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I laughed so suddenly that it was almost a snort, catching myself at the last minute. Well, none of us will know about law school till spring, she said. But the coconut part was serious. I looked at the girl closely. She was thin and barely taller than me, with giant brown eyes that seemed to take up half her face. In short, gorgeous. I am, she said. I was Rush Chair last year — this is one of my favorite weeks of the year. The words were faintly nauseating, but the girl actually seemed pretty sincere about them, so I smiled back at her.

So how did you decide to come out? Oh, my roommate, I pointed across the room at Darby with the blonde girl.

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She wanted to rush, and she convinced me to come too. Jen smiled with something that looked like relief. Oh, we know Darby already, she grinned.

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For a second, I looked at her a little suspiciously, and then dismissed it. I was shy rather than bubbly — on the periphery at parties, not planning them. But when I got to Columbia, it felt like I had this opportunity to be someone different, like anything that had tied me down in high school could just be set aside, making way for a new Casey. It was the kind of thing you could really only do once or twice in a lifetime, and part of me thought this was the right time to try.

Besides, if anyone had heard anything about me this summer, shy was probably the last adjective on their mind. Which meant lip gloss and cupcakes and cocktail party conversation, at least today. Take good care of her.

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I watched as she walked away. So, where are you from? San Diego, Mandy glanced over my shoulder at the cupcake table. Have you been there? Things were different now, and I smiled, thinking to myself. Nope, I said, shifting onto one foot nervously. But my boyfriend lives in L. Oh, she grinned at me, like we were in on some kind of a secret, lowering her voice conspiratorially. I know. I felt my smile waver, shrugging my shoulders in what I hoped looked like modesty, as if having a boyfriend were something to be modest about.

But I knew the drill — having my boyfriend sort of was. Fortunately for me, the conversations died down a moment later, as Jen and two other girls motioned for all the freshmen to sit down. Darby gripped my hand tightly as we walked out of the last sorority house, pumped with sugar and sticky-sweet politeness. What did you think?

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I saw you talking with Jen Miller, she said. It was the kind of thing that happened when you were dating the lead guitarist for your favorite band. Well, she clearly liked you, Darby said, shivering under her pale pink cardigan. That was one of her phrases. Whenever she said it, I thought about three mystery doors on a game show.

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Behind one, life as a janitor. Behind the other, flipping burgers at McDonalds.

Moving Neutral (Moving Neutral, #1) by Katy Atlas

What if behind the third door was just a never-ending highway, all open road and new cities and everything moving, never staying put. Maybe I would have picked that third door, in retrospect. Are you coming, space cadet? Darby asked me, pausing outside the student center and smiling thinly,. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. There are too many people looking for me. He's pretty persuasive, though, and he convinces me to go home with him so he can keep me safe from this harsh city where I find myself.

It's not my home. It's his. He belongs. I don't Read more 6. Love Evolution Brutal Strength, 1 by Michelle Mankin series Brutal Strength 1 After the death of her twin brother, nineteen year oldguitar prodigy Avery Jones finds herself desperate, alone, and out of options. Hope arrives in the form of a job opening with Brutal Strength, one of thebiggest rock bands out there. Only problem is temperamental lead singer MarcusAnthony doesn't want a woman in the group.

So Avery and her manager Trevor come up with a planinvolving a Bieber But when John Freely, a Read more Buried Castles Broken Fairytales 2 by Monica Alexander series Broken Fairytales 2 Emily Cole thought she was going to have the best summer of her life when she met Zack Easton, the dark, mysterious, gorgeous, guitar playing guy who captured her heart at first glance.

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  • He encouraged her to take risks and act without thinking, but more than that, he taught her what it was like to fall head-over-heels in love with someone. Then right when she thought he was falling for her too, Read more 5. But somehow, neither of us seemed able to put into words what we felt for each other and we finally drifted apart I ended up with Alex, the control freak, but when he'd cheated on me for the third time, enough was enough and I left. On a whim I ran to