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The planes of his face suggested the marble bust of an Ottoman conqueror, infused with blood. The long slope of his nose commanded high cheekbones, angular jaw, and strong chin. Tight curls formed an inky corona that fell across his brow.


More than his appearance, it was the way he moved, the set of his shoulders, and the wave in his hair that trumpeted recognition. It really was him. Vaguely aware of her actions, she pressed a hand against her chest in a gesture of astonishment.

She felt certain that she had seen him before, but never in reality. Was it possible? He was the wraith who haunted her dreams of the past several weeks. Irritation mingled with the burgeoning unease.

Dj zubis Aduwa'ago

This guy standing before her was the reason for her lack of sleep. Only the night before, he had pursued her across empty District boulevards into a black cave inexplicably set in the middle of DuPont Circle. He made no sound and his movements were never frantic or threatening, but she ran from him just the same.

And when she had reached a wall as hard and unyielding as coal, she turned to face him.

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He simply watched her with an expression that was at once brash, penetrating, bemused, and unrelenting. From the depths of sleep, Bethany struggled to form words, to petition the rogue who plagued her. What do you want? Now, here he was in the flesh. He folded his arms against his chest and locked his gaze on hers. A smile spread across his face. Bethany shut her eyes to close him out, then opened them again, as though waking from a dream.

He was there. Even across the distance, she knew that his eyes were the color of sand. He watched her as though he had access to that secluded place in her mind which harbored the things only she knew about herself. Her breath caught in her chest. Thanks to Joanna and The Revolving Book for giving my genie such great exposure. Keep on the lookout….

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    Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. You have to respect that in a book. I really enjoyed your review. Each book in the series ultimately pulls back more and more from the intrigue around Bethany and Zubis to close in on the intimate connection between the two of them.

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    Home of the Alpha Showdown, and one-stop shop for urban fantasy, paranormal romance and fantasy news and reviews. Posted by Mary on May 14, in Reviews 1 comment. Kellyann Zuzulo says:.