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A token reference is made to superheroes becoming darker in the late 80s and early 90s, but no specific examples are given, not even Green Lantern specifically Hal Jordan, whom narrator Ryan Reynolds will be portraying next summer , who went crazy and slaughtered most of the Green Lantern Corp in There is a quick pan to the Death and the Family 3 cover, without any reference to the hysteria-inducing call-in contest that had comic readers deciding whether or not Jason Todd the second Robin should perish in an explosion.

Even for an authorized glance behind the scenes, this is a shockingly sanitized look at DC Comics. Despite the token entertainment value and the nostalgia that's sure to come from seeing all of your favorite heroes being given a token mention, Secret Origins: the Story of DC Comics is shockingly uninformative.

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While there is some pleasure is the archival footage and interviews that pepper the first third of the documentary Bill Finger is indeed credited as a Batman co-creator, but Jerry Robinson's name never comes up , this is more of a feature-length commercial than a stand-alone document.

Heck, the entire 90 minute feature has far less trivia and insight than even the DC Comics Wikipedia page. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus. MORE: Entertainment.

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Secret Origins (2014-2015)

Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. World-class comic reader Our world-class, digital comic reader will change the way you read comics—especially when you enjoy it on your big screen TV. Members Only Merchandise Grow your collection with a wide range of exclusive merchandise—including the all-new Justice League Animated Series action figures —available in our members only store. Do you need a spoiler for a year story? This entire story is a daydream that Barry Allen has, where he imagines life after his identity is exposed.

The daydream shows how difficult that life would be, so he decides his masked identity is a good thing to keep, so he does. I'm not sure that qualifies as an "origin," but that's what the title says. I'm guessing -- until Mr. Silver Age corrects me -- that this is the story that essentially established the details of the Silver Age Superboy as opposed to the Golden Age Superboy, who until didn't exist.

In fact, this story should have been called "The Origin of Superboy! In between, we discover the origin of his invulnerable uniform derived from blankets in his spaceship , how he learned to fly too comical to describe here , the specifics of his tunnel from the Kent house and all his basement accoutrements, and so forth. Incidentally, Batman and Robin trusted Jimmy with the secret identities, while Superman didn't. This text piece describes the background of the "Magnificent 7," as those backgrounds existed in the Silver Age. For example, Blackhawk was still an American.

Origin and first appearance of Wally "Kid Flash" West, who becomes a speedster by the same exact accident by which Barry Allen became the Flash. DC, thy name is coincidence. Origin and first appearance of Eclipso. Just like with Wonder Woman's "Beautiful as Aphrodite In today's world at least in the movie , all the Green Lanterns use the same oath, but back then each Green Lantern said their own oath or said nothing at all -- what was important was holding the ring to the lantern for a specific amount of time, coinciding with how long it took Hal Jordan to intone his oath.

And, yes, Hawkgirl was a full partner from the get-go except for title billing , which was pretty progressive for !

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Her tank top was pretty revealing for the age, too. Origin and first appearance of Dr. I'm still a fan of this uniform. Origin and first appearance of The Enchantress. Need I add that it didn't exactly set the world on fire? Origin and first appearance of Animal Man, who remained boring and fourth tier until Grant Morrison got ahold of him. This story should hint as to why. There's no writer listed for this two-pager, so maybe Joe Simon did double duty. Anyway, it's a basic primer on Metamorpho by the artist who did his solo book canceled by the time this appeared , "narrated" by Batman.

The most interesting thing to me are the Batman heads that introduce and end the segment. The first is by Jim Aparo, and the second is by Neal Adams. What, they couldn't find two Batman heads drawn by the same guy? Those two were just handy? They just didn't care? Origin and first appearance of Congorilla. Not really amazing.

Maybe they should have titled this All-Boring Secret Origins. Anyway, this is the one where a paralyzed white guy is possessed by Injun Magic and wreaks vengeance on bad guys in the Old West. What makes this story memorable is the art by the late Gray Morrow, which was wonderful. Many other of this El Diablo's early appearances were by Neal Adams, so I always looked forward to this feature for the art alone.