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A discussion to insert CPC information through an in-service and distribute AA information into the Domestic Violence packets has resulted in action to administer this plan. A date is pending. Through this effort we believe an impact can be made to inspire, teach and encourage more activity and strengthen the communication around Area Face to face is how this all began and is the most invaluable tool we have.

If we share expenses money will be saved and put to other good use. Congratulations ladies! I will be attending the Spring Conference in Middleton and expect to learn more about service and its rewards. I have had opportunities to visit four district meetings in this southeastern area and understand the importance these connections can begin. Carrying the message to others is a privilege and life saving grace.

Respectively submitted, Cheryl M. PI Report — Matt Z. My name is Matt Z. I am an Alcoholic. It is a great Honor to be of service as the PI Chair for the area I have been going over the Assembly actions a have been taking out any and all last names and have given them to our webmaster Alan B to be added to our website. I also have gone over the Area 75 Handbook and have added it to the website. We have been busy sifting trough and posting events on the area website along with working with treatment to add a link to post treatment forms and contacts.

The project in progress is adding the minutes for all District meetings to our site. However that will require that we revue and eliminate last names on each document forwarded to me and then later have them archived. There has not been any progress on our search engine to the site. Treatment Report — Chris C. Treatment Chairperson Report. Here is a brief summary of my activities since the Agenda Planning Meeting in January:.

I shared information on the history of treatment facilities and the evolution of those facilities since their conception. I also explained the carious ways in which groups and districts can become involved in treatment facilities and shared about the benefits and experiences of being involved in General Service and what a difference it can make in your sobriety. At the Agenda Planning meeting in January, I provided each district with questionnaires regarding treatment facility involvement. Using the information from those questionnaires, I have updated the ever-evolving list of treatment facilities in Area 75 — now about I continue to review all district minutes that are sent to me and have communicated with our BTG chair as needed.

Special Needs Report — John W. John W. I sent a letter of idea's to all DCM's to share with each group in their district. The letter outlined ways to reach out to those with special needs. That went well and I enjoyed doing it. I had a request for translators for our Spring Conference and today's meeting for our Spanish speaking contingent. One showed up for today's meeting but I inadvertently sent her home early. I would like to thank Jo Mc for her help in finding translators.

I am looking forward to serving on a panel for the District 37 work shop in June. As always if anyone in Area 75 needs help or information from Special Needs please call or E-mail me. I am on the Area 75 website and roster. Archives Report — Robin S. No Report at this time. Ad hoc Committee members - Joan J. Howard P. Some suggested items will be presented at our Standing Committee meetings at the Spring Conference and additionally at our June, - Agenda Planning Meeting in Madison. Reminder that our Area 75 Conference Guidelines can be accessed on our Area web site.

Additionally our A. Guidelines - Conference and Conventions can be found at www. Then go to the window ID Select a Guidelines. Drop down and click on Conference, Conventions and Roundups. You will be able to down load this six 6 page documents. A reminder that Area 75 will be accepting bids for our Fall Conference at the Sept. Area 75 Pre-Conference Assembly. Please feel free to contact me for assistance on your possible Fall bid. It's never too soon to start talking about this bid. Spring - Host District Fall - Host District Spring - Open.

Yours in Service and Fellowship, Howard P. Archivist Report — Nancy S. To those Districts and Districts that are sending materials, I want you to know that it is very much appreciated. My concern is that some of the Districts that were sending information regularly, or even periodically, have stopped altogether. If you have anything that is pertinent, or trivial in your opinion, it can be included in your District binder at any time. Districts : Send District meeting minutes, District meeting lists, District flyers for District conferences, District workshops, newspaper articles, District letters to professionals, or any other item that your District wants included.

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When a flyer is sent; please follow up with a program if one was provided at the function. I do have a collection of group histories but I can see that I need to go one step further. I will now be preserving group flyers and other materials any group would like to have in the Archives. Please inform your groups. It becomes difficult and time consuming when the year is not included. Example: I can come up with the year when I have Sunday, January 23 rd , but if the day of the week is not included it is almost impossible to figure out what year it was and the item becomes useless.

It may seem trivial or even silly when everyone knows what year it is now, but what happens after a few years go by and someone is looking at the item and wondering when that was. A revised Workbook has been developed as of April I brought the new workbook for each District. It will soon be on the web. The Archives room is continuing its hours from noon until the 1 st and 3 rd Sunday of the month except it will be closed May 20 th , June 17, and September 16 th. It is also closed through the month of December. Last Sunday we had 6 people come to visit. Maybe the warm weather will help attendance.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you, Nancy S. Registrar Report — George D. District 1. By the time we had our first meeting of the New Year our DCM had to back out because of a job situation. So it seems no one else cared to step up to the plate. So yours truly took the position. The month of December we met at a Brookside Apt. We were able to have 7 meetings a week there. All the groups in the District came together and helped us out. We had a couple of groups from Milwaukee contribute to our cause.

We now meet at the Masonic Temple at p. We will also be holding our 60 th anniversary of Sparta Group April 28, I have flyers for anyone interested. Our District meetings are being covered by as little as 6 members and as high as 15 members. There is a new meeting in West Salem 7 p. Yours in Service, Art B. District 2. George P.

I liked this analogy because it helped define where district 2 was at. I would say we were dimly lit. Our attendance at District meetings is outstanding. Our meetings are once a month on the fourth Sunday of the Month in Princeton at St. Johns Catholic church pm. We have many dedicated people that show up at the meetings. Our problem however, was we did not really understand what we could be doing to better carry the message. It was a most valuable experience for our district. Those who attended were able to go back with a much better understanding of how to implement committees and get thins going.

We have had turn-outs for our meetings a large as 23 in attendance. Tom Mitchell Area 75 BTG chair accepted our invitation to come and clarified many questions we had with a fabulous presentation. Thanks again Tom. At the Delegate workshop, I was that the Area Treatment table where we were asked to review questions and give George our feed back for him to take to New York. Many had not seen the video so at our next District meeting we watched the movie and had popcorn and soda. Our corrections Chair Dave H. This workshop also includes Grapevine panel - Nancy S.

Our June meeting will be held at a different location and will include a turkey roast and bonfire. George P has agreed to come and share the news from New York with us at that time. Terry and Helen R have graciously offered their home setting for this meeting and all are welcome. The meeting will be located in Montello and if any one interested would like to attend, please contact me via e-mail and I will get directions to you.

I am hoping to invite Area Chairpersons who are willing to come to our meetings and to keep us heading in the right direction. A road trip to the West Allis Archives room is in the works as well.

What to Expect At Your First AA Meeting

It has certainly strengthened my own sobriety and I see how others also find service enhancing sobriety. Studying the Service Manual and talking with the old timers, asking questions and using my various service sponsors has helped stay even more connected to the program and it feels GOOD! In the last month sadly we in district 2 have had to say goodbye to 2 of our respected old-timers, Clarence K 34 yrs who passed on March 2 nd and Morrie G 25 yrs passed Friday, April 13 th. These 2 men were instrumental to many, many alcoholics and I am so grateful to have learned so many things from them.

Although they are sadly missed, the legacy of their 12 step work will live on through the work of those they taught. What a great program and what a great life we have been give through the Grace of God. Denise E. District 3. Over the winter our district has been taking an honest and through inventory. We found some weakness but it will be transcended in strengths.

District 3 is right where it should be at this time. We are growing in understanding and effectiveness.

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The C. Try to attend! We as a district are blessed with great sponsors. They not only help the suffering alcoholic to recovery, they encourage them to get involved. The service sponsors have also blessed us for without their input it would be too painstaking.

It is with great joy and humility I serve. I will do my best to listen to all. I cannot be with you today because of the thanksgiving with my family. Be at peace with yourself. Thank you and take care. Jim K. Outreach — District 22 distributed AA literature to 6 different campuses around the area. In addition, contact numbers were provided to interested students or faculty. Website — The aa. The DCM for district 22 is now in the process of adding the meetings in her district as well.

Literature — The district has decided to purchase a number of big books and other literature for Hope House. District 6. District meetings held 2 nd Wednesday every other month. There is a new schedule printed and ready for distribution. District has a new special needs chair thus accessibility is included in new schedules. New service position Inter-group — central office liaison. Dist 6 is Equidistant from each. Delavan has WI Site Deaf School, so we are exploring needs for deaf — hearing impaired including a presentation by a licensed interpreter clarifying anonymity issues.

District 7. Workshop — Working with low bottom drunks WET.

What to Expect at Your First Meeting

District meets 4 th Sunday of month at Tri-county. Finally have copies of Spanish fourth edition. District 8. We had our spring workshop March 31, It was on seeking the solution. We had good turn out for this event. Dinner is at followed by speaker who is Joe A.

District New delegate for the convention in Portland Oregon. Patrick F. We also have a correction meeting at Jefferson County Jail on Wednesday evenings. Thompson, being a minimum security institution, brings inmates to our Friday evening meeting at Fort Atkinson, St. Peters Episcopal Church, p. Looking forward to May conference. Average attendance at district meetings is We sponsor a local hot line, approx 70 calls. Sponsor a District Open Meeting. All Chairs are currently filled. About 21 groups, 2 women only. County jail meeting Friday night and Sunday morning.

We have requested info from GSO, all groups needed to be updated and we have received this info back in March. Below is cover letter that will accompany the binder. Greetings from your District 13 Committee Members! As your District Committee Member DCM , we are the link in the service chain that connects your group with other groups within a geographical boundary. One of the primary means of communication from group to group is at the district meeting. Good district meetings can improve the health of the groups within its boundaries and lead to the growth of AA as a whole.

District meetings are held for the purpose of uniting groups in the district, encouraging members to become involved in service, coordinating service projects and linking the groups to the General Service Office GSO. District 13 Meetings are held the first Sunday of the month at St. Mathias Episcopal Church E. Main Street. Waukesha, WI the meeting starts promptly at p.

We have put together this binder as a reference guide for your group. All of the contents can also be found at:. We thank you in advance for your support and look forward to seeing you at future district meetings. We meet at St. Chambers Street, room The 3 rd Tues of the month p. We had elections for new DCM and Treasurer. In the spirit of rotation I needed and wanted to rotate. This is to allow for someone new to be of service. This position has got my program on track.

Much love in AA, a faithful servant, Greg. District 16 held its first workshop since turning the lights on in our District. This snowstorm did not keep the enthusiasm in our district down. We had a complete sell out at the H. Approximately 85 people attended this Workshop. Flyers are on the back table, please take some back to you districts and get them out to you meetings.

Unfortunately we have had a zero positive response from the hotels in the Milwaukee Area. It is my job as the tentative Chairperson to rescind our offer to host the Spring Conference. District meeting are held on the 3 rd Sunday p. All chairs are currently filled with the exception of archives, which we are currently working on. We all plan to submit proposal for Spring Conference.

Issues with hotline — New chairs. Our District meeting is held the last Tuesday of the month at pm at the Atwood Community Center. District 20 has all Standing Committee Chair positions filled. All are eager to be involved in Service work. More details to be announced. I am currently working on completing the updated Group information with the help of the GSRs. Yours in service, Doreen H.

Our district consists of Ozaukee County which is the county just north of Milwaukee. Our district meetings are held on the 3 rd Tuesday of the month at p. We have 4 people attending from out District today, which is the largest number of people out district has had at an Area Pre-Conference Assembly. Our biggest focus for our District has been the Ozaukee County Jail. Additionally, we continue to provide literature in the form of Big Books, Daily Reflections, and 3 Grapevine subscriptions.

District 24 is looking at a PI campaign to help develop a more uniform means of distributing literature through our district. Recently our groups decided not to submit a bid for the Area 75 Spring Conference. We hope to review the Conference Guidelines and try to get support from the groups to bind on the Area 75 Fall Conference. This past week Ken G. This was very helpful as we have 7 brand new GSR;s 6 attended the meeting that recently rotated into their positions. Hopefully, we can continue to increase participation in the service structure.

The Fall Area 75 Conference venue has been contracted. It will take place the first week of November Barb F. In Service, Cindy B. I go to meetings in the District and invite people to the District meeting to see how the District does service work and very few people show up. District 28 is planning an Old Timers week in October. Final dates are forthcoming. Anyone with 25 years or more that would like to share their story, please contact me. Now about the Spring conference. The outrages prices that these hotels want in Milwaukee County sure are unbelievable.

Maybe just maybe more people would be interested in attending and getting involved. Respectfully your servant, Kenneth N. Still handing out registration forms for groups that are not registered with GSO. Continuing to update group information as requested by GSO. Most committee chairs are filled at this time. Open committees are Treatment, Special Needs and Archives. Have had 2 very successful round robin meetings. Several groups have signed up to participate in round robins. They are held the second Sunday of every other month. We are working on the final draft of a district when and where.

District 30 covers the northern half of Rock County. We currently have 27 groups holding 54 weekly meetings. District meeting attendance averages participants. We are currently organizing our bi-annual, district mini-conference which is a joint effort with District 8 along with participation with Al-Anon district It will be held on Saturday, October 27 th.

We have Grapevine magazines and soft cover Big Books available for distribution at corrections and treatment facility meetings. We are currently not allowed to hold AA meetings inside treatment facilities, but have AA members who are providing transportation to those in treatment who wish to attend AA meetings.

We print 3, or 4, district meeting schedules every months for distribution at our monthly GSR meeting which meets at pm, the first Friday of each month at the Unity Group clubhouse in Janesville, WI. Thank you, Joel B. Attendance at district meeting has been increasing. We typically meet the 3 rd Sunday at Galilee church in Pewaukee at l p. We are currently looking for a corrections chair. We have formed a committee to submit and bid to host the spring conference. Submitted by: Chris E. District 34 is located in the northeast corner of Waukesha County. Our district meeting is. Other than Archives, at this time all Chair positions are full, we also have two Alternates.

My goal is to attract better group representation by instilling service in the community. Attract others to expand fill upcoming Chair rotations. Successfully represent our district as it hosts the spring Area 75 Conference. District 34 keeps busy in many ways getting the message out. We have many volunteers that regularly hold meetings in the local Correctional Facilities. Our 2 nd annual CPC event will be public professional outreach luncheon.

Our PI Chair has started to initiate new methods of informing the communities. Our new Special needs chair has initiated a new outreach program. We will also be hosting the spring Area 75 Conference, the status of which will be covered in their report. We have a district 34 Monthly Open Meeting at 8 pm. Francis Episcopal Church. Our district has countless dedicated servants and I would like to thank them personally for their unselfish and dedicated service.

It is AA members like them that inspire us all to continue to spread the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to others. This in turn helps keep us all stay sober. Attended every meeting in our district in 4 wks as request by registrar. Personal Agenda — using AA email info. Our district efforts to raise money for corrections literature via the Rainbow Can has decreased some, but lately we are having success at reinvigorating this.

Our district will chair a panel discussion at the Spring conference. Meets 3 rd Wednesday of the month since the beginning of the year. This has been a learning experience. George came in Feb to share. This was a dark district for several years and is now coming alive. We are encouraging groups to register, using AA group pamplets. Jeanne P. In a core group of three non-Hispanic alcoholics grew to 37 members composed of both current and Past Delegates, an area registrar and a mixture of 30 bi-lingual and Spanish speaking alcoholics.

In we held a series of four final full committee meetings in Illinois and Wisconsin. Area Hispanic groups were visited, revisited and called giving personal invitations to the upcoming special forum. Staff member on Regional Forum assignment and our ever faithful staff assistant Ivy R. One day before the forum, Leonard B. Robin B. All forum members were blasted with unexpected sleet, snow and strong freezing gusts of wind. Yet they kept coming. Day one of the forum, several Hispanic men from District 10 Area 75 showed up to unpack and set-up the Spanish language literature displays provided by A.

Donations from Hispanic groups, a few areas and Area 75 districts supplied not only coffee but a Saturday night ice cream social in the funded hospitality room. Area 93 Delegate Francisco A. Greg M. Imagine how disappointed the hard working committee members were when only 72 of the pre-registered Spanish-speaking alcoholics and 30 non-Spanish speaking alcoholics showed up for the forum. But Leonard B. I cannot speak for others but I know I have learned more about myself from this forum experience.

I learned keeping things simple works best for all AA events. A Hispanic man with 25 years in A. He finally understood why his group has so many problems. A Past Hispanic DCM woman addressed the major issues restricting the recovery of Hispanic women and urged them to move beyond the controls and harassment. Please take a moment to reflect on attending your first AA meeting. Now try to imagine attending your first meeting being unable to understand any spoken words. Feel the anxiety of an incarcerated alcoholic unable to read the English language AA literature available or a young man or woman fearing deportation if they seek help of any kind including attending this forum.

Local forums designed to reach an unseen group of alcoholics are the best tool available to all of us. I believe alcoholics are the most loving people on earth. I believe AA smiles offer hope to any newcomer. I believe we can make a difference in the lives of others and for that I am responsible.

Thank you for another chance to reach the still suffering alcoholics and to gain wonderful new lifelong friends within our Hispanic members. Marriott Madison West - May , As of our April 15 committee meeting, we had registrations sold, with banquets and 75 breakfasts committed. We have exceeded our room night commitment with 65 rooms sold for Friday and 74 for Saturday.

If you still need a room, there are many alternate hotels in the area with a wide range of pricing. One particularly generous offer came from the Road Star Inn, two exits east of the Marriott. We are only 25 days away from the conference. In order to fulfill our contract banquet requirement, we need to sell more banquets and breakfasts, and to have good participation in the Friday ice cream social, the Saturday luncheon and the weekend-long concessions.

Those of you who joined us in at the Marriott will remember the delicious food and generous portions. If by chance you sent in your registration without taking the banquet or breakfast, and would now like to reserve one or both meals, please feel free to contact Kathy W. We will be happy to take care of you. We hope to have some meals available for sale conference weekend, but those numbers will certainly be limited. In addition to the second-floor hospitality suite, we have the added amenity of a large gathering room on the first floor.

This room was not available to our conference in as a bar called Flashbacks occupied the space. Our special guest for the weekend is Vincent K. He will give a presentation on Friday night at on how your 7 th tradition contributions help carry the AA message worldwide. If you wonder how your General Service Office uses that buck in the basket, here is your opportunity to find out from one who is personally involved. This is a great opportunity to get any questions answered about the operation of the Region, the General Service Office or AA as a whole.

On Saturday morning, you will have the opportunity to hear the first report on the General Service Conference from your Delegate, George P. Area 75 conferences are wonderful events, with a great combination of fellowship, fun and service. Thank you for your support! Respectfully submitted, Nancy G. October 14 th at the Holiday Inn, Manitowoc. Conference planning is on schedule. There are people asking to volunteer.

They are encouraged to attend a planning meeting. We hope this enthusiasm carries through until conference time. We are meeting at the facility Holiday Inn in Manitowoc for a walk-thru and to talk to their representative. Flyers will be available at the spring conference in Middleton on May th.

We will see you there. Respectfully submitted by: Marv S. Secretary for Mike S. Hi everyone here are the minutes for ,. Attended: Kathy F. Our May 13th meeting will be postponed due to Mother's Day and the Conference Meeting being held that weekend; however, we will be doing our meeting in Madison on May 19th during the Conference Meeting between 1 - pm.

For anyone who can attend that would be great. Also, that May 18, Friday night Michelle will be speaking at and everyone is invited to breakfast the following morning at Our next formal meeting will be on and after our meeting we will be having a pot luck dinner. I will get with Ruth to start some type of list for the food. And at that meeting, we will plan for a pool party during the month of July. At that party, everyone can bring their families and we can all get to know each other on a deeper level. They are checking on the cost for mugs. Michelle will get with Judy and Mary to show them the Alanon rooms.

We can not change room arrangements the day of the conference. We have decided to put speakers on a riser - which the hotel provides. Question about the skit needing a run way and there is no run way needed. To reduce cost - the head table will be in with everyone else verse eating on a riser. Russ will consult with DJ about being on a riser; however, the DJ interacts with the audience and will most likely be set up on side of dance floor.

The DJ should set up prior to dinner. Banner - Ruth will check on price for banner. She has a client who may donate one for our conference. The time of Alanon events has changed from the schedule. The new time is between pm on Saturday afternoon. Discussion about the cost of Slim- Jims, Tom will come back to the group with a figure. They have an excellent program. He asked me some questions the usual list , said the important thing was that I thought I had a problem, and asked me if I had packed and was ready to move into their rehab program.

I just came to talk to you. This woman, I will call her Susan, had an office on Lincoln Avenue in a medical building across the street from Somebody Else's Troubles, which was well known to me. She said few people stayed sober for long without A. I said the meetings didn't fit with my schedule and I didn't know where any were. She looked in a booklet. Wabash," she said. It was ten steps from my desk. Can you be there? She had me. I was very nervous. I stopped in the men's' room across the hall to splash water on my face, and walked in.

Maybe thirty people were seated around a table. I knew one of them. We used to drink together. I sat and listened. The guy next to me got applause when he said he'd been sober for a month. Another guy said five years. I believed the guy next to me. They gave me the same booklet of meetings Susan had consulted. Two day later I flew to Toronto for the film festival. At least here no one knew me. I looked up A.

I went to so many Toronto meetings in the next week that when I returned to Chicago, I considered myself a member. That was the beginning of a thirty years' adventure. I came to love the program and the friends I was making through meetings, some of whom are close friends to this day. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

What I hadn't expected was that A. As we went around the room with our comments, I was able to see into lives I had never glimpsed before. The Mustard Seed, the lower floor of a two-flat near Rush Street, had meetings from 7 a. There I met people from every walk of life, and we all talked easily with one another because we were all there for the same reason, and that cut through the bullshit. One was Humble Howard, who liked to perform a dramatic reading from his driver's license--name, address, age, color of hair and eyes.

He explained: "That's because I didn't have an address for five years. When I mention Humble Howard, you are possibly thinking you wouldn't be caught dead at a meeting where someone read from his driver's license. He had a lot more to say, too, and was as funny as a stand-up comedian. I began to realize that I had tended to avoid some people because of my instant conclusions about who they were and what they would have to say.

I discovered that everyone, speaking honestly and openly, had important things to tell me. The program was bottom-line democracy. Yes, I heard some amazing drunkalogs. A Native American who crawled out from under an abandoned car one morning after years on the street, and without premeditation walked up to a cop and asked where he could find an A.

And the cop said, "You see those people going in over there? She started walking down a frozen river bed, thought she herd bells ringing, and sat down to freeze to death. The bells were on a sleigh. The couple on the sleigh so help me God, this is what she said took her home with them, and then to an A. A priest who eavesdropped on his first meeting by hiding in the janitor's closet of his own church hall.

Lots of people who had come to A. Lots who just walked in through the door. No one who had been "sent by the judge," because in Chicago, A. Sometimes funny things happened. In those days I was on a 10 p. The anchor was an A. So was one of the reporters. After we got off work, we went to the 11 p. There were maybe a dozen others. The chairperson asked if anyone was attending their first meeting.

A guy said, "I am. But I should be in a psych ward. I was just watching the news, and right now I'm hallucinating that three of those people are in this room. In Ireland, where a woman remembered, "Often came the nights I would measure my length in the road. I worked every day while I was drinking, and my reviews weren't half bad. I've improved since then. There are no dues. You throw in a buck or two if you can spare it, to pay for the rent and the coffee. On the wall there may be posters with the famous 12 Steps and the Promises, of which one has a particular ring for me: "In sobriety, we found we know how to instinctively handle situations that used to baffle us.

I find on YouTube that there are many videos attacking A. There are very few videos promoting A. That's how I feel. If you have problems with it, don't come. Is it a "religion?

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The God word. The critics never quote the words "as we understood God. I went to a few meetings of "4A" "Alcoholics and Agnostics in A. The important thing is not how you define a Higher Power. The important thing is that you don't consider yourself to be your own Higher Power, because your own best thinking found your bottom for you. One sweet lady said her higher power was a radiator in the Mustard Seed, "because when I see it, I know I'm sober.

It is not enough to simply abstain. You need to heal and repair the damage to yourself and others. We talk about "white-knuckle sobriety," which might mean, "I'm sober as long as I hold onto the arms of this chair. A "cult? They'd tried psychiatry, the church, the Cure.

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Maybe, they thought, drunks can help each other, and pass it along. I was dumbfounded to discover there was a meeting all along right down the hall from my desk. It prides itself on anonymity. There are "open meetings" to which you can bring friends or relatives, but most meetings are closed: "Who you see here, what you hear here, let it stay here. She said, "I haven't been to one of those meetings in a long time. I want you to take me to one. I went in first, to ask permission to bring in Ann Landers. I was voted down. I went back to the limo and broke the news to her.

Eppie asked, "What do you think about my columns where I print the part quiz to see if you have a drinking problem? I didn't tell her, but at a meeting I heard a two-parter: If you drink when you didn't intend to, and more than you intended to, you, my friend, have just failed this test. Or perhaps they would all be depressing and solemn and holier-than-thou.

I found out you rarely get to be an alcoholic by being depressing and solemn and holier-than-thou.