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And if the Ego gains strength, takes the honour, or blows itself up, the transformationprocess of consciousness stops, the growth forward towards the goal: illumination and later enlightenment. The most appropriate in spiritual practice is in other words to use the dreaming state of the wholeness, to begin to practice the supporting exercises which I have described in my book Meditation as an Art of Life - a basic reader. If you as a practitioner remember to use such an opening in the wholeness spiritual seen correct, then this can give your total development a considerably lift forward.

It is in other words very important that you do not move accent from awake everyday life for example a good earth-bound job, ordinary people and family to dreams and sleep, not use drugs or one-sided development techniques which promise you great experiences and abilities. You have to have patience. Even for people with a regular and well ordered practice hours every day there can pass weeks, months or years between the reflections into the awake state of the wholeness. However if practice is appropriate, the spiritual consciousness will with time automatically penetrate the dreaming wholeness.

And if moments of actual awakenness are coming, then everything is simple, intensive, present, in the right place: mountains are again mountains, woods are again woods, but without longings, without wishes and desires, without the past, without the future. The mountains are. The woods are.

The consciousness is. The Now is. You are at home again, at home in genuine sense. So what you have to confront is the nature of suffering. And the nature of suffering is in short the ignorance about the Source of Life; therefore both self-enquiry and enquiry into society and nature: critical thinking. Contrary to all this New Thought is about loving yourself. Loving yourself is based on positive psychology, which means that loving yourself, loving your karma, loving your desires, loving everything negative in you - is the same as seeing everything in yourself as positive, and therefore as something good.

You can't be wrong. Read more about the stages of awakening in my article Paranormal phenomena seen in connection with spiritual practice. See Martin Gardner for an account of how the New Thought Movement stripped Christianity of such things as sin, hell, demons, and other nasty things, and replaced them with beliefs in a hodge-podge of beliefs from Eastern mysticism and Western paranormalism and spiritualism.

Gardner focuses on a minor poet and writer who was a major player in expressing the beliefs of New Thought, Ella Wheeler Wilcox She penned some memorable lines, e. New Thought absolves the allegedly benign creator of all responsibility for bringing evils to good people and it does so without resorting to the claim that the ways of God are not our ways, or that evil is really good, or the most absurd of all, evil isn't real.

New Thought just ignores evil and tries to get us to look the other way. More than one-third of the people on our planet don't even have access to a flush toilet. As the critical thinker Robert T. Can anyone believe that if you happen to have the misfortune of being born, say, in a squalid Indian village governed by a caste system, that all you have to do is believe your way out?

An ignorant person might blame karma or God's will, but nobody in his right mind should believe that anyone for example children born in those conditions lives and dies in those conditions because of her thoughts or beliefs, which could be changed by an act of the will. Do you think that's an accident? It's no accident. It's designed that way. They understand something. They understand The Secret: the Law of Attraction. Ah, there it is then. It is the wise people who have the money and the BMWs.

Are we to conclude that the poor Indian man, the poor Chinese woman, the poor African woman, etc. The deeply offensive racial overtones are hard to ignore. There have been many others. Some might have heard of Jerry and Esther Hicks they claim they were the discovers of the Law of Attraction! Some might remember Emile Coue's optimistic mantra therapy, Maxwell Maltz's Psycho-Cybernetics, or the prosperity preachers Norman Vincent Peale, whose bestseller The Power of Positive Thinking was a New Thought off shot see my article Hypnosis, hypnotherapy and the art of self-deception.

Such anecdotes are often used as "proof of that New Thought is true. But we also know that we can't cure cancer, heart disease, measles, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a host of other illnesses by prescribing belief as a placebo. Likewise, we know that teaching people to feel powerful and go for their dreams is not enough to guarantee success.

You have to have more than belief in yourself. You need talent and you need some good fortune. For every success story like Oprah or Obama, there are thousands of failures who never get to tell their stories. Our evidence is incomplete. As Carroll says, then we never hear from the countless bartenders and waitresses who thought their desires would be enough to make them movie stars. In fact, we rarely hear from the ones who found out the hard way that hard work alone doesn't guarantee success.

We never hear from the folks who tried the mind cure but died. They aren't around to give their testimony. So far, Carroll says, we have only the words of alleged psychics that the dead are appearing on Oprah or Larry King. When the dead do show up to give their testimony, however, the may cast some doubt on the power of belief.

As mentioned, the Secret is a best-selling self-help book written by Rhonda Byrne and based upon William Walker Atkinson's prior works and school of thought. After being featured in two episodes of Oprah, the book reached the top of the New York Times bestseller list. Rhonda Byrne has written a follow-up to The Secret called The Power after answering several thousands letters from readers of The Secret. Before the film and the book were released Rhonda Byrne born 12 March was an Australian television writer and producer. According to the dramatic narrative of the Secret, Byrne was shattered by the sudden death of her father and the news that 19 Prime Time was effectively bankrupt.

Byrne says her teenage daughter handed her a copy of the get-rich-quick classic The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, a book that led her to a deep immersion into self-help literature and the epiphany that most of these books sell the same message - that positive thoughts yield positive outcomes. Or as the management theorists say: "It is not facts, but the best story, that wins! This will often be mixed with an ability to use modern technology within computer science and production of films. Make a great website, and tell a story like in a Hollywood film, and you have success.

The difference between a Hollywood film though, and a New Age guru, is that the New Age guru is claiming that his story is true, though very well knowing, that the whole thing is a fiction. It is interesting, that the creator of the WingMakers Project, Mark Hempel, already now is defending his story as being true, against critics, who say that the story is a hoax. Hempel precisely have a background working in the computer and IT industry see my article Time travel and the fascism of The WingMakers Project.

He was a well-educated and successful businessman, who worked as a contractor and magazine publisher with own advertising agency see my article A critique of the Human Design System. These kinds of story telling will be the future of New Age, and it will be amusing to follow, what the next "true" story will be. Anyway, the Secret was released around the same time as the film version of "The Da Vinci Code," and it was cleverly packaged as a historical mystery.

There are lingering shots of faded cursive script on parchment paper, often accompanied by pounding drums or wordless choirs, and Byrne talks about "tracing the Secret back through history," revealing all the great thinkers who have harnessed its power. According to one titlecard, "The Secret was suppressed," though we never learn how, or by whom. This is also an example of pseudohistory within New Age. And intercut with this mantra are dramatised scenes of this "Law of Attraction" in action: a little boy visualises a brand new bicycle and gets one from his dad; a woman focuses on some jewellery in a shop, and gets it; a man is visualizing a parking space, and vupti, there it is!

At one point the "miracles coach" Joe Vitale likens the universe to a giant shopping catalogue. He says: "You flip through it and say, "I'd like to have this experience and I'd like to have that product and I'd like to have a person like that. It is you placing your order with the Universe. Its really that easy. The drawer is The Universe account unlimited abundance. You can also join the free forum though, of course, the fee based "Abundant" membership is highly encouraged , and so much more more.

For money. Since appearing in bookstores, the book has sold 1,3 million copies and 2 million DVDs, outselling even the new Harry Potter novel. After translation the book sold more than 19 million copies worldwide. It is currently on track to becoming the fastest selling self-help book on record. Oprah loves it. So you are really getting in trouble if you are criticizing it. But I will take the chance.

The film is launched - by the way like a number of other similar New Age products - with that Rhonda Byrne, one day at the end of , discovered the secret laws and principles behind the whole of the universe, and therewith made her able to see through the secret behind everything, that has made the world's large geniuses so brilliant and successful - including the greatest thinkers, scientists, artists and philosophers. She was surprised, why nobody else had discovered this, and will therefore share the secret with us.

The Secret is both something new and something old. It is something new in the sense, that it is based on management theory and positive psychology see my articles Management theory and the Self-help industry and Humanistic psychology, self- help, and the danger of reducing religion to psychology. However these laws become distorted to fit together with the management theories. The circulation of the idea happens via multi-level- marketing structures - that is to say: sales networks, which are built up in a pyramid structure - the ideas that also lie behind the illegal pyramid games.

The central concept in The Secret is - as we have seen - "The Law of Attraction" - that is to say: if you think in compliance with this law, then you can attract a successfull life as it fit you. This is because, as the book says, that your thoughts directly creates the world, including the physical world. Everything that happens to you of negative or positive, is in other words due to your own negative or positive thoughts. You therefore have to change these negative thoughts with more positive thoughts.

Here the book, apparently in compliance with the wisdomtraditions, mentions a concept such as love. But it is important to understand what precisely it is the book understands by love I have already mentioned this weird belief. It namely urges readers to rid themselves of illness through "harmonious thoughts," to attract love by loving themselves. Love is about loving yourself.

Positive thinking is about adding love to your own needs, feelings, wishes, yes even to your dark sides; that is: see everything in you, not as something negative, but as something positive. It has nothing to do with the spiritual concept of love where you feel compassion with other people, and through this compassion receive the good. The spiritual concept of love is turned upside down in the book: you receive the "good" by loving yourself, by seeing everything in yourself as something positive, and therefore good. I will here exlain it in short.

In a spiritual practice it is important to know the difference between a selfish use of energy, and an unselfish use of energy. You can also term this as a demonical use of energy, and a spiritual use of energy, or as black and white magic. The ego-religion and the ego-exercises are the ego's incessant confirmation or denial of the ego: "it is no use with me! Both, either the denial or the confirmation of the ego, maintain the ego-proces, the ego-identity, and the ego- centralization. Me, Me, Me It should now be easy to see, that the positive psychology of the New Thought movement, and the Law of Attraction, are based on the ego-religion and the ego- exercises where it is about moving the focus away from the denial of the ego the negative, evil , and encourage the confirmation of the ego, which is considered as positive, and in compliance with the divine, universal laws.

After having stated that "New research has shown Thereafter she states that critical thinking belongs to the denial side of the ego, wherefore you of course should avoid such kind of negative thinking. The Law of Attraction cannot admit doubt or skepticism. Simonsen concludes that giving yourself positive confirmations are synonymous with healthy thoughts, and that such thoughts are good thoughts, light thoughts, super thoughts.

I don't know which research has shown this. Maybe the movie The Secret? The Secret says that "It has been proven scientifically now that an affirmative thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative thought. And written up where? Because I couldn't find it. These are extraordinary claims that surely require extraordinary evidence, which The Secreteers do by using the word "science" over and over, as if merely saying the word is the same as doing it - as if feeling good about science will attract more science into your life.

She continues the exercise: Let yourself be inspired by a person, whom you would like to be like, and use this model to create your own self-image. When this self-image is ready, it is time to put sound on. Listen to your own voice. Find the sound that tells you that you speak to the world with confidence and trust. It is a voice people will 23 listen to! Listen to how the whole world will answer with acknowledgement, respect and love.

I am afraid I don't agree that the whole world will love Anni Simonsen because she stands in front of a mirror repeating to herself: "You are so beautiful! I would at any time prefer Show White who loves others in a state of complete self-forgetfulness. Simonsen ends the article with a preconceived response to critique. If you think that the image not is true, but only is fantasy, then remember that everything is subjective. And now to my claim that such thoughts are an expression of black magic, a way of turning spirituality upside down. First of all: Subjectivism means that truth only is something you create yourself - there is no absolute, or objective truth.

This of course raises the Socratic question: from where does Anni Simonsen and other New Thought thinkers know that everything is subjective? She can't know this if reality only is a fantasy you create yourself. Subjectivism is self-refuting. The self-refuting aspect is that subjectivism makes an exception of its own position. The very assertion of subjectivism is itself non-subjectivistic see the thought distortion Self-refuting arguments in my book A dictionary of thought distortions. Besides this self-contradiction, then the assertion of subjectivism is in opposition to spirituality, which in its worship of a divine reality of course believes that truth is absolute and objective.

The opposition is due to that religion, and therefore spirituality, has been reduced to psychology; a reductionism; a distortion of the human being see my articles Humanistic psychology, self-help, and the danger of reducing religion to psychology, and The pseudoscience of reductionism and the problem of mind. Secondly: We have seen that the ordinary ego-consciousness functions by being identified with the physical world, with instincts, sexuality, emotions and collective ideals.

The true spiritual practice works through these aspects by means of, for example the core which exists in the basic monastic vows: poverty, chastity and obedience. These promises work with a restructuring of the ego's ownership to things, food and power, and they re- structure sexuality and emotions.

First thereafter the mystical process can begin; where your so-called progressive karma good karma is beginning to work. Again: it should now be easy to see how positive psychology and New Thought are doing the exact opposite. The same energy-process and function, which realized spiritual teachers use, can therefore be used for other purposes than spiritual. When the energy-processes of the astral plane's collective history are used spiritual, then the ego, in its egoistic isolating and self -affirmative function, steps aside, and the energy is turned into the now, and therefore in towards the source and the spiritual dimension.

The people, who around a spiritual teacher, constitute an energy-mandala, are in this way made transparent for a higher common human spirituality. In a lesser realized person's use of energy the contact with, and the ability to manipulate with such collective forms of astral energy, can be used for other puposes than spiritual. It can be creative, ego-affirmative, political, demonical, and so on.

The powers that, by realized spiritual teachers are given to others' disposal in healing, energy transmission and spiritual information exchange, the same powers can be turned in through the ego-structures, and therewith into past and future, and fragmentation conflict. In this way there can be opened creative channels, created super egos super thoughts , created political leaders and popular seducers in my article The philosophy of Karen Blixen I have investigated these phenomena in detail.

These phenomena are well known from history and from literature. In the story of the temptation in the desert, we can see these possible ways of using the energy pictured in anticipated form. Here you see the possibility of using the freedom and the power, to elevation of the ego and the consequent power and material glory. But Jesus abstains from this deification of the ego.

It is also known from the Faust myth, described by for exampel Goethe and Thoman Mann. When you in a selfish way use the powers from the collective history of the astral plane, and which demonical astral beings will help you with because the ego phenomenon is their magnet of attraction , you can create personal power and material glory. That is the essence of Black Magic, and it is the backgound for the creation of the concept of the Law of Attraction though the worshippers probably don't realize this - I think they have perfectly good intentions - see the thought distortion Good Intentions Bias in my book A dictionary of thought distortions.

A lot of the many New Thought channelers are frauds, or just disillusioned because they are completely controlled by subjective feelings, emotions, intuitions. But some of them are caught up in the ego-inflation side of a spiritual crisis, and are actually channeling entities from the collective time. The problem is that they don't know who it is they are channeling. Demons can be very charming, and very manipulating.

But you will eventually meet the compensatory karma, or Nemesis see my article Paranormal phenomena seen in connection with channeling. You can in short not use these energies as you want to; that is: through thinking, and therefore not through will, choices or feelings. The eternal circling around your own dreams, desires, success etc. I will repeat what we already have examined: as soon as your thoughts spread themselves too much out in an extreme, the energy-system compensates by seeking to bring itself back to the balance of the middle.

The system does this by seeking over towards the opposite extreme for instance from perfectionism to a feeling of fiasco.

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That is: through a contrabalancing, a compensation. The energy works as a pendulum. The more energy, which is invested in an extreme of a pair of opposites, the larger the swing in the opposite direction will become read more in my article Humanistic psychology, self-help, and the danger of reducing religion to psychology. Feeling a bit overweight these days? According to Rhonda Byrne, it is not an excess of food that's making you fat - it is your thoughts that are adding on those extra pounds. It completely defies the Law of Attraction. The "positive" in Rhonda Byrne's example on positive thinking, is in other words an Egoistic ideal of beauty without any kind of ethics: avoid observing fat people!

The film is coming with a number of similar examples on, that its own concepts of positive thinking are equivalent with pure egoistic thinking. In addition to this the 26 film also has some messages to sick, weak and poor people, which is as ethical problematic. Sick, weak and poor people are namely told, that their disease, weakness or poverty are their own fault, because they think sick, weak and poor thoughts. The examples on, how they instead shall think, are as absurd as Byrne's own example: for example are cancer-sick people told, that they miraculous can heal their disease by watching funny films in three weeks, or by having send a few Gratitude-stones from LA.

For those of us unfortunate enough to fall ill, it really is all our fault. The flipside of the "Law of Attraction" that the Secret so keenly promotesis that as sure as positive thoughts bring wealth, health and happiness, negative thoughts are also responsible for any illness, poverty or bad luck that happens your way. The problem is the propensity for self -blame when it doesn't work.

Besides that it is an invalid ad hoc clause rationalization , to say that if the Law of Attraction doesn't work, then it is because you are not doing it correct, then such statements, as mentioned, are inducing a false dichotomy in people, that makes them easy targets for guilt, shame and depression. Another weird aspect of this is something I have experienced when talking to Law of Attraction devotees. She said: "Well, you get what you are asking for! She didn't talk about the men as human beings, but as objects for her own wishes. She was exposing a me-me-me-and-then-perhaps-you- if-it-fits-me-logic.

The last thing she was considering, was that a person with such a logic would be a nuisance to other people. Here is the main reason why today's self-help industry has lost the true spirituality out of sight: the Ego-worship, which shuts itself away from this wholeness. Today the wholeness, or the Otherness, has been eliminated, and only the development of the self, or the Ego, is left. In the view of nature in natural science, nature is reduced to atomic particles, empty space, fields, electromagnetic waves and particles etc.

Characteristic is that 27 nature is explained, and is described, in a way, which is a world away from our immediate sense experiences. The support of a natural scientifical view of nature has almost always led the supporters forward to combine it with an instrumental technological view of nature. This conception of nature is seeing it as pure material, or alone as a means for the unfolding of Man.

The instrumental view of nature rests on a sharp division between Man and everything else; that is to say: between inner and outer nature. Man is by force of his inner nature radical different from, and is standing over, the outer nature.

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This is, among other things, due to, that he, with reason and science, is in the position to master nature. By the way, this thought characterizes almost all traditional Western philosophy, where that to philosophize is due to thinking alone, even though the theories within this tradition in other crucial points are highly contradictory.

You find it in Christianity, in Descartes' view of Man as a self-dependant being, in the Enligthenment philosophers, in Romanticism's view of Man as a historical being, in Kierkegaard, Karl Marx and Auguste Comte, who respectively founded existentialism, Marxism and positivism. In opposition to this, and under impression of the discussion about the damage, which we have caused nature, there has in the later years been worked out conceptions, which claims, that nature has a value in itself.

It is not only a means, but ought to be respected for its beauty and richness. It is by the way a point of view, which also is well known from older times. In lack of better you could call it a communicative view of nature, since it is implying, that we in some sense have a community with nature. And as the above shows, then these two views of nature are inseparable connected with a view of what a human being is.

The discussions about Man, which I have outlined in my book A Portrait of a Lifeartist, have been about the status of reason in relation to desires and sensuous nature, as well as the relationship between naturalism and self-production. The German philosopher Jiirgen Habermas has sought to create a synthesis of the many viewpoints. He claims that the development of reason, as well as the division, and the alienation, in the modern world, and the many out-specializations of areas of knowledge, have led to, that there in today's society rules a radical opposition between two kinds of reason: the instrumental and the communicative.

It is for instance a necessary goal for Man to get his necessities of life satisfied by cultivating nature. The means is technology which today builds on the extensive knowledge of natural science. To cut a long story short: thanks to the instrumental reason we get control over nature. In technical competence we have gone far. The whole of that part of our lifes has developed into extensive systems, such as the economy, the bureaucracy, the market and the market forces. The communicative reason and competence is the reason we use in all relationships where it is about coming to an understanding with each other.

It presupposes that we know our life- world. Among other things Habermas understands the life- world as the horizon of linguistic ability, cultural knowledge and individual skills, which is the condition in order to understand both the family jargon, as well as the tone between children, and in all the many communities. By the way Habermas argues for, that the difference between instrumental and communicative reason is given with fundamental structures in language, with different types of speech acts. The core in Habermas' critique of culture is that the instrumental reason has conquered terrain from the communicative reason.

The systems the market and the bureaucracy have colonized the lifeworld. This means, among other things, that political and philosophical questions are being made into technical questions, as when an election campaign is about details in the economical planning, as well as it leads to that we treat each other as means, or as items, which have come on a wrong course the treatment society.

The instrumental reason is controlling and gets control. In accordance with Habermas there is nothing wrong in this in technical respect. The problem arises when this attitude come to characterize ordinary relationships between humans, as well as areas where values should be crucial; that is: in philosophical respect. It is also this attitude, which has caused that we, with reference to human problems, always shall hear what the specialists think, for instance economists, sociologists, historians, psychologists, biologists, etc. The philosopher, as philosophical counselor, has in short vanished, and therewith also the art of life, which could create unity and coherence in life.

Many will perhaps against this object that the New Age movement advocates a new kind of wholeness - thinking. But there are a number of misunderstandings in this. Philosophy is by definition wholeness-thinking. You can therefore say that the New Age movement is an abortive attempt to re-create philosophy as an art of life.

The attempt goes wrong already in the lack of ability to understand itself as precisely philosophy. Personally I 29 think that this is due to the many uneducated people we see within this environment, who have got all their knowledge by reading self-help books, or other New Age books. This main failure is due to that the New Age movement in extreme way is characterized by the instrumental reason, and the treatment society, despite, that it should be a showdown with this.

That which should have been art of life becomes reduced to treatment, especially psychotherapy, and New Age magazines are abundantly characterized by alternative treatment offers, rather than offers on counseling in art of life. Another failure, where the wholeness -thinking is lost, is due to the psychologizing of philosophy, where it, in contradiction to its own claims, shuts itself away from the wholeness, or the Otherness, and locks itself inside the individual psyche.

That was Habermas. Another communicative thinker is the Jewish philosopher Martin Buber. The I-Thou relationship is characterized by freedom, cooperation and a deep feeling of personal involvement. The I confronts its Thou, not as something which can be studied, be measured or manipulated, but as an unique presence which is answering the I in its individuality. This corresponds to the communicative view of Man and nature. The I-It relationship is characterized by a tendency to treat something as an impersonal object controlled by causal, social or economical powers.

This corresponds to the instrumental view of Man and nature. Buber refuses the idea about that humans are isolated, autonomous beings, who act from abstract rules. Instead the reality exists between humans as they discover and change each other. Reality is shortly said dialogical in its nature. In that way you can reach God, not with a derivation or a conclusion some images of life , but with a readiness to answer the concrete reality of the divine presence.

In accordance with Buber, then Man, in this way, can relate to life in two radical different ways: either as a subject who experiences something, namely an object, an It, which he is standing outside. Or as a person who is in the relationship with another person, a Thou. It is the last which is fundamental. There exists no "I" in and with itself. The basic purpose in the human existence is the actual relationship. The spirit, the human reality, is not in the "I" as New Age and the self-help industry claim , but between I and Thou. First in this between is Man's way of being constituted.

The relationship with the Thou is in this way the mirror in which the "I" can discover itself. The relationship is a philosophical sparring partner. In accordance with Buber, then the whole of the human existence goes off in the tension between challenge and reaction, which dialogical seen can be seen as questions and answers. Man becomes spoken to by the eternal Thou, God, through challenges and what happens to him. But through his reactions and actions he is conversely able to answer this question of the challenge; that is to say: to take the responsibility for himself, to answer individually.

So in any challenge you can - if you open yourself for it, and, in complete silence listen to the call of the Thou - hear the eternal Thou ask: "Where are you in thy life? Precisely like this functioned also Socrates' method of philosophical dialogue, the so-called Socratic Pedagogy, where Socrates, through his questions, became a mirror in which his dialogue partners could discover themselves through their answers. Over the temple in Delphi was written: "Know thyself. And the intention with Socrates' dialogues on the town square in Athens was, that they should function as a medium of self-exposure.

Socrates was a philosophical sparring partner, a mirror in which his dialogue partners were able to learn to know themselves. Krishnamurti often said something similar see my article The philosophy of Krishnamurti. In the exercise Philosophical Sparring Partners self-knowledge arises by seeing the relationship with the surrounding world as a mirror. And in this mirror is formed the true portrait of yourself: a portrait of a lifeartist see my book A Portrait of a Lifeartist.

Our most intense identity-experiences we paradoxically enough have in the experience of life-feeling, spontaneity and self-forgetfulness. This means that a human being who knows himself, who is himself present, at the same time often is 31 self-forgetful open for, and engaged, in life itself. In these experiences you have your identity in a presence, in the feeling of being in the middle of the stream of life. What is, after all, life? Is it not all the time something new? It is something which constantly is changed and is creating a new feeling.

Today is never the same as yesterday, and that is the beauty of life. This "new" is the unique in life, a unique presence: The Eternal Thou. Buber said: "By the Thou am I created. As I am created, I say Thou. All real life is meeting". Man is a communicative being. So the relationship is in connection with identity the mirror in which you can discover yourself. Without the relationship you are nothing. To be is to be in relationship, which is the actual life.

You only live in relationship, otherwise you don't live, then life is without meaning. So it is not because you construct think your identity that you live. You live, and have your identity, in the ability to be self- forgetful engaged in the relationship, and it is the lack of ability to understand this, which causes conflict. The reason why that there no understanding is of the relationship is that you use relationships to achieve something, become something, to be remoulded, to be something else than what you are.

You use, as Habermas expresses it, the instrumental reason on human relations, where it only should be used on technical relations. Precisely as we see it unfolded in the Law of Attraction movement. Another Jewish philosopher, Emmanuel Levinas, worked, with inspiration from Buber, also with such a communicative thinking very close to Krishnamurti's philosophy. Man can't be understood isolated, but always in a relation with, or in a meeting with "The Other".

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In the other's face, in thy neighbour's appearance, you meet an unfounded metaphysical understood demand about responsibility which you can't ignore, but of course very well try to drive out. In Levinas' philosophy it is impossible to remain a spectator to the world. Man, and also language, is constituted by the indispensable connection with the Otherness - as we remember, then also Niels Bohr said, that it is not us, who are putting reality in order, it is reality which is putting us in order - see my article Quantum mechanics and the philosophy of Niels Bohr.

The face calls for you. Your reaction to the face is an answer, and it shows who you are. So it requires the responsibility that you listen to this call. Levinas criticizes the traditional effort of philosophy in building up philosophical systems, as well as all kinds of idealism and subjectivism, because precisely the Otherness the new opposes the system, it opposes all idealism and subjectivism. That which is really something else, or different, is in accordance with Levinas The Other whom you are standing face-to-face with, the other person.

This relationship is the foundation of ethics, and not a system, or thought constructions created by idealists or subjectivist as The Law of Attraction devotees. So just like in Buber there also in Levinas is a disposition to a philosophical life -practice very similar to the philosophy of Krishnamurti.

The Law of Attraction's lack of understanding such an ethics can be seen in an interview with Newsweek, where Rhonda Byrne is asked if the victims of the genocides in Rwanda in had attracted this destiny themselves. She answers with confirmation. So a spiritual concept of compassion with people who are suffering, as for example the victims of Rwanda, will in the Law of Attraction involve a risk of attracting the weak and powerless thoughts of these people their stinkin' thinkin'.

So instead you should turn your back to them. Note that it is not only Byrne who answers in this way; it is a typical answer from Secreteers, who of course always are aksed these kinds of questions; for example in relation to children who are getting raped and murdered. And non-secreteers are of course shocked over this attitude. The thought falls for a Reductio ad Absurdum argument. Any psychopath, multiple murderer or tyrannical dictator would namely love the thought. Just try to use the idea on the German mass extermination camps under Second World War.

The idea would actual be very useful in order to justify crimes in this style. It is, as mentioned, a way of thinking that is completely devoid of ethical thinking - that is: a psychopathic way of thinking. And that actually applies to the whole of the self-help industry.

I have examined the psychopathic trait of self-help thinking in my article Humanistic psychology, self-help and the danger of reducing religion to psychology. But these people become - just like the wisdomtraditions - systematically abused by taking their statements out of their right connection, and twisting them in order to mix them with the film's theories. The thought distortions, which the authentic spiritual traditions try to explore, change and restructure, are namely in the film directly used to manipulate with.

Meanwhile I don't think the creators of the film do this fully consciously. I actually think that they believe in the idea. They are just extremely uneducated and naive. Without any philosophical or scientific training. And in this they remind about a lot of other New Age worshippers. Like many other New Age directions for example illustrated in the New Age film What the bleep do we k now?

Here the film uses - again like many other New Age directions - Einstein's theories of relativity, as well as quantum mechanics, to "prove" its theories. But again like many other New Age directions, these scientific theories are on the worst distorted see my article Quantum mysticism and its web of lies. Here is some examples from the book which, by the way, also is quite revealing : "philosopher, lecturer, author and creator of true wealth, prosperity, and human potential programs," James Arthur Ray , "moneymaking and business- building expert" John Assaraf , "philosopher, chiropractor, healer and personal transformation specialist" John DeMartini , "metaphysician and one of the top marketing specialists in the world" Joe Vitali , "a nonaligned, trans -religious progressive" Michael Beckwith.

I wonder what these initials mean? I have never heard about them. This is presented as a literal truth - a law just like the laws of gravitation. And it is stated like this: "Always works every time, with every person! And every time, with every person! No exceptions. It's a law, you see. Think about wealth, and you 34 will become wealthy. Think about that new car you've always wanted, and it will come to you.

Think about getting a good parking spot on the lot, and one will open up for you. Think about your ideal weight really, dwell on that number, write it on your scale , and you will attract that reality to yourself. All of these are real examples in the book. Rhonda Byrne is glad to report that since deciding her "perfect weight" is pounds, she has moved to that mark, and nothing moves her from it, no matter what she does or eats, because she thinks "thin thoughts" can thoughts also prevent her from getting older?

Now here is how "the Law of Attraction" actually works, according to The Secret: "Thoughts are magnetic; and thoughts have a frequency. As you think, those thoughts are sent out into the universe and they magnetically attract all like things that are on the same frequency. Everything send out returns to the Source. And that source is you. An auto accident? You have brought it on yourself.

Lisa Nichols, motivational speaker and one of the contributors, notes that: "in Proverbs it talks about "so a man thinketh, he is. It is a twist, a pretty severe twist, of one of the most universal principles of life called the Golden Rule, which Jesus described as "do to others as you would have them do to you.

Somebody has figured out how to attract wealth to himself. In the true spiritual traditions you attract love by loving others - what precisely is what Jesus talks about. The book says: "Begin right now to shout to the universe: life is so easy. Life is so good. All good things come to me. Welcome to the magic of life and the magnificence of you. And in this we find the confusion of The Secret.

Again it is known that the mind or thought of the individual can act to move ponderable objects as, for example, we find in Lesson VIII. It is interesting to note that other objects than metals have been known to be moved by thought. Not to mention the miracles of Jesus, we may call attention to the records of the Society for Psychical Research. That a metal can be controlled by thought and magnetized by it, shows that a corresponding intelligence inheres in it. The study of botany is very fruitful of illustration of this cosmic or atomic intelligence. Biology and the investigation of cell life, to which we have already referred, point to definite conclusions.

One may read an interesting story in the life of the moneron, the lowest form of independent life, perceiving its purposeful activity in approaching a one-cell plant and deciding whether or not it can swallow it. If it finds the cell too large, it moves away to another. It inflates its body with gas to rise in the water or deflates it to sink again. Many other marvels are recorded of it by science. The organized social life of the bee is illustrative.

Maeterlinck's story is a romance of Divine Mind with the "Spirit of the hive" showing purposeful activity, not for the sake of the individual life of the bee but for the sake of the corporate life and for the preservation of the swarm.

Chapter 8 – Spiritual Law – Dynamics For Living

One need not mention the instinct of the beaver with its mechanical engineering ability, nor the dog or the horse with their superior instinct. Law in mechanics and instinct in animals alike betray the universal Cosmic Mind at work. We have already seen that the material universe is the outward manifestation of the inner power of spirit. Spirit, we said, is the Power-to Create, it is the power. That it is subjective is shown by the fact that it is a unit, as we have seen in Lesson IV; and since it is a unit, it acts independently of form or individuality; and as it acts independently of individual volition, it cannot have an objective mind or personal activity in the ordinary sense.

Again we perceive that the cosmic mind is subjective since it is creative. Finally we discern that its activities are deductive for this reason: Inductive reasoning is based on the study of the various facts and phenomena of life from which a law or principle is induced, as for example, Newton finds that a falling apple, a sun, and a moon all act in a similar fixed way and from it induces the law of attraction of gravitation.

Now the universal creative mind cannot act by induction since at the beginning of the creative series it has no facts or phenomena on which to base its inductions. Forms have not yet been brought into manifestation. At the same time it can act by deduction since deduction is the method by which we move in argument from a fixed principle or law to varied conclusions. Spirit itself is fixed Principle or Law, and so it creates form and manifestation by logical deductions from its own Principle.

It fashions a rose in thought, for when the creative series begins it has no rose to use for a pattern. It thinks a star into form and it begins to shine, or a bird and it begins to sing. As form takes rise out of the thought of creative mind. It is necessary in a book of short lessons like this to cover these points without a great deal of argument, but sufficient is said here to point the student in the right direction.

By study of the other chapters he may make the foregoing principles clearer, but the object of this lesson is to show him that both his own subconscious mind and that of the universe are creative, impersonal, and deductive, i. The objective mind is found to have its rise or origin in the subjective, is developed in the individual to enable him to contact and control his environment; and then the subjective turns about to act as its servant to carry out its orders, and objectify its desires.

When the student has acquired knowledge of these facts, he has become master of the first principles of metaphysics and can hopefully press on with these weapons in his hand to the mastery of his universe. For these are the results of them that believe and know:. The body is controlled for health and happiness by giving the creative mind within only the highest and most perfect ideas and ideals. If you do not know what is best to suggest to it, shut out all negative thoughts and let it alone; its tendency is toward health, and "'the spirit knoweth what things ye have need of before ye ask them.

Our objective mind gives the impression or image to the universal subconscious; and the latter acts to produce for us just what we think. In practical demonstration all we have to do is to forget the terms, "subconscious," "objective," etc. This book is simply designed to tell us something of how it occurs, but we must beware of thinking of ourselves as having to "create," "work," "struggle," or "do" something.

We simply identify ourselves with the good we desire and then expect it. See my book on "Being and Becoming. We can work independently of all antecedent conditions: there are no limitations in creative mind, no modifiers, no competition, no lack of any kind. All Is; and That Is All. Then, too, the element of time does not come in, since in the realm of spirit there is no time. Space does not matter for we are dealing with a medium where space is unknown.

Material or physical distance is no barrier because there is none in Spirit; and it is as easy to get results in healing with the patient a thousand miles away as a few feet. We do not send out thoughts for there is nowhere to send them. Everywhere is right here. We do not need to pump up power from some exterior source for omnipotence is here in its entirety when we recognize it; since as a unit with the Father, I may say, "All power is given unto me in heaven and on earth.

Destruction, disease, death, and all the ills of life come from a sense of separation from the All-Life. There can be no real separation since all is one; but a feeling of separateness is at the base of all discord and unhappiness. To restore health, wealth, and love, therefore, it is necessary only to make our unity with life, with Universal Mind, with the "God and Father of us all who is over all, through all and in you all"; for Universal Mind is to those who are conscious of their union with It no less than the God and Father of us all.

In this we should find the most splendid inspiration; for mental science does not rob God of any of those essential qualities which our hearts crave of Him but rather enlarges our concept of His power and our own, at the same time. As Sam Walter Foss says:. I now make my conscious union with the All-Good.

I will no longer feel a sense of separateness. I will. I will arise and go unto my Father. I realize that my world is but a reflection of my own thought, and I think only the best, the purest and the truest. I look for my good in all things and I find good in all people.

I am filled with wisdom and the power of Spirit. I am at one with the Life of the World and I am glad. Then "ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you. TO describe man as he truly and divinely is, is to describe God in a great variety of his attributes. Jesus, the most divinely human and the most humanly divine Being who ever came into this world, typifies the attributes which man shares with God. In all this man shares with God. He is made in the divine image: God breathed into him the breath of life and he became a living soul. And it is only as man recognizes his own true nature and manifests his own inner powers that he can rise to the sublime heights which Jesus reached and dominate all physical conditions.

Most of all he must recognize his own spiritual nature. This is the great imperative. Man himself is spirit. The real man, the ego, is not the human body, nor the human mind; it is the life or divine mind within, the eternal essence of being which springs from God. This inner or divine life, which is the real man, partakes of the nature of God.

It shares his intelligence, comprehends his truths, is co-eternal with his life, and co-operates in his activity — "my Father worketh hitherto; and I work. Such is man, and it is only as he realizes and acts. And it is to restore him to a consciousness of his divine being or sonship that the Spirit is ever acting. Such was the mission of Jesus, such is the activity of the Holy Spirit or Comforter, "who shall teach you all things and guide you in the way of truth. To the Mosaic message of the One Unity he adds the Infinite Multiplicity whose organic relationship he demonstrated.

This is in truth the great secret, but no mystery, of man's mastery over all conditions. When he comes to realize his spiritual nature, his kinship and unity with God, and acts with reason and convinced faith upon this knowledge, he has mastered the problem of life and destiny.

So Jesus mastered it; and so are many men and women today learning how to control destiny. It is all here: God, Eternal Spirit acting through the power of thought upon a spiritual universe to create and recreate: man, in nature, mind and being, like God, acting in like manner upon a spiritual creation, plastic to his mind, securing similar results in body, mind and estate. Remember that apart from Him we can do nothing but that "with God all things are possible. We thus see that we live in a spiritual universe and that man himself is in essence and nature a spiritual being, fashioned in the image and likeness of God and sharing his attributes.

As such a being, he himself can dominate what we call physical forces and energies, for God gave him dominion. In no essential is this more true than in relation to the physical organism which we call our body. It is immediately in the control of the inner principle of life which we call our self. We have too long spoken of ourselves as "weak human flesh," "creatures of the dust," "doomed to decay," and kindred destructive names. As we eventually become what we think, we have indeed manifested all the weakness to which we are willing to make our flesh heir.

But it ought not to be so, and the way to change our condition is to immediately change our thought. Shall you say, "My body rules me. I must do what my leg and hand and ear tell me"? Shall you yield organ by organ to what you think that organ tells you until. Or will you not rather say, "I manifest physically what I am mentally; I, therefore, the true self, do now say to you, Leg, walk; Arm, write; Ear, listen"?

Your pain is not in your leg but in your mind; your deafness is not in your ear but in your thought. And when the thought has been completely changed, you will find that there is no pain at all. It is indeed all a matter of consciousness. If God made a perfect creation. He did not make a pain in it. It is inconceivable that in wanton caprice He should have said, "Here is a foot: I will put a pain in that.

Here is an arm: I will paralyze that. Certainly not! And if He did not, who did? Wrong thinking did. But does not this reverse the accepted philosophy of the race and its interpretation of human experiences? I hope so. For who would wish to continue in an old thought that brought pain and suffering into human life, because pain is thought to be inevitable? And the new metaphysics is better than the old philosophy of life. The old interpretation of life was hard put to it to explain why this good man suffered and that bad man went free.

The new says, "Be he good or bad, he will suffer so long as his thought is wrong. So let us realize that there is release from ills of flesh, because "flesh" is only the manifestation of our thought. The body is not "helpless" and "heir" to pain and fear and grief. Spirit is not bound save by the tangled threads of thought.

Let us think and know the truth which makes us free. So may we be. I am conscious of my at-one-ment of nature with the Father. I know that God is all and that there is none other but He. Since He is all and yet "I am," therefore, "I arid the Father are one. All that the Father hath is mine. My soul thrills with the wonder of it, my thought enlarges, I pass into deep experiences of joy in the revelation that is mine. I know, because I am instructed by Him Who Knows. I cannot fail, because God fainteth not, neither is He weary. I trust in the Lord and I am therefore as Mount Zion which cannot be moved but abideth forever.

Now take time to meditate on the. Your resources cannot fail. Failure is due to the fact that you have not drawn upon God. Take what you will. Ask and ye shall receive. Then meditate on the fact that as you share the nature of God there is no mind in the universe greater than the mind in you. Why then should you cringe before the opinions of men? Why should you walk in fear of criticism, tradition, or prejudice of others? I form my own opinions, I make my own judgments, I set my own standards.

I am a man! I am a master of life! I do not try to tell others how they must go. By my life I show them how they may go. I am glad for this new freedom of consciousness. I am glad that I share the nature of God for this means that I am eternal, I am indivisible from the Father, I am truth, I am life, I am wisdom, in my inner being. The inner man is perfect and day by day I shall now show forth this perfection in my acts and thoughts. I am a child of the Living God. And I am glad. This can be shown by experiments that have been made with the mind of the individual, which reveal the fact that his thought either creates energy or puts it into purposeful activity.

Then we want to show that the form things take is in response to a corresponding thought. When we understand that the material of which things are made is thought-energy or vibration and that it can be moulded into form by the thoughts we think, we are prepared to realize that the world we live in is very real and that what we need to do is not to deny it, but to understand it, in order to be masters of our bodies and conditions. Physical science traces matter back to its origin in a primary substance which it calls ether. This ether pervades all space everywhere and.

Ether is simply a name given to that which can neither be seen, felt. It is a frictionless, pulseless, motionless medium until it is moved by some form of energy. When a visible universe comes into existence, it begins with a movement of some sort within the in visible ether. Science speaks of the movement as the activity of "vortex rings" or whirling particles of energy which gradually coalesce into nebulae or vapors; and these violently throw out vast fragments into the ether to congeal into planets and systems. Such activity can be seen even at this day in the nebulae of Andromeda where a new universe is in process of creation.

Science therefore perceives that the visible universe is composed of infinitely small particles of energy called electrons. These electrons are the same kind whether in a planet, the wood in a table, or the brains in a man's head, — a. The difference between "substances" is then merely the difference in the number of particles to a given area and the rate of their motion. These infinitely fine energized particles coalesce sufficiently to form the various things which we call mineral, animal, or vegetable substance. But they never actually coalesce into an indivisible unit for we discover that each atom of energy is separate from.

The "world of matter" therefore is really a world of energy and so-called substance is vibration. It is very important for the student to fix this in mind as the necessary basis of understanding the mental origin of the universe, and I would advise the reading of some book in elementary science or at least a free use of the Encyclopaedia at this point as space forbids a further study here. Since we live in a world of energy, since the substance of the universe is really energy, the problem of science and philosophy alike has been to account for the first presence of energy in ether.

What force moved upon or within ether to give the vortex rings their first impulse? Many physical scientists now declare that the explanation is metaphysical or due to the act of a Will or Mind. The student may therefore wisely engage his attention in solving this problem. The difficulty of explaining the origin of the universe is easily dissolved by the mental scientist who perceives in so-called "ether" merely another name for Cosmic Mind.

The physical scientist's description of ether exactly corresponds with the mental scientist's explanation of Mind or Universal Creative Intelligence. The movement which results in electrons and. What is now needed to make this clear is a scientific demonstration that thought produces energy. If we can show that the individual mind can produce energy or act upon it to cause its movement, we can better understand how the energy at the base of the universe was produced in the existing visible cosmos and is being produced in any universe now in the process of making.

Many modern experiments in physical and. Among them we might mention experiments by Sir William Crookes and Dr. Hippolyte Baraduc. The investigations of Sir William Crookes, many of them verified by other famous scientists and vouched for by the Society of Psychical Research and kindred scientific organizations, reveal that there is some power in the human body which he calls "psychic force" which goes forth to move ponderable bodies at the will of the individual. For example, he arranged a system of levers which when moved would cause a needle to register the movement automatically on a smoked-glass plate.

The operator then approached one end of the lever and without touching any part of the apparatus caused the lever to move, and the needle to make the record required. This experiment was repeated under varying conditions. This proves at least that thought produces sufficient. Nor can one object by saying that it is physical magnetism of the body rather than psychic; since if physical energy does flow out to cause the movement, still that energy was first moved by the mind of the operator.

Thought therefore produces energy. This is perhaps made still plainer by an experiment of Dr. Baraduc's, a popular account of which may be secured by the student in Judge Troward's Lectures on Mental Science. Baraduc took a bell made of glass and suspended in it, by means of a silken thread, a copper needle. This he placed on a wooden base above the coil which was used to strengthen any energy transmitted to it, but which was not connected with a battery.

Two bells are used in the experiment; and the operator holds his hands on either side, but not touching them. The copper needle is then found to move in response to the thought of the operator, a wide variance being found in the degree of movement according to the positive or negative nature of the mental attitude.

The value of this experiment is that it reveals that thought produces energy, for even if the needles were not moved directly by mental currents, still the mind had the power through thought to start a corresponding energy to moving through the body. The point of interest to us is that we learn from the foregoing experiments that thought moves and probably creates energy. Will acting on Creative Mind produces energy;. By T, Troward. Pages There is only one Creative Mind.

See Lessons V and VI. This is the infinite repose or base of all things, the potential of things, but not everywhere active. Since it is not everywhere active, energy is not found everywhere but only in places selected by Spirit for creative activity. When the creation of a cosmos begins, a convulsive movement takes place in selected areas and the primary energy of a universe appears. The universe in which we live, therefore, is to be conceived of as thought and the whole existing cosmos as Mind in Action. The student should not fail to observe that we thus have great facts of mental science graphically proven to us.

The universe is created from some power resident within. It is made out of Mind; or in other words. Spirit makes things by becoming the things which it makes. Substance, in its last analysis, is intelligence. Thought therefore turns into things. Since the foundation of the world is Mind, it must be one. This should clarify the thought of the student as to the part he may play in the Divine Plan, for if Spirit produces a world by becoming that world see "Being and Becoming" and "Creative Mind". Practically speaking, it means nothing less than our ability to rule our world and by our thinking to cause the things we desire to assemble themselves about us.

Carrying this to the ultimate of the power inherent in us, it means that as Jesus materialized from the atmosphere the bread and fish, so may the enlightened consciousness some day aspire to rule his world. If we cannot today use the full power of the sons of God, we can at least expect that our bodies should yield to our will, our environment reflect our mental attitudes, and material possessions come into our hands. And to as many as receive, to them gives He power to become the sons of God in very truth of understanding.

This is the truth which if known shall make us free. It now remains for us to show that thought gives form to substance, a fact which is demonstrated without difficulty once the foregoing principle is known. As we have learned, creation is growth, unfoldment, or expansion of the "principle of life" from within. That which we call life or intelligence, then, first produces energy or vibration of which the visible universe or cosmos is composed.

On the other hand, the visible universe everywhere manifests itself in form. Since Mind is the primary power, since it creates particles of energy and these particles of energy. It is a principle inherent in Nature herself that substance should assume harmonious form. This is illustrated in the snow-flakes which fall in varied, flower-like patterns from the silent sky. Or one may study the tendency in an interesting experiment in musical vibration. Grains of sand sprinkled on a piece of plate glass, properly poised, will draw together into beautiful geometric figures when the bow of a violin is drawn across the edge of the glass, and each musical vibration will change the form the sand assumes.

Wonderful as are these experiments, they are scarcely comparable with a thousand unnoted miracles of creation about us. Examine the formative power of creative thought in an acorn. In that frail shell, a mighty oak lies cradled and an instinctive intelligence which will unfold its life into definite form. Turn to the stars and study the inner tendency of all matter to coalesce, to rotate, and to assume spherical form; and then turn back to the other end of the creative scale and examine the development of human life.

Within the fetus is the sleepless and mysterious intelligence which we call subconscious mind which produces the matchless and intricate mechanism some day to be in the form of man. Do we not perceive, therefore, that the substance of the invisible universe is mind: that thought produces. We are led, therefore, to the inevitable conclusion that the Existing Cosmos Is Thought in Form; that it exists and moves in the limitless sea of the unmanifest Mind; and that potential power lies in that Mind to create new universes and new forms when and where It will.

The student should carefully study and learn the foregoing facts as the working basis of Mental Science. From them he may draw many conclusions. He will perceive that he does not have to deny matter in order to control bodies and conditions; he only needs to recognize its nature as responsive intelligence. The universe is real; matter is real; things are thoughts, or, to be more accurate, are Mind taking form through thought. We can control our world of interest because of the intelligence in it which is obedient to thought, provided we are conscious of the facts we have learned in the preceding chapters that in our potential nature we are one with the Infinite Creative Mind.

Finally, we should observe that the intelligence acts on an impersonal basis, creating on the pattern which our thought affords to it. It is entirely neutral; and we may mould substance by our thought either into magnificent physical manhood and womanhood or into deformed, emaciated and cancerous flesh. Our word. See Lesson XII, et al. Good and evil are alike real, as effects, but they are simply the outer expression of inner concepts. See Lesson XVIII, And you live in an eternal, undying universe, for though form and thought may change, the primary substance can never pass away.

The primary substance is Mind, and as you share in It, you too are eternally at one with It. As the Infinite Responsive Intelligence, It is your Father leading you in green pastures and beside the still waters,. Study your universe to add your own conclusions to those already given. Study it to perceive the EverPresent Good.

Look for God in all and through all. Your power of understanding Him should be infinitely increased by this study. Your faith should be enlarged with these enlarged concepts of God. Let your realization be therefore one of thanksgiving. I thank Thee, Father, that thou hearest me always. I thank thee that before I call Thou wilt answer me because Thou hearest my unspoken thought.

I am conscious that my world reflects my moods and thoughts, and with that realization I will take care to think, speak, and hear only the beautiful, the good, and the true. I know that in this consciousness my thoughts will be right, my heart will be right, and therefore my universe will be right, since it reflects my thoughts and unspoken words.

I am filled with joy and great peace; the joy of creative power, since "all power is given unto me in heaven and on earth" — the joy of Divine Fellowship with Thee, O Father, in all the eternal concerns of Thy kingdom. I thank Thee for the gift of life and eternal love. As we have already seen, mind gives birth to thought and then uses its thought as the model of its creation, just as the artist conceives the idea of his picture and then uses the ingenuity of his brain and hand to picture forth its beauties in form and color.

The mind, therefore, whether of the Universal or the Individual, has but one way to act at the beginning of any series; it must act by thought. And thought, in turn, always expresses in words. We always think in concrete terms or words. All things were made by Him and without Him there was not anything made that was made. We learn from the study of physics that the nature of primal substance or ether is that all its particles are in perfect equilibrium or balance.

The only way this balance can be disturbed and brought into form is by the application of some immaterial force to primal substance. We must therefore posit a Will some where, or the act of Mind, for that is the only possible immaterial force. So science may say that the "vortex ring" which is the first movement in the beginning of a universe takes its motion from the act of Mind. This is in harmony with what we have learned about Spirit, that "it is the power that makes things.

Life can only come from Life, and motion can only have its origin in mind. The word spirit comes from the Latin, "spiro," "I breathe. This is the expansive movement of spirit with which ancient philosophers deal so much; as the Bible says, "The spirit of God moved on the face of the waters. The Word acts on Mind to produce substance in the visible universe and then to bring that substance into varied forms, in sun, moon, stars, land, sea, vegetation, and man.

So we find that Mind acts by thought, thought expresses in words, and we may go one step further and say that words are expressed by the voice. In other words, the objective universe which is made up of motion or vibration in some form or other begins with the Voice, Until the Voice speaks the universe exists only in Creative Mind. As soon as Creative Mind selects a place to begin the creation of a universe, it then starts motion or vibration by the Voice. The whole objective world can be explained as vibration in some form or other.

Everything from the gold in your watch to the light in the sun, from the chair you sit on to the brains in your head is composed of particles of substance at different rates of vibration. All material things can be divided into atoms, and theoretically dissolved into ether. Ether is simply another name for Mind. The electron is energy.

The ultimate substance of which all things are made is the same therefore. But objects differ in the number of , particles to a certain area and the rate of their motion. This is something we may all pause to meditate on because it shows us that we live in a universe that is nil one. Says William Hayes Ward, "The whole great universe of starry worlds is one, built out of the same materials, moved by the same forces, governed by the same physical law.

It is all one single system, one law, one order of thought, one scheme, one geometry,' one plan fitted to one formula, one unitary universe. For a voice is only intelligible vibration, or purposeful sound. Again the purposeful sound must be the Word. We see, therefore, that the Creative Principle is the Word. We do not need to go further to draw the inference as to our own creative word. If we share the nature of God, if our thought acts on Original Substance, that is, in the Divine Mind; then every word we speak, whether we are shallow or deep, is a creative word.

That is why we are told, "By thy words thou shalt be justified and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. Something of the power and persistence of the words we speak may be gathered from a new and strange phenomenon discovered in the wireless telegraph instrument. It seems that operators keep picking up strange sounds, the apparent echoes of band music and so on.

Many believe that the vibrations thus picked up may have started in the atmosphere long ago; how long no one knows. It is conceivable that the vibration started by the musical instrument, or the voice, may never die out. It is probable that it never does die. It enters the primary ether and sets it in motion; and nothing stops it from echoing forever. Perhaps some day the refined wireless instrument will be picking up out of the. However this may be, we may be sure of one thing, that our word is creative, that it acts on our conditions, our universe, and our own bodies.

How careful then should we be in the selection of the things we are to say! We must let no word fall on some sensitive ear to rankle in some heart with its hurt, to act as suggestion to base thought, to draw men down. How often men literally damn their home, their business, and themselves by the idle words they speak! To utter a pessimistic thought is to create an atmosphere to correspond See Lesson XXVII and thus to bring upon you the thing you fear. To speak unkindly to others is to curse them.

To criticise is to push still further into the mire the one against whom your criticism is directed. The author knew of a woman recently whose idle tongue caused so much disturbance that it cost her husband one of the finest. Her careless use of words destroyed his position. On the other hand, the noble soul is always speaking constructive words, words of cheer, words of goodwill, words of encouragement to all whom he meets. Such men are benefactors of their race, yet their service is one which any soul can render if he will.

He blesses all mankind, but mankind in turn calls him blessed; and thus to boost others is to boost himself. Yet the noble soul does not think of this. He casts his bread on the waters but not that it may return in many days. Rather, he does it because he loves his fellowmen. His "word becomes a lamp unto the feet and a light unto the path. If you would then become one of the helpers of your generation, fill your heart and thought with the best things. I know that I control my world and my destiny by the thoughts I think. I know that if my heart is right, my thoughts will be right; if my thoughts are.

I therefore will set a seal upon my lips. I will guard my every thought and word. I will think no evil; I will hear no evil; I will speak no evil. I will set my mind on the highest things and the best. My tendency to speak critically is now gone from me; my habit of fault-finding is gone. I no longer damn myself, my friends, or my business by my words of pessimism.

I am all optimism and hope, I am full of good cheer. I bless everybody and everything. I am an encouragement to all. Let the spirit of the Lord be on me. Then realizing the creative power of your words, give the command to your conditions. Say, "Let this thing be done. Let it be done unto me even as I will.

This is my will. I thank Thee, Father, for this confidence and because Thou teachest me all things and givest me all things. THE imagination of man stands awed before the vastness of the universe in which he lives. He stands at night watching the stars prick forth into the infinite reaches of space. With his naked eye he can see 3, He goes to the telescope; and through the lens ,, pass across his startled vision.

He places a photographic plate beneath the instrument and it records one million million. Each of these stars is a sun and many of the suns are vaster than the great orb that makes our day. Beside these stars, he is told by science, there are as many more dead sims streaming in endless procession through space. Around each of these suns revolve various numbers of planets, just as the earth, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune and others revolve around ours.

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  • Our sun has eight planets. Some of the planets in turn have several moons revolving around them. Jupiter has eight. Dismayed by the very vastness, we are yet told by science that undoubtedly other suns and planets exist beyond the reach of any means that can be devised to detect them.

    Not only so, but new planetary systems are springing into being at this time. Numerous as are these stars, yet they do not jostle each other in space. Our own sun, which is a star to other planets, is 93,, miles from the earth and is traveling at the rate of miles a minute. The next nearest star. Alpha Centaura, is distant about 25,,,, miles. The North star circles the heavens ,,,, miles away. Light traveling at the rate of , miles per second requires years to reach our planet. Science shows us that it takes the light of some of the nebulae 8,, years to come to us.

    No eye really has ever beheld a star. We have only seen the light which has been streaming from it for perhaps millions of years. Vast as are these distances, they are matched by a peerless harmony that holds all the stars in fixed and definite orbits. By a mutual attraction and repulsion, they make their own untroubled way through the invisible pathways of the sky. Our very imagination is for a moment overwhelmed with the thought of a universe at once so vast and so harmonious.

    Freely the stars swing out into space, yet move under fixed laws and in rhythm so. Yet the awful majesty of the heavens, the infinite evolution of the planets has found its equal in the matchless mind of man. For all that is evolved out. I have in me something that mates it at every point. I could not grasp it, I could not recognize it, unless there were in me a consciousness as great as the heavens.

    In me is a something which we call mind that can "take in" the whole starry vault. I can gather it all into my own mind. I can recognize it. I can swallow it all in a glance. There must therefore be involved in me all that is evolved out there. I have in me the vast universe of thought. I, looking at the stars, am greater than the stars looking at me.

    They find in me the matchless capacity to understand them. I am above them for I am conscious of both them and myself. I am made as the angels of heaven. I tread upon the pathway of the stars. I move amid the eternal ways as master. By my mind I am king of the worlds. Today I go about my world with the step of a monarch.

    Am not I one with the power that made the spheres, since I am greater than they? Today I will live above fear, and smallness, and meanness of any kind. I will companion with stars. I will rest in the quiet confidence that He who brought these into being and holds the heavens in his hand, shall keep me in perfect security — for I am one with the Mind that made them. OUR ability to conceive of God in his infinite qualities requires an inherent infinite capacity in ourselves, as we saw in the lesson on the Outer and Inner Universe in the previous chapter.

    Today we want to study the attributes of the Infinite which are infinite in the self. We must realize that while we never express all of them in their entirety at any time, yet they exist as the background of our life and the possibilities of our being. The volume of water in a canal may be limited at any given moment, yet back of it and at one with it lies the ocean from which it can limitlessly draw. We have attributes of being co-extensive with Spirit or God himself. These are love, life, and wisdom. Love in us is infinite, for no one ever did or ever can exhaust the supply of love in himself.

    Indeed, the more we love, the more we feel the power within us of further loving. The noblest cosmic soul, instead of exhausting his resources of love, becomes rather a type of the. Forever flowing free. Forever shared, forever whole, A never-ending sea. Life in us is also infinite. However fully we live, we have but an increasing sense of our own livingness. Much health begets more; and he who most truly lives, most surely believes in exhaustless energies behind.

    It is only the invalid who loses faith in the boundless life and the weakling that fears its end. Life cannot be "lived up," for it is infinite. Wisdom, too, is infinite. No one has ever exhausted his capacity to think new thoughts and utter new sayings. The greatest scholars have always recognized that whatever knowledge they have expressed and truths they have outlined are as nothing compared with the number of those yet to be brought forth out of the mind.

    We may say then that in the essential attributes of godhood — love, life, and wisdom — man is infinite in potential quality. We can now go a step further and say that this life, love, and wisdom is that of God himself. The logic is simple. These powers are infinite. There cannot be two infinites of the same kind.

    New Thought Sermon: There Is Nothing Hidden From You

    But these are of the same kind, for if they were not, we would not be able to understand them in God for we would have no way of feeling any sense of relationship with them. We can be conscious of anything only as we feel some relationship to it. Since, then, these attributes of life, love and wisdom in God are the same kind as our own, and since both are infinite, they must be one. Jesus knew it. The Master Teacher exclaimed, "I and the Father are one. Looking into the faces of those whose hate, hypocrisy, and legal power sought to destroy him, Jesus proclaimed the divinity of man.

    But if I do them, though ye believe not me, believe the works; that ye may know and understand that the Father is in me, and I in the Father. If the "works" men do are the test of divinity and "greater works" are now being done, may we not say that man's divinity is today being more highly attested than ever before? And these works must be ever greater as you come more and more to understand the infinite resources of the self; for, as you learn in the lesson on the law of correspondences, you manifest or externalize this mean, "the work" just what you think within.

    Your power to control the conditions of your life depends entirely on your ability to comprehend in larger measure the truth of your own inherent and infinite life, love, and wisdom. As your ideas. Meditate on the truth just expressed. It is merely a sketch; you can fill in the outline with your own meditation. Bring your thought up to a high point by "imaging" and "feeling" the vastness of this GodPower in you — the Infinite Self. If infinite, it can never be exhausted, never fail, never die. Think of it 1 "I and the Father are one. Practice that Presence today.

    Read Chapter ten, verses 19 to 38 in John. Learn a few of the best verses. Learn the four-line stanza of "Immortal Love. I am living today the infinite life; therefore am I perfectly well. I am loving with an infinite love, therefore am I perfectly happy; I am thinking with the mind of infinite wisdom, therefore I have peace and harmony. Today I have peace, poise, and a feeling of power. I am living in the life, love, and wisdom of the Infinite.

    New Thought

    So be it! OUR gifts from heaven are those only which we will receive. We must learn that we can receive from the Law only what we give to the Law; that the Law assumes toward us just the attitude we assume toward it. If we conceive of God as a loving Father, he becomes that to us and comes out with open arms to welcome his loved one home. If, on the other hand, we see in Him only a stern and relentless judge, we find the Law reacting to us relentlessly.

    If, further, we look upon the Law as our antagonist, that it becomes to us, and is the "adversary" of which Jesus spoke who will "not let us go until we have paid the utmost farthing. Infinitely exact and creative, it takes the loveliest reflection of face and form and makes it into a breathing thing of flesh. Or it takes the hideous face like that of the Medusa and it becomes a living creature with its writhing locks of serpents. But this magic mirror reflects that which is more subtle than flesh; it catches the vision of our thoughts; it takes the imaginations of our heart, and breathes them into life and form.

    So the loveliest thought draws forth its own sweet self clothed in flesh; and base thought and passion are moulded into deeds. Because the universe assumes to us just the attitude we take toward it. This is what we call the law of correspondences. From this it becomes evident that what we receive from the Law depends on our ability to conceive. How much faith have you? The Law will justify it. We note here that Jesus shows the exactness of the law; if you expect bread, you will get bread, if fish, you will get fish.

    And if you expect a stone, you will get it. Our bread from heaven comes then in response to the attitude we mentally assume toward heaven, so that it becomes plain that the thing we need to do is to grow a deeper consciousness or capacity to conceive and appropriate. Let us today look upon our universe with faith, faith in all nature, faith in man, faith in God.

    God is Good and He gives to me above all I ask or think. I see in Him my loving Father, my gracious Redeemer. I perceive the harmony in all things, and the beneficent mind of the Universe. God is Father of all, and therefore I behold in everyone my friend and brother. No man's hand is set against me; and my hand is not set against anyone. All men everywhere are my kindred, and I am a friend to all. Beholding the infinite response of nature, man and God to my mood, I am today thinking only high and fine thoughts.

    I am filled with the brightest and finest faith and emotions. Now take up the thought of healing for body or conditions. Think how the sickness is due to wrong thinking somewhere. Find out if you can the mental cause that produced it, and mentally or physically cast it into outer darkness — which is to recognize that it has no power over you and is therefore nothing to you.

    The only power this has I have given to it. I now withdraw the power, which is my belief in this evil; and it falls into elemental nothingness. I am now full of faith in my healing. I am a child of Spirit — perfect and complete. My thoughts are thoughts of health and harmony. I now receive health and harmony; Creative Mind is working to create for me a perfect correspondent to my thought.

    My thought is perfect, my faith is sure. I have a perfect concept of health. Today I am healed. EACH of us selects the law under which he will live. It is not true that we make the law; but we decide which law we will obey. The citizen lives under the civil law which he has helped to make. If he did not make it, still he elects to live under it, for he can emigrate to another country or he can refuse to obey it. The soldier puts himself under the military law and the sailor submits himself to the law of the sea. The physician subjects himself to the law of medicine, and the osteopath to the law of manipulation.

    The fearful trembling soul elects to live under the law of chance and finds himself in a world that corresponds, with accidents, floods, and sudden storms. The drug fiend, the drunkard, are ruled by the law of their choice, preferring its hard tasks rather than the surrender of its sensations. The pessimist chooses to live under the law of the cloud; and the optimist under the law of the sun. The materialist lives in a world of matter governed by material laws and in a universe of fatalism. The glorified soul says, "I live in a world of mind and will obey its laws. I have my being in a world of spirit and can control my own conditions.

    I exist in the heart of the Infinite and. What law are you living under today? You may choose which one. But remember that within each law the fundamental principle of the universe is still at work; every cause will have its effect. Every good deed has its reward; every evil word has its consequences; every act of faith will draw its high behest from heaven. Today, therefore, let me choose to live under the highest law of being, and let me go on in perfect security.

    If I keep my law, my law will keep me. If I obey my law, my law will obey me. Let me not forget that I make my world by the thoughts I think. My law today is love, faith, prosperity and truth. I look unfalteringly into the future for I am today sowing the seed for my future harvest, and it is good. I expect a good harvest. So today I rest in peace and faith. I trust in God. His law is love. IN feeling is the creative power; and there is the real divinity of man.

    One's first impression is that it lies in thought. But deeper than thought is the power that produces it and the feeling that creates it. We think because we feel. Creation is not directly in thought but in feeling. Every word we speak is a creative word, but it is the feeling that it expresses and which accompanies it that creates. The deepest feeling produces the highest creation. A word spoken in love produces harmony in body and ease in conditions. A word spoken in hate throws poison into the blood and produces physical discord for the hater. This is the more easily understood when we think of the creative mind in terms of subjective mind.

    This mind is the seat of all emotions and feelings; the objective mind has only memories of the emotions that have been experienced. The subjective mind is simply another name for creative mind; and therefore the creative mind acts on the feeling which in essence it is. That all creative acts are accompanied by the highest feeling identifies feeling with the power to create.

    The union of the masculine and feminine principle is a lofty emotion whether it be in the mad affinity of the. Yet, as all acts on the sense plane are but the outer manifestation of an inner thought or feeling, and as all acts which are true to Nature are also true to God, the joy of physical creation is but the reflex or externalization of inner and finer feelings and emotions.

    No feeling on the physical plane can rival the joy of mental creation as in the work of the inventor, artist, or composer. Yet above this shines the higher star of spiritual conception which is love. To express love is to outrival all the mad ecstasies of nature in the sweet ecstasy of the soul. Both can be defined as the union of kindred things, but love is the union of spirit with spirit, where soul meets soul and is satisfied.