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Look closely Look behind them. They look shiny! Never mind. You should know the answer by now. There's no red in this image. The strawberries seem red anyway. There's a simple and elegant explanation. My head hurts. There they are! A brick wall? Close, but also a cigar. Hard to tell There are a few clues. But they don't look like it. Here's how they look stacked on one another. They don't look like hills. There they are. Enter your email address Continue Continue Please enter an email address Email address is invalid Fill out this field Email address is invalid Email already exists.

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Real Life Optical Illusions To Mystify Your Mind

Tumblr You're probably familiar with this infamously confusing dress that first appeared on a Tumbler page last February. The colors of the repeating stripes on the dress are black and blue, but many of us perceive the colors gold and white. It's this difference in opinion that had the entire internet talking and wondering about this optical illusion. Like the twirling woman in the previous example, this is an example of a reversible image where some people can see both sets of colors while others can only perceive one set.

However, this optical illusion is unique because it's the only known reversible image that deals with colors. Plus, there's a right answer to this illusion whereas there is none for the spinning dancer. Neurologists are now trying to understand the reason behind this shocking phenomenon. So far, a few papers that explore possible explanations, have been published.

Optical Illusion

That's the big question everyone was asking themselves in April when this optical illusion went viral. Unfortunately, there's no set answer because there are compelling arguments for both sides. To answer the question, people again use their brain's sense of perspective as well as draw from a lifetime of experience with stairs. For example, people examine dark smudges in the grainy image that could be shadows that would position of the cat's body.

Business Insider's Megan Willett, for example, is certain that the cat is going downstairs and you can all about her detailed argument in her post "The cat is definitely going down the stairs — here's how you can tell. This is a different type of optical illusion in that what you see is not generated by tricking the brain. Rather, it's a trick of the light that is reaching astronauts' eyes and camera. When the moon and the ISS are on opposite sides of the Earth, the sunlight that bounces off of the moon and heads toward the ISS must first travel through Earth's atmosphere.

During its journey, the light interacts with particles in the atmosphere that bend the light, similar to how water distorts light and why objects underwater look larger. But light from the top-half of the moon travels through less atmosphere than the bottom half, which is physically bent upward to reach astronauts' eyes and is why the moon appears squashed from the bottom-up.

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This article teaches you about how your eyes can have tricks played on them. It focuses on how magicians are able to use this to their advantage.

Real Life Optical Illusions To Mystify Your Mind

This selection of images shows that details in an image can affect how we perceive what's really there. Watch the dancer turn. When you first see her, she'll be spinning one way, but if you watch closely, you might just get her to change direction! At first, the cube looks normal, but once it starts turning, you realize that your eyes have been tricked. You might look at this picture and see a young woman first, or you might see an old woman, but they're both there!

In this picture, you see a tiger standing at the front of the picture. But can you find the hidden tiger that's in the picture, too? These paintings trick you into seeing one thing at first and then another. The shifting images show how easily your eye can be tricked. Try out this test to see if you can name the colors of words rather than saying the words themselves.

It's really tricky! This activity shows how your brain can be tricked into seeing two images on a page when there's only one. This article explains how our eyes can see one thing but our brain can flip it to see something else. This lesson walks you through some activities and questions to help show you that sometimes, what you see isn't what's there. Print out the picture of the the flower and the bee.

Once you have that, move the middle toward your nose to see the bee fly to the flower! Test your ability to solve the optical illusions while learning about how they work in your mind. As the cube turns, it tricks your mind into thinking the cube has a missing corner, or maybe you'll see a smaller cube in the front. This experiment shows how our eyes can be tricked with water.

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The challenge is to see if you can get the arrow to change direction. This activity guide shows you how to create a yo-yo that has a rainbow on the side when you spin it. Your eyes can be fooled in many ways. Check out this illusion, in which the dots appear pink at first but seem to change as you keep looking. Optical Illusions and Tricks of Perception This short article is full of optical illusions to test out on your eyes. Color Perception On this page, you will click through three different images.

Neuroscience for Kids: The Blind Spot This article can help you find your blind spots, which are parts of your eye that can't actually see.