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Obviously if you head over to the wealthy 8th or 16th arrondissements you are unlikely to get the impression that the City of Light is overrun by dealers and crack addicts. However try parts of the 19th, 18th or 10th arrondissements where authorities and police have struggled to deal with the extent of the problem. After police moved in to close a so-called "crack hill" on the edge of the city earlier in dealers and their addicts moved into more central parts of the city. The sight of addicts injecting themselves with drugs or smoking them has become in a square once frequented by families.

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Police and the Paris mayor have vowed to tackle the problem. Gare du Nord is often cited by visitors as being a somewhat underwhelming even dirty and smelly introduction to Paris. From the smell of urine outside, the dilapidated ceilings, lack of signage and leaky ceilings to the narrow platforms, closed shops, lack of space or the general all round filth, the station has a few well-documented issues.

In fact, it was once dubbed "the squalor pit of Europe" by a British exec and even these days you don't have to spend long there to think it might still be deserving of the name. Part of the problem is the station is located in one of the city's most problematic areas for drugs and alcoholics, with other stations in the north east of Paris showing signs of the strain. Indeed, the prevalence of dealers and addicts at some Metro stops has led some drivers to skip certain stations because of the drugs related violence , particularly on lines 12 and 4.

If you judged the city by a night out in the Marais quarter you wouldn't get the impression the city's gay community were cowering in fear.

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They are not, but that doesn't mean there isn't a longstanding problem with homophobia. Mayor Anne Hidalgo has vowed to take action and former deputy mayor of Paris, Bruno Julliard also regretted "the proliferation of homophobic attacks, public insults, savage 'outings' and incessant insults on social networks. It is no longer bearable, it requires collective action: the police, justice system, schools, associations.

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Quickly," he said. There have been 11 anti-Semitic murders in France since but the killing of an year-old Holocaust survivor in her Paris home in March which echoed that of another elderly Jewish woman in Paris, left the community in France particularly shocked and scared. There have been incidents in the suburbs of the capital where Jewish stores have been burned down and young Jewish boys beaten up for wearing the Kippa. And the incident when anti-Semitic graffiti reading "Jewish scum live here" was scrawled on the door of a Paris apartment building caused shock and anger in the French capital.

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When people think of the Paris banlieues if they do at all , it's likely they either think of them at best as grey, lifeless neighbourhoods full of tower blocks and at worst as places of poverty, violence and crime. There is an element of truth to both. And it's also true that life in the banlieues is startingly different to life in the French capital, essentially because they've been neglected over the years at the expense of the inner city centre where threre is more wealth, as well as resources and prospects.

This is actually referred to as the "donut effect". Successive French governments have been accused of failing to do enough to mend the massive inequality and have been accused of following an "out of sight, out of mind" approach to the banlieues. In truth, most visitors to Paris will have little reason to venture beyond the peripherique ring road which acts as the barrier between Paris and "not-Paris". And that's in spite of various government initiatives and billions of euros spent over the years.

The violence has once again focused attention on an issue -- not one that is not particularly new but one which is increasingly worrying the French authorities -- in part due to the young age of those being drawn into violent groups.

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There is real trivialization of violence among young people. These are boys as young as 13, more often that not from tough neighbourhoods, who are marginalized and often not in schools. They also lack any kind of parental framework," Yvan Assioma, from the Alliance police union, told The Local. Since a special police unit has been tasked with monitoring and mapping the violence among rival groups of youths. There are believed to be around 40 different groups in Paris, mostly based in the outer arrondissements in the north and east of the city.

Police are however reluctant to call them "gangs", because they insist there is very little organisation and structure. There might be a core of five or six, perhaps up to 10, but then they can grow very quickly if needed," said Assioma. The threat of terrorism has plagued France and in particular its capital since , after jihadist attacks left scores dead. Perhaps this school in France will be the answer. We alcoholics tend to believe that changing our location will fix our problems, forgetting that wherever we go, there we are.

Everything will be okay when: she moves, she loses weight, when she finds the right boy. Enter Moony, the only student at her new school to approach Summer. I have multiple sclerosis, so this character was as relatable to me as Summer was, due to his physical disabilities. As she gets to know him, Summer even realizes she likes him, and so do all the other kids in school. It turns out Moony was popular before his accident, and the kids still embraced him.

One reason for his continued popularity is his positivity and happiness—traits that might feel unreal to some readers, but not to me. Moony was the physically disabled part of me, Summer the alcoholic. And the character of Kurt, who seems to appear out of nowhere, fueled even more of those feelings. Older, charismatic, and sexy, Kurt tempts Summer back into drinking every time she tries to stop and do what she must in order to fulfill the terms of the will.

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Moony warns her away from him, but she has a hard time resisting. He was the guys I went home with, the ones who sent me on the walk of shame. While reading, I kept thinking, Who is this guy? The devil?

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He feels like a devil. Moony can see him too, and both he and Summer almost fall prey to it. This provocative film lifts the veil on a radical environmental group that the FBI calls America's "number one domestic terrorism threat. In the Light of Reverence is a beautifully rendered account of the struggles of the Lakota in the Black Hills, the Hopi in Arizona and the Wintu in California to protect their sacred sites.

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