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And so you know, you know, You've been at linebacker why don't you come over and try with us. And then, of course, it took off, and he and he just kept progressing and progressing and learning a very intelligent young man and very blessed. It was from that conversation that Fisher made it clear to Gillaspia that he had what it took to play in the NFL. You could play in the NFL.

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He looked at me, so he said, Really? I said, Yes. I mean, you had the skill level to do that. And it was like it was a light went on in his head. And it's very rewarding.

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As a coach, you love to see the guys get rewarded. And then listen, he loves everything about ball. I mean, he loves to work. He loves to train loves to run, and he's such a team guy. I mean, that's not always the case all the time.

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I mean, this guy truly loves being on a team, and that's why I think he'll do well in the NFL. You can follow Patrick for Houston Texans Updates in the following places. You can Subscribe to the State of the Texans Podcast on the following platforms. Thats why Jumbo Fisher gets the Big Bucks , he instills confidence in players , and he also recognized his potential.! Comments 1. Sort: Newest. Jimbo is a man unparalleled in greatness.

He is both staunchly conservative and intent on dispelling the common misperception and obvious confusion about global warming, or the lack there of. Jimbo enjoys the finer things in life, such as taming wild horses and riding them, and involving himself in political discussions.

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Jimbo is perfect in almost every aspect of life, but he is comically immature physically in the groin area. However, Jimbo still enjoys wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and a smile wherever he goes. Jimbo, would you put some clothes on! Jimbo, may I borrow your cowboy hat?

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Wo ist Jimbo? A person who enters a conversation or place without being invited. The way to describe the action of a jimbo is " jimming in". Who invited this jimbo to the party? Oh great, Ben is jimming in with us tonight?

Jimbo Fisher Is Confident Texans Cullen Gillaspia is Built for the NFL

An accidental erection , that arises only in the presence of a gay stimulus. Dude, I'm not comfortable being around Lambertson any more.


When we were in the locker room he popped a serious jimbo. Chinga tu madre! Hook up with