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Section 2. The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States, and the Electors in each State shall have the Qualifications requisite for Electors of the most numerous Branch of the State Legislature.

If you analyze the last part of the above paragraph, i. Constitution is now defied. You see, the people no longer elect their representatives. That power was revoked when corporations started buying the members of congress with huge contributions that insured reelection. Section 2 — Con. Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons,.

Because the people no longer elect their representatives, and because the large corporations do, the people cannot be apportioned their Taxes justly. So there is no longer a logical way to pay apportioned taxes. Section 4. Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Place of Choosing Senators.

This is no longer enforced. They must make the rules and then take the heat for whatever happens. According to the Constitution they are supposed to do this. They cannot allow any party — Republican, Democratic, Independent, or the Communist Party to make the rules that govern electionsand certainly, cannot allow them to discard votes cast by American citizens, not unless they change Article I of the Constitution. Well, this can go on and on. Our U. Constitutional protections have been so completely devastated during the past two decades that we are no longer a United States of America.

We are a collection of States and people trying to survive under the worst of circumstances and there are no people left in Congress who have the moral fortitudes to undue the mess they brought upon us. And they would gain nothing by trying.

The Challenger Intermediate School Series : Gorgeous George

We are a global economy and while you and our journalists were sleeping, the small corporations, turned into giants that not only own your Congress, both republican and democratic officials, were bought with your future. What is good for them is what will succeed. Now, I wonder! Why have people with such an incredible lack of knowledge been raised to the level of legitimacy? Comments like brainwashing and indoctrination filled the airways. And there on the news, sitting at a slick desk with lots of colorful swatches of screen shots waving around in the background, a journalist sits tapping his or her cheek with a soulful look and comment such as, Well maybe they have a point there.

After all, there was a lesson plan that asked children to write a letter to the president of the United States with his or her own ideas. How radical is that? It could be brainwashing. The next speech will be the proof in the puddingIndoctrination! Where does this stuff come from? When I went to school, which was a very long time ago, Joe McCarthy hearings were on television, and even little elementary school children were expected to learn from themand also from Meet the Press, Bishop Sheen, and William F.

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Buckley and dozens of others who had something intelligent to sayagree or not. We were also expected to understand where we lived. We were expected to be alert to ideas, learn about them, ask questions, and make a judgment about our opinions which, by the way, we were told to keep to ourselves until we could prove they had a solid foundation of accurate facts to support them, and a sense of propriety and morality associated with our reasoning.

The next time we opened our mouths to espouse this or that bit of an opinion, we were prepared.

Now, look at the hyperbole associated with the ridiculousness of Indoctrination and Brainwashing. When I grew up, we learned that brainwashing was a systematic form of abuse against populations who had no access to public libraries, open education, competitive newspapers, or free radio or television. We were taught that in the countries that did not have free and open access to speech and the press used very powerful social demands on their people, often forcing them to work in labor camps or minimally be ostracized from their families and friends.

We were taught that punishments to the populations included deprivation of food and basic necessities. We were taught that those who obeyed the powerful were rewarded and those that disobeyed were chastised relentlessly. A fter that initial debate hit the news, I waited for someone with a lick of sense to explain this, so I could feel a sense of normalcy again. No one did. In fact, I have been waiting for someone, democrat or republican, with real intelligence to say something about how low the intellectual bar has fallen in this country when people can scream insane nonsense, and the pundits, news journalist, etc.

Today, Walter Cronkite is being honored. I wonder if he was scared by the screamers! I wonder who you can trust now! Sunday, April 15, Saturday, May 27, All personal community organization papers maintained by Georgia State University in Special Collections. Saturday, April 21, Around B. Along the way, he comes across an extremely unusual Irish ship crewed by both male and female pirates, a bad omen as far as his crew is concerned. Despite disaster, his quest continues until the general is taken prisoner by an unfriendly King. When the King turns him over to an ugly peasant woman, our hero continues to pine for his lost love.

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Both prisoner and caretaker live in fantasy worlds where they yearn for what they cannot have until a shocking discovery changes everything for both of them. The Death of Reiley Freeze. His instant charisma was evident with everyone he knew. He was fascinating, and yet, he never met very many peoplehe was always on the move. Reiley was the envy of every man who ever met him including his own brother.

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He stayed completely loyal to his goalsto provide a permanent life of security for the generations who would follow his own. They saw his charm, but yet, he held no pretense or swagger. The reason women longed for him was because of his wayhis way with wordshis way with a smilehis way with a helping hand, and most importantly, his way with his goodness. Once she learns her daughter is pregnant, as if tempting fate, Rosemary suffers a final altercation. She sends Brigid away while secretly condemning her husband to prison.

But she frightens her in the process. As a result, vestiges of her fear and caution keeps her desire for a husband perpetually fetteredand then each time she is ready to fall in love, fate intervenes. The Mission of Alexis Dering. Alexis Dering was born to a wealthy, but brutally sinister British family in Devonshire, England. Yet, he remained kind, curious, and despite his baneful opinion of himself.. The shy boy meets an unlikely friend, a young Irishman who feels destined to become a missionary in a foreign land as soon as he can finish his education and become an ordained priest.

Alexis loves his friend but continually resists to be seduced into his chosen life as a priest. Whether you want to get caught up or get ahead, Summer School Online has it all! How to Register? Step 1: Verify which class you need by SUSD Gov. Board approves teacher salary schedule. Back to School Wellness Fair. In , the Sunnyside Summer Mariachi Profile of a Graduate. Our Vision: Every child College, Career and Community Ready. Our Mission: Our mission is to develop students with a strong sense of identity, purpose and agency, so that they leave our system The Information Pamphlet will be mailed to households of registered voters in the District.

All arguments shall include: An original signature. The individual's printed name, mailing address, telephone number, and email. Must be words or less. Arguments may be hand-delivered to N. Stone Ave. Bacal, N. Tucson, AZ All arguments must be received no later than Friday, August 9, by PM. Facsimiles, photocopies, and emails of arguments are not accepted. The Pamphlet will include a minimum of two, but no more than ten arguments, each in support and opposition to the question. Ginter Road, Tucson, AZ or hectore susd What classes are offered?

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For more information contact Maggie Johnson at The increase includes Prop monies. We recognize; however, that teacher salaries still are not what they should be and we will continue to advocate for increased teacher compensation that truly reflects the importance and value of the service and dedication that our educators provide to our children. Thursday, July 18 a. This issue of a quality of education was compounded with the accountability requirements under the No Child Left Behind of , which focused primarily on one assessment.

This narrow focus on one metric as the definitive measure of school quality misrepresents the complexity of educating students and diminishes the great work of educators across this nation who make a difference in the lives of students every day, in every classroom. And though aggregate performance is a key variable for measuring success, it simply fails to tell a bigger picture of what our students have and will be able to do in the future. This new framework provides an unparalleled level of clarity that aligns our mission, vision, and the work. Knowledge for Learning, 2. Knowledge for Impact, 3.

Creative Confidence, 4. Critical Consciousness, and 5. Self and Systems Awareness. In addition to college and career readiness, Community Ready was added to this iteration of the work thanks to feedback we received from community members, as well as industry and higher education professionals who expressed certain intangibles that Sunnyside students brought to their organizations. Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look to them to not only master the content, but also to transfer knowledge across disciplines: From science to the humanities, from mathematics to the social sciences—Sunnyside students are deep thinkers and well-rounded learners with a strong sense of academic identity.

We trust our students as knowledge co-creators who share their expertise with peers and teachers as part of an intentional process of collaboration. Sunnyside students understand that learning is a social and shared responsibility. By listening respectfully, students value learning from one another as they begin to develop transferable skills like responding positively and constructively, which are important skills to employers as they are assembling their teams.

When faced with the opportunity to speak at the state capitol demanding an increase in teacher pay, one Sunnyside student took to the microphone, took a deep breath and pumped up a crowd of tens of thousands. Our students are engaged participants in their future, not merely bystanders. Equipped with deep knowledge of history and a sense of what is fair, our students are adept at using social media and student organizations to drive change. Sunnyside students are aware of community issues and possess real-world knowledge gained from internships and other experiences that put global issues into a local context.

School we define creative confidence as the natural human ability to come up with great ideas and the courage to act on those ideas. Sunnyside students take part in human-centric experiences that use empathy, systems thinking, and design thinking to unlock their creativity.

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  • The Challenger Intermediate School Series: Gorgeous George.
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  • Through building prototypes, using causal loops, challenging assumptions, and acknowledging that all ideas are worthy, our students learn how to take risks. More importantly, creative confidence relies on human collaboration, which is embodied in the performing arts. Some environments are built to nurture and empower, while other systems have internal cultures that hinder upward mobility. Fostering critical consciousness through debate empowers our students to keep up with important issues and to demand a seat at the table.

    Social awareness or social intelligence is part of an important skill set that, later in life, is what sets a transformational leader apart from an everyday boss. Create a graphic representation of the Graduate Profile 2. Introduce the Graduate Profile at the Administrative Summit 3. Develop indicators for each of the Graduate Profile competency areas 4. Establish a continuum or rubrics by grade band for each indicator that will be used to support internal accountability metrics with the desired outcome of establishing our own school label system.

    But less than 30 minutes in, it seemed inevitable. Every single day we wake up, and it feels like something goes against us. Our season has been tough. On paper, it looks great. It looks like it was easy; we just cruised through. But absolutely not. The last days have been trying. The top-seeded Blue Devils scored three times in an minute span of the first half and coasted to a win over Gilbert Campo Verde for the 5A boys state title.

    It was our goal to go undefeated and to win a state championship. But we came together and made everything happen. Less than four minutes later, Quiroz was going up the left wing, drawing Campo Verde goalkeeper Jacob Zimmerman out. Quiroz crossed to Mendoza, again in front of the goal, and Sunnyside led In the 28th minute, the Coyotes were whistled for a foul just outside the box on the right side. Adrian Virgen took the free kick from 20 yards out, bending the ball to the right of the wall, and just inside the right post for the third score.

    The Blue Devils defense did what it had to do, and keeper Jesus Gutierrez turned away the few shots on target. Quiroz got free for a capper in the 75th minute. The only blemishes on the season were ties to rival Desert View on Dec. The Blue Devils were eliminated by Chandler in the quarterfinals of the 6A tournament a year ago and went out in the play-in round a year before that. Campo Verde was in its third straight final, finishing as the runner up in Passionate about sculpture and drawing, she leaned toward a career in art, or maybe healthcare. When she graduates from Pima, she is going to further her education by getting a degree as a Welding Inspector.

    She is leaning toward a future in the field of creative arts worked into the world of welding when she graduates next May. Congratulations to our retirees! Thank you for your years of service and the legacy you leave behind as you begin the next chapter in your life. This event mirrored the NCAA's National Signing Day for students who commit to playing sports in college, this is a unique opportunity for seniors to be recognized in front of their parents and others. As done with collegiate athletic signings, new students inked their intentions to complete a technical program at Pima Community College.

    Sunnyside School District had approximately 50 students from each high school scheduled to attend Pima College Signing Day, 16 students signed for study in Manufacturing, and 7 in Administrative Justice.

    Goddard school earns national recognition

    Last year, more than 2, students signed commitments nationwide. School Staff. Sunnyside High School. RickyT susd Assistant Principal-Freshman Academy. StephanieP susd