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EGMO in Florence is just around the corner and it is time to get to know the girls who will be in the Italian team or rather teams competing. Giuseppe Pezzica. In our school, anyway, there is a lot of girls who train for competitions, almost as many as boys, and almost every year in the first team there was one, often two girls.

Despite this, when in first year of middle school I was asked what my favorite subject was, I answered 'Italian'… Luckily I changed my mind almost immediately and in university, unless some other whim comes up before that, I want to study maths. Of course! Before that I did not know about the existence of international mathematical competitions and the idea of a some girls-only competitions left me skeptic.

Only after my first national competition did I realize the huge numbers gap between boys and girls and the potential EGMO could have to get more girls involved in maths. So I found myself doing maths in my free time to train but, most of all, because I discovered I enjoy it more than I thought and I feel very satisfied when I manage to solve or understand a problem. And the hope to be able to take part in EGMO surely was extra motivation! What expectations for the contest? Mandami senza indugio la parola fraterna. Non udire altra voce, se non la mia e quella del tuo animo.

Ti abbraccio.

Il tuo. Under the Fascists, then, the making of Italy became inextricably linked to the Regime, and as such, the failure of the Fascist nation-state in also signaled the weakening purchase of its poietic rhetoric. The nation-state could now only be imagined in terms of absence, lack, or difference, that is, within the rhetoric of negation.

Indeed, it is within this dialectic that modern Italy is still imagined. Scholarly literature continues to fracture the Italian nation-state into autonomous regions, political parties, and north versus south. It insists that Italy suffers from a constitutive lack — of national sentiment, of spirit, of patriotism, of virtues, of modernity — without which it cannot become a complete nation-state.

Yet, in spite of this academic fatalism, the poietic, too, still resonates through the heart of the scholarly literature on the Italian nation-state, these texts deliberating and debating the making of Italy and Italians. In such ways, poiesis and negation mutually constitute and destabilize the rhetorical dialectic that sustains both the modern Italian nation-state and the scholarship that constructs it.

Acknowledgements I would like to extend a heartfelt grazie mille to Albert Ascoli, Mia Fuller, and Barbara Spackman for their generous feedback and unwavering support on this and so many of my other endeavors. See Giuseppe Fumagalli Even earlier, at s Patriarca, 1—19 and a: 21— Storia del Risorgimento, Rome. Ghisalberti, which is a direct reproduction of 8 This entire episode is related in both Ferdinando manuscript.

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1846 - 1908

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Musei - Esercito Italiano

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Tu sei qui

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