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Race car dash fabrication. Hey guys. Anybody have experience with fabricating dashes for race cars? I'll be building a simple one in my friends drag racing truck. I'm looking for a few suggestions, tips, and tricks, if anybody has any. I was thinking about making a frame out of steel, and cladding it with 0. Maybe fasten the panels that need to be removable or all of them with Dzus fasteners? Just in the planning phase right now. Once I get started, I'll throw up some pics Re: Race car dash fabrication. Dont over build it. Or you will end up with a heavy piece of scrap.

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I always over build things then realize there was no need for that extra 10lb brace,. Fun and easy project. There's a holesaw made for every size gauge you could imagine. The only mistake I've ever seen people make is putting more toggles in than they need Whatever you decide you need at first will probably never change and it's just confusing if you have more than that.

If you're doing your own wiring, I always recommend a terminal strip mounted somewhere that's easily accesible. What type of racing? Thanks guys. Thinking about just doing a center console type, rather than a dash across the base of the windshield. Tom, it's a diesel, 4x4. Going to be drag raced in the street class I suppose. I'm just the fabricator. Bob, I thought would be good for general durability since this thing may be street driven sometimes. What have you used, , ?

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I didn't think about doubling up where the gauges mount, interesting idea. Just a thought about the alloys. Thanks Ironman, that's what I was thinking.


A couple of the panels will probably see the brake. We always made them from sheet 0. It's a simple 3-piece design bent once where it folds over the dash bar, then usually folded over at the bottom for stiffness. Two wings and a center piece allow easy installment. You can hinge that panel or just make a slip in with flipover latches either way.


Never had to stiffen the guage holes just cut them with a hole saw and go. Pop rivets hold it all together.

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Attached Images P At the ETs there getting now, do the drag guys even have time to look at guages? Let alone react to what they are telling them?

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In its compact structure, GS-Dash features a wide x pixel display to maximise readability. The screen can be backlit in one of the seven available colours. The incorporated light sensor makes brightness and contrast ideal in all light conditions. You can visualise the rolling time, or static or predictive lap time as an absolute value or as a difference vs. Alarms LED's are configurable as well and can be managed in a very flexible way.

You can choose the situation that generates the alarm, the LED behaviour blinking frequency and colour when the alarm appears and the conditions for its switch-off. View Public Profile. Find More Posts by kevin View iTrader Profile. I've seen at least one used for racing that had the complete dash removed. The gauges in the OEM mounting plate was mounted via brackets to the metal that the old dash was mounted to. Find More Posts by MB My dash was removed and all gauges replaced with aftermarket. I did a cardboard mock up of what I wanted, bought the sheet aluminum, cut it and had an aluminum guy weld it up.

Crinkle coated and it turned out pretty good.

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Another option is a fibreglass Broadfoot racing unit. They look very finished. Visit f1rocks's homepage! Find More Posts by f1rocks. Received 1 Like on 1 Post. You can get a carbon or fiberglass version that resembles the stock dash. We took a carbon dash and cut the bottom off and made an aluminum plate that the gauges sit on with a few brackets. With 4 screws the carbon top comes out allowing access to wiring. Visit SamGrant's homepage! Find More Posts by SamGrant Thanks for the inspiration Sam.

I would like to keep it simple and reasonably inexpensive for my modest budget. I dont know if I'm up for a scratch build dash unless I had more info and pics to copy from. I'm hoping someone has a pre-made dash board for racing use to chime in. Otherwise a call to Fairfield County Motorsports will be in order.

Not as pretty as a form fitted solution but practical, very light, easy to wire and remove from the car. That's how I did mine.