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Bart, are you saying there was TWO churches in these places? A jewish one and a founding Christian one? Some people even think the Christians being fed to the Lions was a myth? Hitchens told the story about a little Christian boy that saw a film about this and he started to cry his eyes out and his Mother comforted him asking him if he was OK and he said all the lions got a Christian to eat, except one!

There were probably multiple churches in Rome, since they all met in private homes.

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Well, most people think 1 Thessalonians was first and Romans was last, and that 1 Corinthians preceded 2 Corinthians. But apart from that there is less certainty. This letter really must have had an effect on the Romans if they kept it and made copies. There is so much we will never know till that time machine boots up. Chapter 7 has always struck me as the writings of a deeply troubled man. Do you believe Paul was sexually repressed, possibly gay? And why on earth would he include this deeply personal confession in a letter of introduction? Do the authentic Pauline letters have a certain writing style that would be recognized by a seasoned New Testament scholar?

How does it compare to the styles of some of the pseudepigraphal letters?

Romans Part 1 Introduction: Chapter 1 Verses 1-17

See my book Forged — or even better, the longer version, Forgery and Counterforgery. And Epaenetus, the first convert in Asia has now moved to Rome?

Romans: The Greatest Letter Ever Written

Mary who has worked very hard among you? With all of these compatriots 27 by name and others by reference now moved from Asia maybe Ephesus probably to Rome surely the Roman church should know quite a lot about the Apostle Paul. Yes, Harry Gamble wrote a book that pretty convincingly showed that Romans 16 was original to the letter, not part of a letter to Ephesus.

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Besides all your books on Jesus, I always had the impression that you have an high opinion of Paul. Actually, the last section of this post is one of the best short exegesis of Rom.

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  • In my opinion it could even be well used for sermons. My guess is that since so many people traveled from and to Rome, some converts arrived there and started converting others, etc.

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    Universalizing: removing personalizing details making it appear Paul is writing for posterity rather than specific places and times. This is not to say all details have been removed to make his letters generic. Wikipedia quoting you talking about this happening in Ephesians, in your New Testament text book , ps. Most textual experts think that the words were not in the letter originally but were added by a scribe after it had already been in circulation for a time. Ah, got it. Yes, Ephesians is the only letter that this applies to, to my knowledge. Thus, fitting to a pre-Pauline adoptionist Christology.

    Or does chapter 9 have a different meaning when taken in the larger context of the entire epistle? If Paul is primarily addressing Gentiles rather than Jews in Romans, why is it he would need to justify God reaching out to Gentiles? Because there were lots of gentiles who thought that becoming a follower of Jesus meant first becoming a Jew.

    Interesting idea. My sense is that Paul was not that sophisticated; but it would be an idea worth pursuing. No, nothing comes to mind. The prominent Greek city was also a hotbed of sexual immorality and idol worship.

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    It was played out before his eyes every day. The letter to the Romans stands as the clearest and most systematic presentation of Christian doctrine in all the Scriptures. Paul began by discussing that which is most easily observable in the world—the sinfulness of all humanity. All people have been condemned due to our rebellion against God. For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. The structure of Romans provides a hint into the importance of the book in our everyday lives.

    Beginning with eleven chapters of doctrine, the book then transitions into five chapters of practical instruction. This union between doctrine and life illustrates for Christians the absolute importance of both what we believe and how we live out those beliefs. Does your day-to-day life mirror the beliefs you hold, or do you find yourself in a constant battle with hypocrisy? View Chuck Swindoll's chart of Romans , which divides the book into major sections and highlights themes and key verses. Who wrote the book? Where are we? Why is Romans so important?

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