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The one on the throne is both distant and near — separated by a sea of glass, but like light which is present in every part of sphere of glass. Four living creatures is the whole of nature. To bring out the fact that the whole of creatures enter into worship, what is most noble lion , strongest ox , most wise human , swiftest eagle.

To bring out their unceasing activity; and presence of God in them. They do not sleep, worship continuously. Acclaim the holiness of God, and his life with no beginning or end. The church synchronizes its worship with the activity of the living creatures; by casting their crowns before the throne, they acknowledge that their victory is from the One on the throne.

Created life therefore adores uncreated life. Although nothing is said directly about the One enthroned nevertheless the whole of creation is centered on Him. They have set themselves up upon the throne. They have overthrown the One God. But, to, there are others, others like myself who will strive to make their lives live in God.

But this is indeed a privilege. O Lord, I pray that we may understand and praise God as the center of all activity. Finally, I pray to realize God as the center of my life, and all of creation. In this meditation I saw, I think, for the first time how inadequate man really is when compared to the glory and splendor of the One Enthroned. Even when blessed St. John cannot find words to express the One enthroned in a high and lofty place. The second thought and probably the most inspiring of all was the revelation of Christ in St.

It is Christ who is the crystal engulfing as it were the One enthroned, giving and adding dimension of depth. It is Christ who is the jeweled jasper stone, the Light of the Father and of Creation. It is only through the penetration of Christ that we can dare to approach the Most High God. Meditation 6. God the Creator. Let us stand by his side and watch God create. Let us pray for a realization of the meaning of God as My creator and the creator of the whole universe. The Descriptions in the Book of Genesis. In Genesis 1, we see god stepping out into the chaos, bringing it into being, into order.

This is the beginning of creation a creation which lasts for six successive days, the seventh day being the day of rest. God Created in the following manner:. First Day Separation of Light from Darkness. Second Day Separation of the waters, those in the sky from those in the earth. Third day Separation of land from the waters, the earth with vegetation. Fourth Day Lights, i.

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Sun, Moon, and Stars. Fifth Day Life and the animals. Sixth Day God rested. It should be noted that in the first three days Creation involves separation and division; while in the second three days Creation takes on the characteristic of Ornimentation. The whole of creation is Good; all that comes from God is Good. And because of it we became strangers to Him who made us. No matter who it may be, the only way I can really know them is through their Creative Activity, but what happens if we shun their activity and disregard it?

Why, then, do we recognize other human persons and yet, fail to recognize their maker, their originator. No human person is his own source of existence, yet we recognize them. If we think this way the whole of creation is a contradiction. Yet there are many who will say that God demands and takes away.

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No, God only gives, He creates. Genesis 2, Although this is a much earlier writing than Genesis 1, is appears second because it depicts the creation of man and women. Furthermore it sets the scene for the most tragic event in the whole of Human History. He who looks upon the earth, and it trembles; who touches the mountains, and they smoke! Pleasing to him be my theme; I will be glad in the Lord. May sinners cease from the earth, and may the wicked be no more. Bless the Lord, O my soul!

The more we penetrate Creation the more obscure becomes the Creator. O Lord I love the beauty of your house and the dwelling place of your glory. Instruction 2. On Prayer. To be a Christian is to pray. Prayer, therefore, should not be considered as optional if we are to be Christians, especially Religious. For as a Religious we are professionally being a Christian, therefore we should be professionally prayerful.

We must know how to pray if we are going to teach others to pray. Our prayer should be considered as a family activity. God is the Father of our family. I, therefore, must place myself in the presence of God my Father and enter into a family activity. At times I forget that this prayer is a family activity — that it is an activity in this life which approaches as close as possible to the beatific vision. Prayer, then, is the closest contact with God. However, we may have many difficulties with prayer and praying , such as:.

I do not consider myself being a member of a family. I forget that we are a family of prayer. There is an instinctive fear to place ourselves in front of the One who wants us to change. We fail to realize that prayer is an expression of how we live during the day. It is the expression of everything that has gone into it throughout the day.

During the day I ask was there a spirit of recollection? Problem of Memory, Imagination, and Emotions. We are ontologically Christians but not psychologically Christian. For example, although I am a member of a family, nevertheless, it is not being expressed. And so I am a stranger, a foreigner, and even an enemy.

And so, sanctity basically means to become psychologically what I am ontologically. Thus, our basic problem in prayer is that I am not yet Christian. This is so because of our psychological weakness. This, then, is the reason for the Spiritual Exercises. Here Ignatius concretizes our prayer through the stimulation of our senses, Memory and Imagination. Finally, our preparation of prayer is not carried out. We must have a remote and immediate preparation. Meditation 7. The Design of God. God acts with a design, with a purpose. In other words, He has a plan; and as Scripture mention He takes counsel with himself.

The Vision of God creating Man: Cf. Genesis In the course of our lives we tend to make God as though He were in our image and likeness. And yet the fact remains that I am in His Image and likeness; and it is here where we begin to see God as a planner, a designer, a purposeful creator. But to see God in this way I must view the whole of History as a Drama. And so what we do does make a difference. What I do makes a difference. I must, therefore, if I am a re-presentative of God, render His intention.

God gave man a certain kind of dignity and it is only in Christianity where that dignity makes a difference. The more a person is a person the more he is able to bring out himself. Calling, that is, a vocation — creation itself is a kind of vocation. It is a calling of disorder into order. Election, in that God chooses us here and now. Typology, that is, past events point beyond themselves to another future event. The exodus pointed to Christ, it is a kind of eschatology.

Let us pray to understand more fully the Design of God. Let us reflect on the epistle to the Ephesians He predestined us to be adopted through Jesus Christ and his sons, according to the purpose of his will, unto the praise of the glory of his grace, with which he has favored us in his beloved Son.

Ephesians Examination and Additional thoughts:. God certainly did have a design with me. I now realize His Providence and Design more than I ever did. I must have been like a pagan to think that all my actions were only my doing. Meditation 8. In the previous meditations we studied and pondered the mystery of God. Not only did we try to unveil God but also to establish a line of communication with Him.

What is meant by Communion? In other words, God enters into a communion with his Creatures. This is made very clear in the Gospel Account of St. It is, then, a union with the Father as sons in and through His creation — the Creative Word. The Realization of God. The final Realization of this union in Christ is the ultimate unveiling of the mystery of God. And so Christ himself is the but the mirror of the Father. Christ, therefore is the Creator Word and the New Creation. He is Holy. The Nearness of God. For it is impossible to eat the body and drink the blood of my best friend — not so with Christ, though.

For it is through the Sacrifices of the Mass that I am able to enter into a union so intimate that words cannot describe. For it is only in the Mass where the Mystery of God is summed up and stated and restated. O Mary my Queen and my Mother give me the Grace to understand that in you in your womb is the whole of creation — Creator and Creature. I also pray to the Creator, Jesus Christ, to help me to enter into eternal union with the Eternal God. Meditation 9. This and the subsequent three meditations will be concerned with the meaning of man in the light of St. We beg to put on the mind of Christ in order to see what He thinks man is.

The Meaning of Man. And so what follows is their basic summation of the meaning of man:. There are those who say that man has no meaning, that life is completely absurd. They say that man is a contradiction — that he contradicts his very nature and purpose. This is the atheistic existentialist definition of man. Some say that man is a pleasure seeking animal, that his only purpose in life is for its enjoyment — eat, drink, and be merry.

Others hold that the meaning of man is to know and be known -- to be well liked. Again there are those who say that possession is the key word in the meaning of man. In other words man should get all he can while the grabbing is good. And there are those good intentioned people who say that the purpose of man is to make a service of themselves to others.

Although, this is by far the best these people have come up with, it is however sad to say not enough. But it is a beginning. I said that it was not enough because they forget the dignity of the persons whom they are helping. Things are unimportant! The person and his dignity is what is important, and yet it is precisely this fact that is often times over looked. And so I must take care of myself. It is I, I must remember, who is created in the image and likeness of God.

Peter ff. You have given him rule over the works of your hands, putting all things under his feet. Psalm 8. And so the true expression of man is precisely that he is only somewhat less than angelic. This, then, is my meaning and worth. Although man is only less than Angelic a closer examination of his manifestations will place him only a little higher than demonic.

The Consideration of the Misery of Man. Imitation of Christ , Chapter Think of the time that we put in on an automobile. What happened to the designer, manufacturer, the salesman, the driver who was probably killed in that same automobile? What happened to those people and more importantly where is their soul? The soul of a human person? And yet how much time we place on things. This is the tragedy of man as seen from the outside. And yet from the inside gushes forth a dignity worth more than the whole universe. In my colloquy I pray to put on the mind of Christ to see that I am made for only one purpose — for Him; for my salvation.

Let me look into myself to see if I hold values which Christ holds, or do I place more on things. Do I value things more than persons, knowledge, and love; or body over soul, time over eternity, that what is passing to what is permanent? For what is man? First, a child, soft-boned, unable to support itself on its rubbery legs, befouled with its excrement, that howls and laughs by turns; a sleeper, eater, guzzler, howler, laughter, idiot, and a chew of its toe; a little tender thing all blubbered with its spit, a reacher into fires, a beloved fool.

After that, a boy, hoarse and loud before his companions, but afraid of the dark; will beat the weaker and avoid the stronger; worships strength and savagery, loves tales of war and murder, and violence done to others; joins gangs and hates to be alone; makes heroes out of soldiers, sailors, prizefighters, football players, cowboys, gunmen, and detectives; would rather die than not out-try and out-dare his companions, wants to beat them and always to win, shows his muscle and demands that it be felt, boasts of his victories and will never own defeat.

He sees the world now as a pair of legs and breasts; he knows hate, love, and jealousy; he is cowardly and foolish, he cannot endure to be alone; he lives in a crowd, thinks with the crowd, is afraid to be marked off from his fellows by an eccentricity. He joins clubs and is afraid of ridicule; he is bored and unhappy and wretched most of the time.

There is a great cavity in him, he is dull. He gets children, buys and sells small packets of everlasting earth, intrigues against his rivals, is exultant when he cheats them. He wastes his little three score years and ten in spendthrift and inglorious living; from his cradle to his grave he scarcely sees the sun or moon of stars; he is unconscious of the immortal sea and earth; he talks of the future and he wastes it as it comes.

If he is lucky, he saves money. At the end his fat purse buys him flunkeys to carry him where his shanks no longer can; he consumes rich food and golden wine that his wretched stomach has no hunger for; his weary and lifeless eyes look out upon the scenery of strange lands for which in youth his heart was panting.

He makes histories of the universe, he directs the destiny of nations, but he does not know his own history, and he cannot direct his own destiny with dignity or wisdom for ten consecutive minutes. This is man, who swears he will live only for beauty, for art, for the spirit, but will live only for fashion, and will change his faith and his convictions as soon as fashion changes. This is man, the great warrior with the flaccid gut, the great romantic with the barren loins, the eternal knave devouring the eternal fool, the most glorious of all the animals, who uses his brain for the most part to make himself a stench in the nostrils of the Bull, the Fox, the Dog, the Tiger, and the Goat.

Yes, this is man, and it is impossible to say the worst of him, for the record of this obscene existence, his baseness, lust, cruelty, and treachery, is illimitable. His life is also full of toil, tumult, and suffering. His days are mainly composed of a million idiot repetitions — in goings and comings along hot streets, in sweatings and freezings, in the senseless accumulation of fruitless tasks, in decaying and being patched, in grinding out his life so that he may buy bad food, in eating food so that he may grind his life out in distressful defecations.

This is man, and one wonders why he wants to live at all. A third of his life is lost and deadened under sleep; another third is given to a sterile labor; a sixth is spent in all his goings and his comings, in the moil and shuffle of the streets, in thrusting, shoving, pawing. How much of him is left, then for a vision of the tragic stars? How much of him is left to look upon the everlasting earth?

How much of him is left for glory and the making of great songs? A few snatched moments only from the barren glut and suck of living. Here, then, is man, this moth of time, this dupe of brevity and numbered hours, this travesty of waste and sterile breath. Meditation Ignatius, para. What Ignatius is telling us in this quotation is that Man is in a sense the center of all creation — that all other things are subordinate to him; but serve to draw man to the Creator. I now visualize the Father speaking to me of His Son, Jesus. For in him were created all things in the heavens and on the earth, things visible and things invisible, whether Thrones, or Dominations, or Principalities, of Powers.

All things have been created through and unto him and he is before all creatures, and in him all things hold together. I ask, therefore, for the grace to realize our union and growth in Christ, our God. I pray to make use of the loving things which he has given to me.

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In other words, I ask for a sense of responsibility to see things as a son. And so I pray to respond as a Son. The Difference between Persons and Things. In other words, only the dignity of a Person can come into a Union with Christ. We are , therefore, made for the permanence of this union — for possession. It is during this courtship that I pass on to the second sense of Union — that being 2 its consummation.

In other words, the courtship now passes into all eternity. This is, death, the passage from time to eternity. How contradictory man really is. At one moment we speak of him as Thomas Wolf, i. The Use of Things. But when we speak of things we do not necessarily mean those apart from me rather for example consider those which are a part of me, indeed a very important part, namely, my own bodily senses.

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Bodily senses are but corridors to Life — to unite me to Christ. They are like tree branches which reach out for more life and growth — they bring food and nourishment to the tree. Sight — The power to see is but a channel to life. Sight is also a pleasure. In other words, we like to see sun sets, beautiful persons, etc. Yet on the other hand, our sight can be a perversion.

We can use it to kill — to separate me from God and from other men. Magazines, books, pictures, etc. This can be seen every day and is not just fantasy. And so not only does this separation occur but it also entails the loss of freedom. In other words, we develop our own prisons.

But it too can enslave us. Drink is but one example of this unrelenting slavery. Although it was intended to be a source of life it becomes for many the source of their own enslavement; their own death. Hearing — This too is meant to be a source of Life. Listen to the joy and happiness the sound of a grand chorus can bring.

And yet consider how hearing, too is the source of death of enslavement. Consider for example, dirty stories, gossip, undue criticism, etc. Sex — This is the most culminating means to unification by means of creation, and yet consider how misused it is. Consider the very instrument of Life and how it is turned into the instrument — the deadly instrument of death.

Its primary existence is to give to procreate life, yet it most tragically results in death, in enslavement. Consider for example, broken homes, abortions, prostitution, etc. Consider how enslaved a prostitute really becomes, how lonely and how destitute she must be, how rejected, how dead. The Intellect — The greatest gift that man and for the fact I possess is that of my mind, my own intellect.

In other words, I have the gift of the power to know and to love. While these are the most treasured and powerful of all our being, consider how deadly they may become. It is the intellect which commits that first sin of pride. Finally, consider all of our gifts and abilities and how we misuse them. How we turn from the source of life to the bloodstream of death and enslavement. In our colloquy we beg God for the ability to use his creation as a Son would; as Christ did. Let us make our whole meditation on the words of St.

Paul in his letter to the Romans ff. This meditation is still on what St. Colossians For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God. Also Cf. Philippians What Paul is saying is that our whole being, body and soul should be with Christ in word, action, and deed, and thought. In our second prelude we ask and pray for the grace of detachment. It is only logical that the more things rule and dominate me the more passive and dominated I become.

Furthermore man seems to pervert that which is actually good in itself, as was seen in the previous meditation. An order that frees and liberates. Consequently, as far as we are concerned, we should not prefer health to sickness, riches to poverty, honor to dishonor, a long life to a short life. The same holds for all other things. How, we ask ourselves, do we fail to be indifferent?

Is it the way our child acts? Is it where myself becomes the norm? In other words, is indifference the norm of my action? It is good because I want it, or I want it because it is good? To sum up this negative aspect of indifference we can say that a lack of indifference can be manifested when the things in themselves become for us the norm. A positive meaning of indifference is a singlemindedness in regards to things. This is to say, by being single minded is to direct and use things only in so far as they have a goal in mind.

They are the means and not the end. Indifference means a detachment only where there is attachment. Ignatian Indifference involves a process of mortification. Ignatian Indifference means to seek first the kingdom of God and all other things will be given accordingly. To use them as the master desires. Indifference means a grateful use of things; it is an expression of gratitude. Ignatian indifference means to use things as a Son. I must act as a Son would; an adopted Son of God. In our colloquy we beseech Blessed Virgin Mary to veil us with a disposition of indifference as St.

Ignatius intended and as Christ pre-ordained. In the previous meditations i. They were based on what Ignatius calls the First Principle and Foundation. The meaning of Man. In other words, we must go to the source of man; the creator of man. That being God. It is here where the true dignity of man is really brought to an understanding. It is here where man takes on a meaning.

Man is not the depraved animal which Thomas Wolf portrays, although there are some men who act as such. Man and Things. Man, Things, and God. In this meditation we will be reflecting on what Ignatius calls the First Exercise. It is concerned with the Triple Sin. I said my whole composite being, body and soul. The Pathology of Love. In other words love becomes full of disease; a cancer; disordered and sick; and filled with hate.

When we meditate on the pathology of love it is to see just how sick we really are; and then again to hope to attain or regain our health in the Love of Christ. And so Christ is the medicinal cure of our pathology of love. John Jesus loved Lazarus very much and desired to express his love for his dead friend.

Thus Jesus gave him his love. Let us pray that Christ instill such love for us. And so we must look at ourselves as we really are. Although I am alive; I may be deceiving myself and really be dead — dead to Christ. Yet we say that we are alive and that God is dead. My Soul is a Prisoner. According to St.

Ignatius it is sin which enslaves us within our bodies. Through Sin Man is an abortion and it is sin which corrupts the body. Consider the many people in hospitals, old age homes, and even our own Infirmary? Sin affects my memory, remembering only the dead and unpleasant things of our life and the lives of others.

Sin also affects my understanding; my actions towards others, especially when they do not what we require of them. Finally consider how sin affects the body; how it makes us enslaved; how dead we really become! In essence sin makes us an exile from the family of the communion of Saints. And so to be alive without the grace of God is to be like a brute beast. The expulsion of the Devils in Gerasa certainly indicates what spiritual and corporeal harm sin can do.

I pray with true contrition to know the meaning of sin in my own life; and to realize how Christ liberates me as he liberated the man in Gerasa. Here it is our desire to visualize the tremendous existential effect that sin really has. We also try to visualize how the effect of sin can literally change the whole created structure.

I pray therefore, to have the grace to respond to His love always. The Angelic Sin. Ignatius, I consider the one sin of the angels with the many sins I have committed. I will consider that they went to hell for one sin, and the number of times I have deserved to be condemned forever because of my numerous sins. In other words, sin is an aversion from God and a conversion to something less than God. And so the source of sin is spiritual. Ignatius says that Pride is really the root of all sin.

It is pride because in it we make ourselves the center of all things, rather than attributing God as the Center. Since pride is immaterial and is of the spirit it is the sin of pure intention; malice. An angel is a person, unlimited by a body. And so in the order of being it is plausible that there be a spiritual person — in other words, an un-incarnate person. So we must take heed and fight this because it is spreading like cancer. If not checked in time they will deny the spiritual existence of God and really proclaim his death. Angels are not something in outer space, rather they are in this world; they are related to us as we ae related to a lesser society known as animals.

But an angel is completely a person; thus being so the angelic sin is really a sin of pure malice. Consider that their sin was really directed against Christ. For in him were created all things in the heavens and on the earth, things, visible and things, invisible, whether Thrones, or Dominations, or Principalities, or Powers. All things have been created through and unto him, and he is before all creatures, and in him all things hold together.

Again, he is the head of his body, the Church; he, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things, he may have the first place. For it has pleased God the Father that in him all his fullness should dwell, and that through him he should reconcile himself to all things, whether on the earth or in the heavens, making peace through the blood of his cross. Peter It is in this passage in which Peter is showing and describing the design of God. But Hell was not created by God, rather we create hell because without God is Hell. And so the Angels created their own hell. I choose to have faith in love and surrender.

I forgive this fear and wrap it in love and compassion. I have to remind myself that abundance flows into my life! Fear is merely a message. You have the power to choose what to do with the message. In the tradition of handling incoming mail or your work in box you can: 1. DO something about it now. An action step to resolve it. Delegate it. Delay it — postpone action, legitimately, meaning for later referencing as appropriate. Remember that fear can dress itself up as procrastination. If you let fear percolate on the back burner, like a stew, it becomes an attractor for other stew items.

And after a short while it becomes a huge stew meal for many people. Starve it. Breathe, meaningfully, deeply, and often. Contraction will not serve you! Deep breathes will free you. Know that this fear emotion is a gift. Yes, a gift. Turn toward it, face it. Fear will be shocked at your action and begin to fall back. Then laugh at it. Big belly laughs.

Spiritual Exercises in Great Lent for Young Adults

Fear does not like to be laughed at and will fall back even more. Ask to be led to, shown, the perfect response at this moment. We live by current present moments not future ones. Our point of action is in this moment, which could be to sit still and listen. Be brutally honest here with your answers. What does your wisdom body tell you?

Fear, as ego, shouts demanding recognition. But spirit whispers. You have to find the calm inside to listen for the whisper….. Take the now identified action trusting yourself. Have the conviction that you can identify the next right step, for you and all concerned, and then follow thru on it. Stay the course. If you capitulate to fear and fall in that same hole, or fear filled response, the third and forth time life will continue to send you back to school to relearn the lesson.

I have a fear of getting married. My parents never had a great relationship and marriage; seeing how they were for so many years before they separated, had been engraved in my brain. He went all out to propose to me in Jamaica in my birthday! Just releasing this makes me deal better already. I have to change the battlefield my mind has been in for so long, as it will affect my relationship and soon-to-be marriage.

I am not my mother and father, I am ME.. Praise God to the most High for revelation. Thank you so much Gabby for your work????. Fear of rejection by my father. Fear of being rejected and abandoned by everyone including myself. Fear of this pain. A video right on time as I deal with extreme fear today. Only the cost of it has me fearing the worst. I was rendered homeless 7 months ago after a job loss from car accident injuries stopped me from working.

I did win a settlement and that money has arrived and allowed me to rent an apt. I have not slept since I committed to the coaching in fear of giving over all my money…. Funny cuz the past does not equal the future….. I am scared of being scared! Failure, getting old, sickness, lack of love, loneliness, being broke, uncertainty, doubt, sex, men, friends, family, ….. How insane is that? As of yesterday, I am starting to laugh at all these….

Not having enough money. Not finding a job I love that pays enough to pay bills. Not saving for retirement. I just wanted to congratulate you on your marriage.

The Spiritual Ladder is Not Just For Monks

I loved how you shared on Facebook about how in Jewish weddings blessing each individual and I truly know your ceremony must have been awesome as you stated. I am so excited for you and I truly love hearing you at any opportunity I get. I love everything you say and believe your an awesome individual. Thank you for using your gifts to help us. I feel a little resistance to this exercise but find when that happens it usually is something that will be greatly beneficial so I am going to try it.

Thank you and I appreciate you. I have a fear of not ever having enough money. I also am afraid of being stuck in one position at work and never advancing. The two are connected and it is so hard sometimes to see a way out. I have had the fear of not having enough since I was a child and I hope it has not bled over to my kids.

I am afraid I will never have an adult career again,ort a job that allows me to get my MFT license. I am afraid that by quitting my job recently, I will not be able to find another to make enough money to pay my bills! I fear that my health will not get back to what it was and that I will not be able to make enough money doing something I love to help my family and provide for my daughter the life that she deserves. I am having a lot of fear regarding money. I am fearful that my family will continue to struggle with financial issues and that it will cause problems between my husband and myself.

I am currently battling this fear as I try to venture out and start my own business. I constantly wonder what my friends and family will think and if they will approve. Where to start, fear of not having enough money, the fear of not losing weight and the fear of being alone. I am a widow and have had quadruple by-pass.

I am healthy now and am very grateful to be alive. The fear of not finding my passion in life. I live in a state of fear and move from one fear to the next. Lately, my biggest focus is on my health and that I will never be without pain or some sort of ailment. I have three major ones that seem to enjoy rotating on the fear based playlist. But I think the one that is the most prevalent currently and ironically is the one I can do the most about is the fear that I cannot fulfill my potential as a writer. Crazy, I know. I want a stable job and stability in all aspects of my life and currently i have none.

Wow, so grateful for your vlogs and website. Thank you so much! Laughing at this helps me to see a different side of the relationship. I have a roll in how I got to this place and I have a choice about what to do to make it through this tough situation. Although I grew up in an affluent family for some reason I think I have always had a fear of not having enough money. I wake up with panic attacks everyday. I remind myself every moment how grateful I should be for everything I have, my health, family, so much love! And yet, the subconscious I think is playing tricks on me; I have struggled to de-touch from this insanity, so your video today is so timely.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to put it out there…you rock! I have the fear of being complacent. I procrastinate and use social media to avoid the things I really want to do but I am scared that I will maybe do them and not be satisfied? And I can laugh at that. Out there! My No. Great video today. I have a fear that I will be forced to stay living in the Yukon rather than my choice to move to Victoria in BC.

I once again remind myself self that I am blessed with loving people to help me make this move happen and so it is! I have a fear of being rejected in love again. I have a fear of trusting again. I have a fear that I will waiver in my love of myself. I have a fear of failure. I have a fear to start and overcome. I have a fear of taking the wrong path. I am afraid of the unknown when there is a big change coming. It is a blessing! It is what I always wanted-another baby! People support children on far less that we have financially and when I put it in this perspective my fears do seem silly.

Fear that I will not be successful building out my health coaching business. I recently quit my corporate America job to pursue my dream of having my own health coaching practice and I am scared sh! I am afraid that I will not find a fabulous new career. That I will run out of money before I find this new career. I am afraid that I will not find authentic love from a man. What this all points to is that I do not value myself. I am practising self-love. I am ok. I am safe. I am lovable. I am looking forward to my next career. Gabby, This video is perfect timing for me.

I have been feeling anxious all morning that a particular someone who means a lot to me is in trouble. I have no real reason to believe this. I am afraid of not succeeding in my business. I am struggling with the end of a 15 year relationship and my fear is that I will not find another with the same sense of romance. The lie is that it was a superficial self-centered dance that was toxic from the beginning.

I need to laugh at the false evidence appearing real that it was a relationship that was nurturing to my true self. It was SO far off, it truly is laughable. Wow, does the ego play! As if the job is a cage! I guess, if it is, I can probably figure out how to get the door open and find a new job! Be proud of yourself for having a job, doing good and contributing to this world even if you wished for a better job.

Have to be patient that 3 businesses will flourish. The lesson is to be patient. You just have to surrender control. Universe will always give you enough. You are always abundant. Want to become an author but do I have anything new to spread to the world. Thanks for always giving me inspiration Gabby.

I hope to someday create my own platform of helping people on astitvaseekers. Good enough for whom? I find them boorish and narrow, confined by judgment and clinging to views that divide rather than unite. It really is ridiculous that it matters, I like them so much less than they disapprove of me. Gabby, Thanks for the vlog, as always right on cue. Even though I Know she does. Not that it was her fault she had cancer. It gets compounded from visits to a critical parent, and it become defensive and feel small.

I have a good job, a bright future, a pension and own my own condo with plans to buy a house with my boyfriend next fall. Evidence suggests I have nothing to fear! I fear not fulfilling my purpose. I am a stay at home mom and sometimes I wonder is this it? Is this my purpose? But I feel like there should be more. I guess I fear I will never know and what if I misread the signs and question my instincts?

I guess I still doubt myself. My tiny mad ideas are that I will never find someone without a ton of baggage and who leads a similar healthy lifestyle similar to my own, and then I will never make enough money. I see that these both are silly because I WILL attract the perfect companion who is healthy and stable like myself, and I fully support myself not raking the money in but can pay my rent, eat healthily and organically, and lead a supportive lifestyle.

I have a fear of not having enough money. I moved to AZ to restart my life at 30 years old and focus on my business. I am in a new place with a clientele built business and I am running really low on money. This topic really hits home. I am afraid I will not be able to pay my rent this month. Have you tried the finance chapter in MCM?

All the best x. I have done the finance chapter a couple times…I love it. I am trying my best. I know what I deserve, I just feel blocked? I need spirit sisters to help. You guys are great. I lost my job, and I am sooooo scared that I will not have enough money to take care of my family. And congrats on your marriage! Want to feel peace and calm and not be afraid anymore. This was awesome!! You are such an outstanding resource. I have always been told that you get what you need, when you need it.

I did do your entire Course in Miracles in January of and I have had huge shifts come my way — mainly because I took action and did this stuff. Thank youf or the reminder s. You were such a gorgeous bride and what a most handsome man you married. You are so blessed and I believe that a great guy is coming my way.

Be well, Gabby, and thank you, again, for sharing. I got caught in traffic with level 9 pains, very traumatic. I call it the spins! I get obsessed with thinking something negative and then I just keep running with the idea! Recently I have been obsessing about something going wrong in my relationship and my partner not being as in love w me as he was last week or my not feeling in love every minute of the day so telling myself something must be wrong!

When I look at these thoughts I see very clearly that I have absolutely nothing to base them on. I deserve happiness and I finally know it so am def going to use this technique a lot to ground myself and dismiss the insanity!!!! Thanks Gabby and congrats! I struggle with this too. I have a deep fear of not being good enough. That no matter how much love I put into my songs, no one will really want to listen or buy my CD except for my family and friends. Dear Gabby, thank you for your post.

Tiny mad ideas? Oh yes!!! I am going to dinner with my friend and will fully enjoy the time with him. We both deserve my full attention. I finally moved towards your guided meditations. Just when I needed it, I found your Forgiveness meditation. Very powerful. It helps to hear your voice while going through such a powerful process. Thank you for that. Girl talk: You look beautiful.

You always did, but now you are full of light. Best wishes for your marriage. Firstly, I want to say Mazel Tov again on your wedding…Right now my biggest fear is not being successful in my jewelry business. Nice name coincidence. She is great at giving marketing advice to women like you. Her posts are always inspirational for me. Mine is not a fear, but what is staring me right in the face today. I quit my job last spring, because my soul was screaming at me to get out and create something totally new — and to rest for a while.

Being in the job, I was miserable, getting sick frequently, and my kids were suffering from feeling chaotic all the time. For two years I have worked at listening to my heart, laughing at the ego, releasing releasing releasing. I entered this Journey filled with Joy and Love and NO worries about how I was going to manifest opportunities for income that suited me and my family, and NO worries about how I was going to support my three children and myself single mom here.

Today I have a negative balance in my checking account. I created a viable business and have more opportunities flowing to me. Having a really hard time laughing at that one, or knowing what even to do next. My fear is based around an event I was supposed to have posted and promoted last week. I have so much anxiety about speaking in front of groups!

I have a lot of fire and a big voice but fear is winning lately. I have the opportunity to do what I love to do in my career, on my own. I have several fears that accompany this new venture. I also fear that I will start it and then something will happen financially or health-wise to derail my plan and I will look like a flake. And lastly, I fear the unknown. How will I make money while I am in the start-up phase? I will have to do freelance work on the side which will split my focus…another fear.

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But I am ready to take the leap and if I fall, at least I will hope for a soft landing. Thank you for all of your beautiful messages and videos. I read your work and watch your videos all the time and they consistently provide me with clarity, lessons, and inspiration. The biggest fear that I have identified that is in my life now is the fear of failure. Now that I am looking at it, I can almost laugh about it. I have been absolutely terrified of the fear of failure.

For the past 10 years, I have worked very hard at my goals of being an artist. And now I am applying to a MFA program for painting and working on my portfolio and applications now. I am working to find my voice as an artist and the deadlines are several months away. I am so scared of rejection! I feel like I have cried just about every day for the past several months because I want to get accepted so very badly, and I am so scared of failing.

Just saying all of this right now helps me to see that I am going in the natural progression of my life and the goal is always to be a better artist, which I can do at any given moment right now. All the applications want to see if who I really am right now, which is a joyful thing. Yay, I get to be myself. Also scared of health fears — as always, underlying due to phobia. Ellen—I come from a long line of Irish hypochondriacs and it can be debilitating at times, so I truly feel for you and understand.

What I have learned over the years, is that it can be easier for us to put our focus on our health as a control mechanism rather than what is REALLY bothering us. My health phobia truly gets out of control when I am feeling most of out of control. Please email me any time if you need to vent to a fellow sufferer. Good luck with your job search and I will keep you in my prayers! I hear you though in that if I look back there is usually a reason why it surfaces when it does, I would love to be in touch, let me know how i can mail you, thanks so much for your comment. I have also noticed that my health fears come up, as the other parts of my life change or become less stable.

I have also noticed recently that the more things go right. My wonderful husband, my healthy kids I am a pediatric nurse , my job …, the more I freak out that something aka my health will go wrong. Thanks for sharing! Hugs xxx. You guys are SO not alone and please email me whenever you afraid. I am 48 and have been going through this for over 30 years in some form, but it really kicked in, FOR REAL, when my son was born 15 years ago. The hormones went crazy and it was in my genes.

I also learned how to deal with problems this way by watching my mother deal with her problems by focusing on her health. I am sure you can relate. My email is dolphn1 sbcglobal. They are tough, but we are tougher! Big hugs to you both!!!!! I really enjoyed looking at all your pictures. I am afraid that I moved to the wrong place this past weekend, I am afraid I am going to loose my job and I am tired of being single! I know exactly how you feel with all three of you fears. I am trying to laugh it off by reminding myself that I care about my work and it is making a difference in the world.

As far as being single sometimes being able to handle difficulties on our own makes us better prepared for the relationship the universe has in store for us. Gabby — I am always worrying that my boyfriend is cheating on me. Hey Carly, You are so brave to admit you feel this way. I exercise, eat healthy, do things that make me happy and talk about it to my boyfriend.

There is nothing more appealing than someone who knows what they want, is confident, healthy and loves them self. And here you are speaking about it! When I received your book in January, my ego was too loud and I was afraid to get started. Yesterday it became really clear to me that I needed to start this 40 day journey.

I am day one and I feel great already! My greatest fear right now is this: I abandoned a life of security and stability. I abandoned my ex-husband and I regret it deeply. I also fear that if he moves further away from me that I will miss out on an opportunity to love him again, as friends. But this is crazy because he still loves me and we have a great relationship now and he has been willing to move through the pain to forgive me.

I just have to respond to your comment. Last September I told my husband of 10 years that I wanted a divorce. He was depressed, distant, angry with the universe. Certainly NOT the man I met and married. We went to counseling, but the hurt was so deep healing felt impossible.

We even sold our wedding rings to pay for the lawyer fees. I thought we were over. For good. Somehow the Universe managed to bring us back together and we are making plans for our future. We are back in counseling and moving our family forward daily. In the process, I learned a few things: 1 Never settle. You never know what the Universe has in store. It never lies. I have a few of being successful. As I transition out of my photography business which has been very successful and into health coaching, I am deeply fearful of being successful.

It is a feeling of actually getting what I am want, being a success and then striving to maintain my success. I have a fear of being successful. You said that you had a successful photography business… well now you are leaving that safe and comfortable environment, it is what you know, into something new which will bring with it different challenges and experiences, how exciting! I have let fear get the better of me and it has crippled me — I have hidden myself and my skills and talents… but no more!

So good luck on your new adventure! First of all congratulations Gaby,and thank you for sharing your wedding with us,I love all the pictures and facebook posts. Because just this morning i was devastated because my poems had not been received well on this website i post them to,and i emailed my friend,who started to seriously try to console me.

And i wrote back to him,no,this feels wrong,please lets just laugh about this. Oh Ashley, that has been my fear for years. My dog just passed away and last week I just lost my job. My husband only works part time. My fear of not having money torments me. How do I laugh about this and release the fear?

I just wanted to tell you that I am so sorry about your loss. As an animal lover I see them as members of our families and in having lost various animals in my life, I identify with your pain. In case it can help you I wanted to let you know about various Grief Recovery support groups that are free and most likely in your area. I am not just recommending I have been to a couple as well and I found them helpful.

You can go to youtube to find out about how to use these forms of social media in relation to job search. My heart is with you and YOU are in my thoughts and I am sending you love, richness and an over abundance of blessings to you and your family. I think in time you will be able to do this exercise. There is a time for everything and this just may not be he time. Health, Understanding, Gratitude and Success. I believe grief is in order. One for the loss of your dog and the other, for the loss of your job that can either send us into major depression or major panic or both.

This is not easy to do when you may be conditioned to going into panic and fear mode in how you cope with situations…as the way the majority of us do. I am no different from you and loss is economics is real in our heads. You will live through this and come out better on the other side! Stay in faith, believe, and laugh in due time. One for the loss of your dog and the other, for the loss of your job that can either send any of us into major depression or major panic or both.

I am no different from you and loss in economics is real in our heads and impacts our lives. Then I am able to take a rationale course of action. When your thoughts and belief are kept in alignment, and you stay in faith, all will fall into place. Believe, and you will laugh in due time. Beth…my dog also just passed away and I am heartbroken.

I try to remember all of the silly things she used to do…I can laugh at that! Thinking of you. Beth — Maybe this amazing story about another dog lover with brighten your day! This is the basis for being able to rejoice always , even in the midst of trials and tribulations. But even when God blesses us, or when life is going fine, we can so easily forget to thank God for our blessings.

So one of the spiritual disciplines for the Christian life is to thank God every day. I try to spend some time giving thanks before I start asking God for things. Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name! Prayer is simply asking God for help or strength or provision. Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you 1 Peter 5.

It is humbling to ask our Father for everything. I need your grace. I need you to provide for me. To give me wisdom and strength. To lead and guide me with my children. Rather than try to solve our own problems or relieve our own anxiety, we should cast them on our Father. Because he cares for us — He genuinely, truly cares for us. Do it every day. The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.

Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work 2 Corinthians Paul encouraged the Corinthians to give regularly. Not under any kind of legalistic pressure but freely and cheerfully.

And when Paul encouraged the Corinthians to give in the passages above, it was not for the support of the church, but for the poor saints in Jerusalem who were going through a famine. We should give to our church, but we certainly need not restrict giving to the church. Proverbs says :. Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will repay him for his deed. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap.

For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you. So Jesus commands us to give. The final discipline I want to talk about is:. For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you John Even using our gifts can require discipline. And, the more we serve, the more God will help us grow in humility. Nothing disciplines the inordinate desires of the flesh like service, and nothing transforms the desires of the flesh like serving in hiddenness. The flesh whines against service but screams against hidden service.