Manual A HEART OF GOLD:Un Corazon De Oro

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Un corazon de oro dejo de deeota ...

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It is our personal responsibility to shine the light of our soul, which is the energetic foundation for both self-realization and for establishing our Divine connection. It is the light of our soul that integrates into the universal and global whole of which we are each a unique and vital part.

We get found! Feel the warmth in your spine at the level of your heart and let it become golden. Gold grounds us and keeps us in the body. The hands are an extension of the heart chakra.

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Feel the connection between your hands and your heart. When you prepare food, touch yourself, others, and things, or use your hands in many other ways, feel that your heart is directing and feeding their movements. Heart of Gold.

I did this set for fourth days when I had trouble with my heart. Not only did it help with the symptoms, but my heart still keeps calm in situations of stress, now weeks after completion. Fourty days of Ego Eradicator is worth it already.

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Shine Your Heart Light

Shine Your Heart Light. Yoga Mudra: In Lotus or Easy Pose, bend over placing forehead on the ground, hands in Venus Lock behind the back, index fingers extended, and raise the arms straight up, pulling the shoulder blades together with long deep breathing for 3 minutes.

Arms stretched straight out in front, parallel to the ground, spread the fingers wide apart, feeling heat at the base of the palms, and hold with long deep breathing for 3 minutes. Then tense hands and relax.