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Ailes helped George H. Bush ascend to the White House by using ads against the Democratic nominee, Gov. Michael S. Dukakis looking ridiculous in an M-1 tank — to put his opponent on the defensive. Weirdly enough Mr.

Roger Ailes Off Camera

Chafets does not seem to have absorbed Mr. Much of the later part of this book devolves into an oddly defensive attempt to rebut charges that have been levied against Fox News by critics on the left. There is little cogent analysis in these pages about how Fox News frames its reports from a conservative point of view, or the effect that this has had on the national conversation. And while Mr.

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Chafets suggests that Mr. Ailes said he would think about it. An Ailes spokesperson got back to Chafets: the profile was a no-go, but Ailes would be interested in doing a book. He was at work by the end of By this point, we were eating lunch—fried chicken and yams—at the cafeteria on the second floor of the United House of Prayer For All People, a church around the corner from the Apollo in Harlem.

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People who want him eviscerated in print will never be happy with anything less than that. Ailes had his team. It is incurious: You hear from professional liberal press critics like Mark Danner, but nobody with actual beefs, like Glenn Beck. It is stenographical where its source would want it to be stenographical and, just as importantly, critical where its source would least mind it being critical. One hears the explosion and so assumes there is journalistic balance.

But the subject has not been hurt. Rudy Giuliani was a hero who now makes a lot of money off of being a hero.


Hardly risky, groundbreaking stuff. Chafets seems uninterested in using his access to convey larger or unlikelier truths about his subjects.

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This is not about politics. I come to praise Roger Ailes, not to bury him. It begins in the preface where Mr. This does not mean an overall panning of the book.

Understanding the man behind Fox News, how his juggernaut was assembled, and how it is captained shines a new light on news reporting—whether one leans port or starboard. David Rosman is an award-winning author, commentator, educator, and keynote speaker.

Roger Ailes : off camera

He writes for the Columbia Missourian and InkandVoice. Enter your keywords. Roger Ailes: Off Camera.

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