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La vie est brève et le désir sans fin

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Neither chastity nor ice have to imply death, only a profound stoppage, a suspension. So, as the year rolls out of hibernation into the budding sexuality of Spring, Dan Yack rushes into the freezer and the permanent night of the South Pole, which conveniently reverses the seasons. But it is also the sex of the parent which is in abeyance in the encircling glace. As to which of the two sexes is frozen in the mirror, it may be male or female, though myth tells us the earth is mother, and the psychoanalyst D. Later Dona Heloisa reincarnates the beloved Hedwiga when Dan Yack frees himself from the ice-pack, but she also is unattainable, married to another, and pregnant.

When we get to Les Confessions , by the magic of discourse the absent Mireille lives on in her cahier.

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In memory Dan Yack, frozen out by his own choice, talks the virgin girl — who is also a virgin boy — into existence. He looks like her, shares her eyes, of which the left looks and the right listens. He says he would have loved her. Is that to say he did not, or rather that she did not love him?

In her place he loves, or would hope to love Mireille, without touching. It is also difficult not to see the negated father in the Plan.

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It is, also, difficult not to see the negated father in the persons of the men who take away and of course sleep with the women Dan Yack loves. These are the serious men, better fathers who do not play games. He survives to be the solitary and self-sustaining male in a barren kingdom with only his chastity to disturb him. He kills, baths in blood as he tells us, but also created, builds, provides for all his men, though he forgets to recruit women.

He believes he is the Father, the boucher as he calls all his fathers before him.

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At war he had continued to kill, under the orders of an English commanding officer named Butcher. Dan Yack cannot hope to take over from this man, who even planned his Port Deception factory, and who receives inkwells by the thousands from all over the globe, as if to monopolize all the sources of writing. All of life is, more and more, a sexual violation to her.

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In Le Plan , he is on an island just outside of the polar circle, and yet he is frozen with it. The geography of the novel therefore leads us to see two frozen adult figures, one at the South Pole, the other in the mountain peak, as places best left to be desired. Dan Yack initiates himself into an acceptance of her failure, then goes on to show off for her, with boyish bravado, that he can be the terrible destroyer of worlds he despairs of her admiring.

In Les Confessions de Dan Yack , the pointed aiguille above, and no doubt also the companion Mont Blanc with its storied ninety-kilo telescope lens, comprise together the Other as father, distant, towering and judgmental. Caught between the two sexes, he desires, by means of a prodigal giving to Mireille, a virgin birth out of himself.

That is the stasis at one point late in Les Confessions , after he has been a boy for the ice-mother and a girlas-boy for the snow-father. He has been working at creating a myth of himself in order to offer to Others a place to come alive in, all to no avail. But is it a grouped twins Cendrars might wish to be or twins he hopes to rid himself of as he once said of Moravagine , or again, one of each? Dan Yack, character and novel, are a part of Cendrars which he has put outside of him, yet cannot find its existence anywhere but inside him. First we cannot but stop at the split, into two fictions which he himself set up for us as dichotomies of a two-part, antipodal movement.