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Gibt es im Deutschen einen "Fachausdruck" oder muss man umschreiben mit dem Schwamm waschen? Suggestions sponge bath Amer. So konnte wenigstens die Kaffeemaschine normal laufen. Weil er dort das Wasser nicht seperat abstellen kann.

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I agree with Werner that the original suggestion didn't include adequate citations; however, I think the suggestion itself has merit and deserves to be examined more closely and not rejected out of hand. A "sponge bath" does not have to be done using a sponge. That can be seen from Jutta's original dictionary citation: "a bath in which the bather is washed with a wet sponge or washcloth without being immersed" In my own experience also it can be done with either one.

In fact, the word "sponge" is more flexible than I think some German speakers are aware of.

If you "sponge something or someone off", that doesn't necessarily mean you do it with a sponge. It could be with any absorbent cloth. So I think we can drop this as an issue or objection. What else is there that people object to with the suggestion? Am I missing something?

TRANSPARENTER SLIME MIT WASSER! 😱 DIY SCHLEIM einfach selber machen! Basteln auf Deutsch

It's in lieu of these, a compromise so to speak. There are few translations that work on-to-one in all cases. A sponge bath is not restricted to hopital settings or babies and the elderly. It can be any situation where there is little or no water available, or where there is no shower stall or bathtub. Typical examples would be at a campgrounds or when the water has been turned off in your house or apartment for whatever reason.

See the Wiki explanation. It can be and is usually a thorough and proper cleaning process; unless the context says clearly that such proper cleaning is not possible for whatever reason we must judge in favor of the cleaner or cleanee. Comment It [the English term] can be and is usually a thorough and proper cleaning process; Werner, on what basis are you making this statement? Comment If I have no other means for cleaning myself, because the bathtub is leaking and the shower does not work, I will clean myself with a sponge, add soap and do that cleaning as thouroughly as in the bathtub or under the shower.

I must assume that any other person does that same, as long as I can not see, smell or otherwise detect that it is not so. Comment Werner: It's not about what you or I would do in a particular situation, but how this word is typically used. I do wonder how much experience you have had using the word "sponge bath". Maybe you could give some examples? I did. The dictionary definition does not mention anything about thoroughness or lack of it. In my experience it usually isn't thorough because it's more difficult and time consuming.

Es gibt aber durchaus eine Schnittmenge, sehe ich auch so.

German-English translation for "gleiten"

Man ist mit dem Ergebnis zufrieden. Es ist also eher ein neutraler Begriff. Man ist mit dem Ergebnis unzufrieden. Comment Stimme den vorhergehenden Postings zu. A bath in which a wet sponge or washcloth is used without immersing the body in water. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 8th edition.

See Bath.

"gleiten" English translation

I wouldn't use it to describe a wash - be it quick or thorough, or to mean the same as "a lick and a promise". It's beautiful when she swims naked then I want to see her from behind Not that the breasts are attractive Her legs open like scissors Then from its hiding place, the flame glows hotly from her thigh-angle [1]. She swims past and doesn't notice me I am her shadow, she stands in the light There is no hope and no confidence.

Fire and water don't come together Can't be bound, aren't related Sunken in sparks, I am aflame and am burned in the water Like this, the blood boils in my loins I grab her with wet hands Smooth as a fish and cold as ice She won't waste herself on me I know. So they cannot mix. What the fuck is this song about?

A man seeing through the crotch of his focking center, ja! Everybody I know has had at least one unanswered love…. There were a few other serious relationships inbetween, but she was the first and I hope she will be the last! Exactly Harris and Peter. Beautiful song, fantastic lyrics, Till sings amazing in this song. Rammstein rocks the world! Also, there might be a different meaning in the song — the man doesnt want to show his love to the girl, because he knows that they will not match, like water doesnt match the fire.

So maybe the girl doesnt reject him, she just doesnt know about him. This song is written for me… it describes my story, For the GIRL that will never waste herself on me. Like what does this song mean i am very confused.

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While this would be grammatically incorrect, the use of the singular third person verb kommt rather than the plural kommen indicates the intent for fire and water to be viewed as a single entity. All descriptions are in the albums section.

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Wednesday, July 10, Rammstein Affenknecht.