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9 famous mirages that play tricks on the eyes

The Fata Morgana Palace is one of the favourite venues for business events. With its Oriental atmosphere, the Fata Morgana Palace offers a wide range of possibilities: from international congress to unforgettable party with entertainment. If you have any questions or would like a quote, please contact us via:.

Μαρίζα Κωχ - Φάτα Μοργκάνα

Under the starry sky of the Fata Morgana room, all your guests will become inspired. This space offers seating for to 1, persons in theatre layout. Thanks to this multifunctional hall the Fata Morgana Palace is an ideal conference venue.

This Forbidden City carries many secrets

It is possible to have the Fata Morgana dark ride attraction opened during the evening, specially for your guests. Together you sail through the Forbidden City and discover its secrets.

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In Efteling's oldest attraction, the Carousel Palace, there are some splendid Victorian style rooms in addition to the antique steam carousel. The enchanting Droomvlucht Palace is located in the Droomvlucht dark ride.

Fata Morgana Palace

Here you will find a room for business events which completely reflects the atmosphere of the attraction. This can be further complicated when there are multiple layers of hot and cold air, creating a highly distorted image as the light refracts through them. Superior mirages occur wherever the surface temperature is colder than the air above it, usually over bodies of water and areas with ice or snow on the ground. The term fata morgana is most often used to describe superior mirages occurring over water.

In these instances, objects on the horizon, such as ships, islands, cliffs, or icebergs, appear taller than they are because their inverted image is reflected above or superimposed on them. This elongation of objects on the horizon may make it appear as if there are turrets or towers rising up from the water, leading to the description of fata morganas as castles in the air. As this effect can occur with ships, making them look higher above the horizon than they are, some have speculated that this is the origin of the Flying Dutchman legend, in which a ghostly ship is doomed to sail the seas for eternity.

Today's Feature Mirages, Fata Morgana

It appears as a bank of fog, with varying degrees of brightness, but without the fine detail of the fata morgana. Since its introduction into regular usage, the term fata morgana has come to mean more than just an optical phenomenon; although it has kept its original meaning of referring to something that is illusory, its use has been expanded throughout popular culture.

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  • The enduring popularity of the term shows how compelling it is as an idea—that there are mysterious phenomena, benign or malevolent, that are beyond our understanding. Note: This is an updated version of an article that originally appeared on Interesting Thing of the Day on July 24, Interesting Thing of the Day.

    Fata Morgana Palace

    Made by humans on Earth. Since Image credit: Gerd A. Book of the Week. Digital cameras make it easy to take way too many pictures.

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