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I can t stand romance So, I must be a glutton for punishment right Because I have made this proclamation in other reviews before and I did go into this book with full knowledge that there was romance ahead, and yet I read it What s the deal I ll tell you. Let me start with the pluses Ard is a well imagined story that So, I have had this book for a few months, but didn t really do muchthan put it on my to read list Yeah, that was a giant mistake This book is a non stop thrill ride Beckit is not only a really human heroine made all theimportant by the fact that she is one of the few humans in the book , but she s an honest to goodness teenager I get sick of the YA NA book characters that act like five year olds and speak like middle aged sailors Becks and her best friend Tameka feel so spot So, I have had this book for a few months, but didn t really do muchthan put it on my to read list Yeah, that was a giant mistake This book is a non stop thrill I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I am not normally a fan of YA, but made an exception because this was an interracial romance This was fast paced and very different If you are looking for pa So here s the thing There were two things about the way this book was written that just bugged the crap out of me I mean SERIOUSLY drove me batty And I will get into them And then there were a handful of things that kind of annoyed me, but not horrendously And then there were things I loved I spent the first half pretty sure th stars Wellllll beep I mean seriously I am a big ball of torn I don t even know what that means, good start Lenore.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. HOME 03fdea9de22be8 fiction historical medieval regency victorian historical-mystery world-war-ii civil-war georgian edwardian. Wilder English 18 July M. The southernmost town in Jordan, Mudowarra was once connected to the outside world by means of that railroad. One of the great civil-engineering projects of the early 20th century, the Hejaz Railway was an attempt by the Ottoman sultan to propel his empire into modernity and knit together his far-flung realm.

By , the only remaining gap in the line was located in the mountains of southern Turkey.

Armored (The Té-trad Tale, #1) by M.A. Wilder

When that tunneling work was finished, it would have been theoretically possible to travel from the Ottoman capital of Constantinople all the way to the Arabian city of Medina, 1, miles distant, without ever touching the ground. One of the most prolific of the British attackers was a young army officer named T. Turkish crews then faced the time-consuming task of dismantling the wreckage before repairs could begin.

In Jordan today, the line runs only from the capital city of Amman to a point 40 miles north of Mudowarra, where a modern spur veers off to the west. Around Mudowarra, all that is left is the raised berm and gravel of the rail bed, along with remnants of culverts and station houses destroyed nearly a century ago.

This trail of desolation stretches south miles to the Saudi Arabian city of Medina; in the Arabian Desert there still sit several of the war-mangled train cars, stranded and slowly rusting away. As one of his sons, a boy of about 10, constantly refills our teacups in the reception tent, the sheik describes Mudowarra as a poor and remote area. We would be connected, both economically and politically to north and south.

Instead, there is no development here, and Mudowarra has always stayed a small place. The sheik was aware of a certain irony in his complaint, given that his grandfather worked alongside T.

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Lawrence in sabotaging the railroad. But they actually became permanent. Today, T. Lawrence remains one of the most iconic figures of the early 20th century. His life has been the subject of at least three movies—including one considered a masterpiece—over 70 biographies, several plays and innumerable articles, monographs and dissertations.

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His wartime memoir, Seven Pillars of Wisdom , translated into more than a dozen languages, remains in print nearly a full century after its first publication. As Gen. It is this struggle that raises the Lawrence saga to the level of Shakespearean tragedy, as it ultimately ended badly for all concerned: for Lawrence, for the Arabs, for Britain, in the slow uncoiling of history, for the Western world at large. Loosely cloaked about the figure of T. Lawrence there lingers the wistful specter of what might have been if only he had been listened to. Saunders is at his desk in his cluttered office at Bristol, where scattered amid the stacks of papers and books are relics from his own explorations along Highway bullet casings, cast-iron tent rings.

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What unites these disparate sites—indeed what led to their creation—is the single-track railway that runs alongside Highway 15 for some miles: the old Hejaz Railway. As first articulated by T. The Turks would have to constantly devote resources to its repair, while their garrisons, receiving just enough supplies to survive, would be stranded.

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The GARP expeditions have produced an unintended consequence. Set amid rolling brown hills given over to groves of orange and pistachio trees, the village of Karkamis has the soporific feel of many rural towns in southern Turkey. On its slightly rundown main street, shopkeepers gaze vacantly out at deserted sidewalks, while in a tiny, tree-shaded plaza, idled men play dominoes or cards.

If this seems a peculiar setting for the place where a young Lawrence first came to his appreciation of the Arab world, the answer actually lies about a mile east of the village.

Armored (The Té-trad Tale, Book 1)

There, on a promontory above a ford of the Euphrates sits the ruins of the ancient city of Carchemish. While human habitation on that hilltop dates back at least 5, years, it was a desire to unlock the secrets of the Hittites, a civilization that reached its apogee in the 11th century B. Even before Carchemish, there were signs that the world might well hear of T. Lawrence in some capacity. Born in , the second of five boys in an upper-middle-class British family, his almost-paralyzing shyness masked a brilliant mind and a ferocious independent streak.

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