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Love words? Well obvious in that episode with yohan barrel where he behaves like a total head the ball with no self control. Hit a section like a weapon and DNF with a injury if I remember correctly. Way more interesting to see a difference rider every year. For the type of riding he'll be doing, is this important? Of course he'll be wanting to have his drink nearby but he'll probably only be picking it during the easy parts of the transfers or right after a timed stage. It seems to be easy enough for that.

Fundraiser for Verena Wintersberger by Wyn Masters : World Cup DH and EWS privateer fund

Excellent analysis though! This bike is being used by an enduro racer who is supported by Camelbak so his requirements may be different. Let's leave it at "horses for courses". Robbyc Mar 11, at Me neither. Not with 29'er SG tires, aluminum wheels, xt cassette, Hope brakes. All heavy. I'd be willing to bet this is closer to 31 as pictured. An extra 2lbs on a bike, taking into account Adam is lbs!? Bike weight, to a point, for enduro doesn't make that much of a difference.

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ButtersNZ Mar 11, at My extra large Pretty similar specs. Billjohn6 Mar 11, at A pound person riding a 50 pound bike is not the same as a lb person riding a 30lb bike, even though they both total lbs. I'm not a weight weenie, but a few lbs does make a big difference especially in acceleration, very important for snappy uphills on enduro stages. YoKev Mar 11, at ButtersNZ : You can get 'em pretty light, pretty easy. My L with the stock wheels and simply narrower tires is a smidge under 30lbs.

When I throw the 35mm hoops with 2. I have no doubt that if you were to install some lightweight carbon wheels and light tires, you could get the thing sublbs no problem. I don't think I believe PB's weight claims on this bike though. Not with those wheels and those tires. Billjohn6 :??? He wasn't saying that, in fact the opposite Naturel : No, it wasn't the point in the OP. It was an observation that weight is often made into a massive thing in this industry, when in actual fact, to a point, weight doesn't make that much difference.

It was an observation made into a point. Don't know about you guys, but there is no question I can feel a 2 lbs difference. To me, difference between a lbs bike and a lbs bike is very noticeable.

Billjohn6 : For uphills, but what distance it is in enduro race, tens of meters, a hundred? On the other hand a bit heavier bike acts better, calmer and smoother while smashing down. I would have liked to see them actually show the bike on a scale.

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I have my doubts about 29 lbs, unless its the old "we weighed it without pedals" routine. I have the same bike size large and mine does weigh 28 lbs with pedals i have carbon wheels though. No kidding Was thinking the same thing Not that I care Also Pinkbike's own "Field Test" review bike with much lighter EXO casing tires and gram carbon wheels weighed Might want to weigh your bike again. No one ever fully weighs every gram and everyone fudges If anyone is basing their weights off of what the manufacturer is telling you, throw that shit on a scale because you're fooling yourself!

A good way to check component weights is through the fanatik bike co site. They weigh all their parts and frames in each size though they have limited frames. Bullit-Boy Mar 11, at How much does this frame weigh do you know? I'd suggest getting your bike on a scale to check it out. Even a reasonable bathroom scale should be withing 0. I just built a bike and using most of Fanatik's numbers they have my frame in all sizes weighed , and an excel sheet, it came out to pretty much exactly what my bathroom scale tells me.

Yeah did they even weight it with the rider included? So ridiculous! Is he building up the whole bike dry?

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They probably weighted the bike without the grease. Clever decision. In addition, he has a full support now, he doesn't even need to lube his chain, just replace it after 2 rides. DirkPitt74 Mar 11, at I never knew that either!

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  6. Surely the cassette is t XT and not 48t as Shimano don't do a 48t cassette. Svinyard Mar 11, at DirkPitt74 : I'd happy if they just did a proper instead of that crappy bolt "Lets save money and just strap a pie plate to the , instead of the 42 it'll be 46! He should be running a SRAM or Sunrace cassette that was actually built for that range and not a shortcut to keep up. SirLapLack Mar 15, at Svinyard : Yup.

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    The jump from the 46 to the next cog is so large, I'd just rather ride the cassette. PHeller Mar 11, at I really enjoyed learning more about lifting and workout routines Adam got. It seemed like that stuff made the biggest impact in his improvements. I would love to get an episode on what are his favorite lifts are at the gym, which lifts and workouts he's seen the biggest gains from and how that translates to riding.

    For many of us office-bound weekend warriors, being able to focus on a few core moves in the gym less time gym time the better! AntN Mar 11, at Deadlift, benching, squats and ride your bike The first episode will include a segment on Adam's training along with some baseline tests. Can we get Adam to test positive for banned substances so we can get a first hand look at what, if anything, the EWS does about it? Bummed he won't be on the Ransom but so excited for the next season. I really want to know how he has a stages meter on the Ewings? I wasn't aware Stages was doing a powermeter for that crank.

    Those things are crazy expensive though! IdRatherNotPeddle Mar 11, at Pricing out his bike is ridiculous. Wonder if he's any faster on this than his personal race bike from ? All these comments make me think a series called "Actual Privateers" would also be very interesting to watch. Pick a range of self sponsored riders and follow them around for a season!! But this series with Adam is awesome as it is even if the name is confusing to some?

    Hi Pinkbike! This is a great series, and I'm stoked to follow it this season. If I may: One area that hasn't been explored is riding skills. From my perspective, Adam is a great rider but like all humans he can be better. I can see obvious areas of his technique that can be improved -- and they would make a significant difference. If you're interested, I'll be happy to help. Lee lee leelikesbikes. Adam needs a woman team mate. Christina Chappppppppeeettttttaaaaa! Doth my bleary daylight savings times eyes decivie me?!

    Do you other country people have this daylight savings time problem? JonoSharp Mar 13, at UK changes end of March. We love it, super extended evenings and rides after work will be possible. I don't recall it being a "problem" until people started crying about it recently. I'll gladly take the one hour hit in the middle of the weekend when I don't even notice it to get extra hour of sunlight to ride every day for the next half year.

    Adam is a really great value for sponsors, from this site alone!


    All of us dweebs watching Adam's struggle to improve, and looking fine while doing it with gear and bike! Good luck Adam, this has bee a great series. JonoSharp Mar 12, at Couple of things, OK 3: 1 was surprised how little difference the so professional team backing improved his results last season - I think there are a lot of people selling snake oil, or new clothes to emperors I'd kill for that!

    Compare mortals to Hill, Maes, etc.. Truly a dream bike. Firebird is really gorgeous. You all may not have noticed, but my keen super senses note he's sponsored by Deity, Hope, Stan's and Cane Creek as well