not often see my friends.

I did some sports of course but that was it. So I believe it is quite normal to have that much spent time during the exam preparation phase. For the rest of the semester, might be quite helpful for you to prioritize the hobbies and activities. Meaning that you try to figure out for yourself what kind of activities are most important for you.

So this means that you say for instance that hanging around with your friends and going out with them is more important to you than for instance playing video games, surfing the Internet or watching television. If this is the case you can prioritize your most important hobbies and have more time for these hobbies, by dropping a little bit of time you spend with the other more random hobbies. Thanks Steve, now I know what to do to make my life better. All your suggestions are helpful and practical. I have this issue since My brain never rests.

Thanks for the kind words. And I guess the only reason I can help is because I have had to face similar issues and was forced to develop my own solutions. Unluckily enough, I also suffered tremendously from sleeplessness i. Or are you daydreaming? Anyways, I think to overcome sleeping issues the best way is to find a regular sleeping pattern. This means that you try to go to bed at around the same time each day except of course when you are partying. The second aspect to this regular sleeping pattern is that you try not to oversleep.

This means that you try to figure out how much sleep you require at the minimum to function properly do next day. For me, this is round about seven hours. So I always try to get back up after the seven hours. If I oversleep and sleep 10 or 11 hours I have really great difficulties to fall asleep at the next evening. Proper nutrition of course also plays a role. Regarding the second issue: is good to read that you have already practiced meditation. That is my very first suggestion people who are facing concentration problems.

The problem is most people do not like to suggestion and will never implement it. No matter how powerful it is. So the obvious suggestion to you is of course to continue your meditation practice. Because I have the feeling that you did not reach a level of expertise in this field so is that you could say you have begun to master your mind. Some people say they meditate but what they do is that they just sit around and that their thoughts wander. This happened to me as well, of course. But if you want a more practice oriented solution to your problem, and if your problem is bothering you enough this might be a possibility for you: why not try to listen to less music?

And exactly those songs from the radio are always those that I cannot get out of my mind. The third approach to this would be that you try immediately as your mind is starting to play the music you try to stop it. Really make it a habit of yours to stop it as soon as it starts playing. You really have to form a habit out of this if you want to get rid of it. I believe this can take really some training but you might be able to achieve results quickly. Yes, I stopped listening to the music since last year. But, the bits of music I hear while walking around is enough to loop play all the day.

As for the sleeping pattern, I do have one. When you mentioned that you wake up always a little bit tired, I remembered a conversation I had just one week ago. It was a conversation with a person who suffered from sleep apnoe. This person mentioned that he would also feel tired even after sleeping for long time. So this might be a possible cause, even though I doubt it because it mostly affects older men. I found an interesting scientific article by an author who is also suffering from this condition. Well, sounds like a difficult situation.

I would advice you to take reading enough time for preparing. Especially when you have only very little time during the day. So this means that you will have to start studying at least one month before the exams begin. You say that you are in university from 9 to 5, which makes it even more difficult. I would say that it is advisable to go home, have some quick lunch and then to continue studying for your exams after you leave the University. You could study from to 11 PM and from 6 to AM.

This will be very stressful, but if you keep at this schedule you have enough time for preparation. And always remember that this is your last year so you would never ever have to put in this effort again. Is 3 hour sleep enough for a 20 year old student? Some people are able to sleep for about 3 hours a day how do they do it?

Sleep is very important. You should sleep enough so that you refreshed the morning. But it is also important not to sleep too long as this might give you problems with falling asleep the next day. In general, everyone is different and so you will have to find your very own sleeping pattern that is healthy for you. If students say they are only sleeping three hours my alarm bells are ringing. Furthermore, I really have to question if they use their 21 hours of the day in a productive manner. Hmmm…so can we say that even performance in classes is also affected if we dont get proper sleep..

Yes, we can definitely say that. One more question u have always said that studying for a few hours a day is more efficient than studying for longer hours a day…but to be very honest.. Provided i do it with utmost satisfaction and able to finish it the way i thought…so please suggest me how to study for longer hours coz i cant change tbis habit of mine…. I do that as well. My basic principle is just this : I always want to make the most out of the study time I have. So if I study for six hours I wanted to be really efficient.

This means that six hours in a highly concentrated mindset are more valuable to me than studying 10 hours without the proper focus. So if you want to study for a longer time, make sure that you develop a good focus. Work on your concentration skills. But also scheduled enough breaks during which you can refresh your mind. I try to sleep sufficiently but always wake up tired what to do? There can be many reasons for this.

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What are your precise sleeping patterns? At which time do you go to bed? When do you get up? Four how many hours do you sleep? What is your nutrition? Do you have breathing problems for instance sleep apnoe? So if there is something that you desperately desire you could use it as a reward once you have reached your goal. Such a reward can always help you to keep you going, even if you do not really like your subjects.

Also, you write that you are in the 12th class, so I guess you do not have that much classes coming. False your self during the next weeks to give your best, even if you do not particularly like the subjects. Another important thing to consider is that your subjects might be boring, but they are stand in between you and your successful future. So do not allow the subjects to create an obstacle on your road to success. Okay now I understand. I think the best thing is to prioritize. The moment I have the feeling that jee is more important than the 12th class.

If this is the case you could schedule more time for your preparation than you schedule time for your preparation of the 12th class. The other approach is to prepare yourself for both exams. You would have to study all day long and you might have not much spare time. You would have to follow a close schedule, but if it helps you to be successful in the future it might be worth it.

Use that negative energy that your teacher radiates by telling you nasty things and transform this energy into pure willpower to succeed. The second tip is not to place too much of a burden on your shoulders. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Priya Barua more. How to Top Your Class.

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Get Some Sleep Sleep is very crucial when it comes to performing well in school. Organize Your Notes. So, always make sure to keep your notes organized in whichever way suits you. Do you have the habit of taking breaks while studying? Yes Sometimes No See results. How to Write an Exam Paper. Good Handwriting A paper is usually judged by how neat and legible the handwriting is.

Repeat the Question There are sometimes one-sentence word questions which are simply asking you give the correct answer. Write-In Points Whenever possible, write the answer in bullet points. Provide an Introduction and Conclusion Without an introduction and a conclusion, your answer is incomplete. For instance, if the question is: Write down the factors which lead to global warming. Then the introduction should never be: The factors which lead to global warming are For the above mentioned question, the introduction can be the answer to the question: What is global warming?

Give Dates and Timelines Whenever Needed Many students refrain from giving dates or timelines for fear of getting them wrong. Do you write your answers in points? Yes, always Only if I don't have time No, never See results. These are the steps you need to follow before sitting for the exam tomorrow. Solve a Complete Test Paper Collected a couple of sample papers. Identify Important Topics Now you may think that perhaps the entire book is important.

Finding the important topics should be done before the exam, when you are reading the chapter. Revise Your Notes Thoroughly Now is the time to revise your notes. This is a definition I have selected from my psychology book: Assessment refers to the measurement of psychological attributes and their evaluations, often using multiple methods in terms of certain standards of comparison. Assessment refers to what? Measurement of psychological attributes and?

Their evaluations how? By using multiple methods in terms of standards of comparison. This makes the whole answer easier to remember. Here's what you do. Intelligence refers to what? Global and aggregate capacity of what? Of an individual to what? To: Think rationally Act purposefully Deal effectively with environment Hopefully this method will help you as much as it has helped me. Wrap Up by 9 PM I have heard that many students have the habit of studying until three in the morning. Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience.

Question: How to not get distracted when I'm trying to study? Answer: Don't check your phone, don't Question: I am overwhelmed by my class syllabus. Answer: What you seem to be lacking Helpful 2. Question: How can I manage my time? Answer: Planning is the key. Helpful 1. Standardized Tests. This article is truly incredible Thnx Priya ma'am. For such unique and helpful advises.

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