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We have no idea what your lifestyle is, and we try to answer the best we can, but with an ATM you never have too worry if you brought too little or too much… withdraw as you need! A small word of advice based on our own experience and almost every expat we know: at the contrary of most countries, when withdrawing in a Thai ATM, your money will come first , then your card will be ejected AFTER!

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After a few beers and with friends having fun at the bar next door, a lot of ATM cards have been forgotten this way! Also always make sure no one is watching over your shoulder while you are entering your pin code, especially in Bangla road where travellers are a little careless.

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You will be surprised to see ho many currency exchange booths you will see when walking the streets of any beaches of Phuket. There are 2 types of booths. The official banks booths, identifiable by some kind of official logo and bank name like K Bank on this photo , and the unbranded booths.

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As those booths are often set near each other, you can walk from one to the next and see the rate for yourself, then change where the rate is best. We hate to say that unofficial money changer booths offer the best rates… but they often do. We tried to take a mobile photo of their exchange rate electronic board but they always switch it off with an angry look when we do!

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Must be good! The one exception is in Fiji, where Indo-Fijians expect to bargain and will often initiate the process. A credit, debit card, dedicated travel-cash card and a stash of notes will give you some options if an ATM swallows your plastic or the bank is closed. Withdrawing cash via local ATMs — either from your home bank account or a dedicated travel-cash account — is the easiest way of accessing your money in the South Pacific. There are ATMs in most urban centres, at airports and many ferry docks, but not on remote islands, where cash is still king.

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Visa and MasterCard are the most common. Make a note of the applicable 'lost card' phone numbers before you depart.

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You'll still encounter old-fashioned paper credit-card transaction slips here and there in the South Pacific. Pay attention! Nothing beats cash for convenience, paying for things in remote places…and risk. Withdraw moderate amounts from ATMs to minimise risk. But don't expect your local bank to stock obscure South Pacific currencies — banks and moneychangers in major gateway cities eg Auckland, Brisbane, LA, Honolulu are more likely to have a pile of Pacific tender in the vault. If you are exchanging currencies as you go, to redeem anything like face value it's best to get rid of cash in the country of origin before you leave.