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But, her attraction to Dylan is really making it hard to avoid falling into the old habits she is trying to change. Dylan is the last person on earth she could ever hope to share a long term relationship with. It was all wrong. He was a celebrity, he had women all over him, he was always on the road and on and on. But, try as she might to deny her feelings for Dylan, if Suzanne really wants to make improvements in her life she is going to have to admit her feelings for Dylan and deal with the situation like a mature adult. No More Running Away!!

Can Suzanne change a lifetime full of bad habits? Will she and Marci mend their friendship? Will Dylan and Suzanne be able to work out their differences and make a commitment to each other? Well, first Suzanne will have to survive the wrath of her stalker! I enjoyed Suzanne's story. All of us are flawed and in Suzanne's case she had commitment issues. Some of this stemmed from her parents disappointment in her career choice, and from a relationship that could have given Suzanne a life much the same as Marci's.

But, Suzanne had freaked out and from that point on she had drifted into one short term affair after another, always finding some small reason to break it off.

See a Problem?

I don't think Suzanne really thought of herself as being self absorbed, but she found that Marci was right at least to some extent. It takes a lot of work for Suzanne to examine her life and vow to improve herself. Character growth is important to a story and Suzanne wasn't the only one with issues to work on. Dylan also will have to make some big choices if he is going to ever have a chance with Suzanne.

I also like the secondary characters. Kate, Dylan's sister, is also having some problems and finds a confidante in Suzanne. Sadly, a tragedy will lead Suzanne into a field she never would have pictured herself in. She showed true grace and selflessness by putting others needs before her own. This was another great chapter in this series. I give this one an A. Mar 28, Juhina rated it really liked it. I picked up Regrets Only when I needed a quick fun contemporary read, which is what I got.

The story enters around an event planner, Suzanne, who was planning a big event for country star Dylan Burke. Unfortunately during the event, something goes very wrong and Suzanne's reputation as an event planner goes down the drain. Not only that, but it seems like someone is out to get Suzanne. Dylan comes to the rescue for her career and asks her to plan his sister's wedding, which she accepts.

Regrets Only

Obviously sparks fly for Suzanne and Dylan.. There's also the whole mystery behind who was out to get Suzanne. Unfortunately I felt the mystery was slightly unnecessary because it was underdeveloped and to be honest obstructed the flow of the story more than it gave it interest. Maybe because I read too many mystery novels. So take this mystery plot with a grain of salt. Suzanne and Dylan's relationship as somewhat messy..

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I really liked Suzanne and Dylan's friendship, and I wished it was developed more before jumping into the romance, but it was still enjoyable. If you want to pick up a contemporary to get you out of a reading slump, or one you can read through quickly, then this is the one for you. This is a feat for me especially since I have only read 8 books in so far. View 1 comment. Suzanne Hamilton is one of the best event coordinator's in the business, until she is sabotaged.

There are a lot of suspects and I went back and forth trying to figure it out. Meanwhile, there's a little love story slowly brewing. There were so many laugh out moments in this book and of course, you are rooting for Susanne the whole way. I will say for those of you who care, there is implicit sex for about 10 of the last 30 pages. Just FYI. It was also pretty funny when Suzanne was trying to figure out why she had dated so many men and still hadn't found the right one. I was sad when the book ended, because, yet again, I did not want to leave these characters.

I found the story to be well written, the characters definitely believable and the book fun, entertaining and an enjoyable read. Huge thanks to St. Martin's Press for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.

There's everything you could ask for in this book. Romance, mystery, kidnapping, redneck hillbillies, a celebrity and a gay assistant who is just a hoot. The book started slow for me with a slow build up. I was surprise it took them that long to get together and not much in the way of sex happened.

The girls Dylan would talk to got on my nerve especially Misty. Then we had the stalker aspect of the book i was surprise by who it was and they were crazy. I did like the surpporting characters with the extra storylines involved. I was hoping Suzanne would not run as she usually does because it see The book started slow for me with a slow build up. I was hoping Suzanne would not run as she usually does because it seems to be a habit for her. She claims to want more but wants to have an independant life and thinks that will go away if shes in a relationship. I do think she is a little crazy herself and Dylan is a saint to deal with her.

I also, didnt get the long breaks in the storyline especailly after Suzanne revealed her feelings. But in the end it was an okay read. I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of M. Pullen's sequel to The Marriage Pact and I was not disappointed! From the opening chapter, I was hooked. I couldn't wait to follow Suzanne on her journey. Just what would happen with Dylan Burke? A surprising twist in the middle of the book kept me turning the page! I couldn't put it down. The characters are well developed and I feel as if I know them or at least want to know them!

Pullen's attention to detail is amazing and really puts the rea I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of M. Pullen's attention to detail is amazing and really puts the reader in the locations of the characters. A well written, fun read! Will there be a book three in the series? I hope so! View all 3 comments. Loved it!! I want to be in this crazy circle of friends and live in their fictitious world. I love event planning and Suzanne's neuroses puts me to shame. I now want to go back and read the first book again to get to know Marci and Jake better.

I read most of this book on our road trip and even though I get car sick when I read I couldn't put this down! A super romantic comedy! It drew me in right from the beginning and I was compelled to read straight through. The characters were wonderful and so well painted that I really wanted to know what the next steps in their lives would be. The underlying mystery that is woven throughout the book is spectacular - either theme could stand alone but together is magic.

A good read. Great sequel! Marci was involved enough to satisfy the readers. I really enjoyed all the twist and turns and was very happy with the final outcome. Hope there is a 3rd book to let us see more of the future! Omg a Great book but I think this story was a little Mar 14, Tamara rated it liked it Shelves: books-i-read-in , read-review-to-come , books-i-review.

Review to come later. Quick thoughts: really a 3. Aug 08, SS rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Audiobook A strong protagonist, like 4 different interwoven plots that didn't seem like too much, a good deal of fun and funny moments.

I liked getting a little look into secondary characters' lives which were more often than not pretty well developed. Things I Did Not Like: 1. The main character's love life was 'pathologized' by so many of the other characters, but the main love interest's sexual past was nothing that needed to be examined. The death of the black detective itself, and the fa Audiobook A strong protagonist, like 4 different interwoven plots that didn't seem like too much, a good deal of fun and funny moments.

That it was the woman with the 'issue' is just too common of a representation for me. I guess we all have our pet peeves? The second part of a series and although it's is easy to follow, you keep on wondering what happend before. But that is my fault for not starting with the first book. The story was nice with a hint of suspense that kept growing but then suddenly fell a little flat.

Afterwards it picked up again but it ended too soon. I would have liked it to last a bit longer. From that moment on it is going towards a happy ending or does Suzanne keep having doubts? It's a chicklit lifted to a higher level thanks The second part of a series and although it's is easy to follow, you keep on wondering what happend before. It's a chicklit lifted to a higher level thanks to the suspense part.

Jun 03, Jenny rated it liked it Shelves: book-club. I thought this was much better than the "first" book in the series, The Marriage Pact. It's not really necessary to read that book before this one, though, although I did like knowing the background story of Marci and Jake, as well as Rebecca's part in all of that, since Suzanne spends quite a bit of time with all three in this story.

The book was mostly predictable, although there were some things that I didn't see coming. It wasn't a huge part but it did add an interesting element. But of course, we all could see her and Dylan getting together miles away, although their first in-person interaction at the baseball game had me second-guessing for just a minute. I like that they weren't perfectly suited on paper, and I like that it was a slow development - that they were in love but wanted to give themselves time to come to the realization and make sure it was for real.

Oh dear. Just skim read the last fifty pages because I couldn't wait to finish it so I could move on to something else. I borrowed this book from the library because the author's work was compared to Emily Giffin's. This not so much. Skip this and read Giffin instead, if you haven't already. Jan 11, Mari rated it really liked it. This is a good story, I could hardly put it down.

Suzanne has a lot of sass with her event job. She found out with all her dating, she just may finally have found her match, but still doubts herself. I get the impression that this author talks a lot. Several of the scenes are too detailed a bit overkill. I dang near forgot about the attack. I was all set to read the next book but just thinking about it makes my head hurts. Didn't love the characters at first, but they grew on me, as did the book. Not normally a "chic lit" reader, but this is good romantic comedy that doesn't need a lot of attention to read; take it to the beach.

Dec 24, Laura VanZant rated it really liked it. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Baggage Check by M. Pullen Goodreads Author. At thirty-five, Rebecca Williamson is surrounded by happy endings. Her friends Suzanne and Marci are living out their own personal fairy tales in Atlanta. But despite Rebecca's best efforts four years ago, her adorable college friend Jake Stillwell has officially slipped through her fingers and broken her heart.

When Rebecca gets a frantic phone call from her mother back in At thirty-five, Rebecca Williamson is surrounded by happy endings. When Rebecca gets a frantic phone call from her mother back in Alabama, Rebecca is pulled back to the tiny town she worked so hard to leave behind and forced to face the hard truths about her family and past. A past that includes Deputy Alex Chen, who thinks of Rebecca as more than just an old friend's kid sister. Can Rebecca navigate the chaos and get her life back to normal? Will Alex prove himself to be the friend she's always needed?

Or will she discover that the door to Jake is not as tightly closed as she thought? Pullen returns in this final installment to the same captivating group of lovelorn friends, this time following the girl group's frenemy, Rebecca, as she's forced to confront her past. Raising the stakes, Pullen delivers an absorbing, romantic novel that poses the question, what if everything you were looking for was right where you started?

Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages.

More Details The Marriage Pact 3. Other Editions 7. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Baggage Check , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Disclaimer 1: I've been friends with MJ for going on half my life now, and was a beta reader for this book. I'm a dude who normally reads fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy.

All that being said, I found that there was so much else going on in this story besides the romantic thread that it ended up carrying me along from beginning to end without wanting to put it down. Given my genre affiliation, I consider that high praise. You've got thorny family issues, mental health issues, you-can't-go-home-again-or-can-you dynamics, sports sainthood, an alien invasion, dealing with people you knew in high school, and one scene that made my vagina tingle.

I didn't even know I had one of those. Also, one item on that list is a lie. Just checking to see if you're paying attention. In all, though this is currently the only book of the trilogy I've read, I can see in the bits of back-story exposition artfully sprinkled through the text that this is a satisfying conclusion to the intertwined threads MJ has built for her characters, and it epilogued it's English, I can verb a noun if I want to in what was, for me, a very moving and emotionally uplifting way.

View all 3 comments. Baggage Check by M. Pullen is a November publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Rebecca hasn't had the most charmed life. She fled her small town for city life and tried desperately to fit in with a certain social circle. Rebecca became friends with Marci and Suzanne and fell in love with the man Marci eventually married. Now if you have read the last two books you will know that before Marci and Jake married, they were having a little misunderst Baggage Check by M.

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Now if you have read the last two books you will know that before Marci and Jake married, they were having a little misunderstanding and Rebecca tried to take advantage of the opportunity to see if there was a chance with Jake. Try as she might you just can't force someone to feel something they don't. Jake loved Marci and that was that. Rebecca and Marci's relationship cooled off after that incident and it never has really recovered.

Now, Rebecca is working as an airline attendant and is taking a vacation with the girls before Suzanne gets married. But, when she arrives there seems to be a lot going on, especially with Marci and Jake. But, before Rebecca can get it figured out, she gets an urgent phone call from her mother. Something is terribly wrong.

Her mother claims she is being forced out of her home so Rebecca phones her father who for some reason is off on a vacation sipping cocktails and playing golf. So, Rebecca heads home for the first time in many years. What she discovers is a major shock. Her mother is unwell and has been for quite some time. As Rebecca realizes she is going to have stay and get things settled she become reaquainted with an old friend, Alex.

Meanwhile, Marci and Jake are going through a rough patch. Marci has become convinced Jake is having an affair and the first person she thinks of is Rebecca. Suzanne is in the big middle of wedding plans and is less involved in this installment. While Rebecca comes to terms with the past, the present, and begins to look toward the future, many old wounds will begin to heal, forgiveness will take over, and a much happier , stronger and contented Rebecca will emerge with her very own happy ever after on the horizon.

I have just loved this trilogy. Starting with Marci and Jake, then Suzanne and Dylan, now Rebecca and Alex, each book tells a funny, emotional and inspirational story as each of the women featured learns important life lessons and is able to turn loose of the issues that are holding them back and keeping them from living happy contented lives. I loved how we got to see the relationship with Jake and Marci after a few years of marriage and becoming parents. They are now dealing with that stage in a marriage when so much of your life evolves around your children and the freedom you once had becomes a thing of the past.

So often a story ends with the HEA and we never see a couple going through the growing pains of a real life relationship. So, this was a fun side story. Obviously, the main story is on Rebecca. She left her hometown due to a heart wrenching tragedy. She didn't see herself ever living in a small town again after living in the city with all it's hustle and bustle. This life just wasn't for her, but her mother is seriously ill, and Rebecca must step up and take care of some things before she can return to her usual lifestyle.

The issues brought to light here are not the usual ones you find in novels. A mental illness that is often depicted in the worse possible way on television and is a massive embarrassment to family members has left Rebecca a great deal of work ahead of her. During this time of crisis, Rebecca learns she has many people in her life that care about her and stop what they are doing to come give her a hand. This is also an opportunity for Rebecca and Jake to have a heart to heart conversation that will once and for all establish the type of relationhip they will have.

We can't turn our feelings off and on like a light switch and some mixed signals were not all Rebecca's fault, but it was way past time for Rebecca to at least try to open her heart up to someone who would give her the kind love she deserves. I will confess that of the three women, Rebecca wasn't my favorite because of the stunt she pulled on Marci back in book one. Sure, she can't help who she has feelings for, but she knew that the situation with Jake and Marci was unsettled, but not over.

She didn't want Jake under those terms anyway, but because Marci was one of her best friends it felt wrong on so many levels. In this story Rebecca still finds her feelings for Jake just as strong as ever, and there is a moment or two of real temptation for Rebecca. Thankfully, Rebecca will find love in with the most unlikely of people. The rip in her friendship with Marci will begin to heal and Jake and Rebecca will both realize they have a wonderful friendship.

Some of the most painful moments in Rebecca's life will be revisited and she will find a peace finally and the ending of the book will have you feeling a little emotional. I warmed up to Rebecca a little more once I read her story and if Marci can forgive her then I guess I can too. Overall this one is an A. Pullen brings the real world to life again with this one. I read it in a single sitting.

The story broke my heart then started putting it back together again; it made me cry and made me laugh. Everything is laid out in stark clarity while remaining light and yet in-depth. The multilayered storyline really keeps you captivated. I love the characters in this series. I quite enjoyed getting to know this main character better.

Although you get to know her briefly in previous novels, Pullen really delves deeper into her character with this one, allowing you to understand where she came from and why she is who she is today. She becomes quite easy to identify with and feel for. This is definitely my favourite in the Marriage Pact series. Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review. To be completely honest, I opened this book with the hopes that it was set at the airport and I thought it would be about mistaken luggage or mixed up bags.

Turns out though that Baggage Check is about middle aged Rebecca who is now thirty-five and one of her friends Suzanne. Rebecca hasn't been home for years, not since the guy she loved and has loved all her life ended up marrying one of her friends Marci. Ever since college, Rebecca has loved Jake, and of course, he is happily married to Mar To be completely honest, I opened this book with the hopes that it was set at the airport and I thought it would be about mistaken luggage or mixed up bags. Ever since college, Rebecca has loved Jake, and of course, he is happily married to Marci who is now a famous parenting and lifestyle blogger.

Rebecca lives her life in the air as an airline flight attendant and therefore doesn't have time to date or put roots down, this is her way to forget about her past. What happens though when the wedding starts to resurface old feelings? Especially when she receives a phone call from her mother and has to detour to her small hometown where she was known as the girl whose older brother died in a car accident. Rebecca arrives home to find her mother's home condemned, and her mother is a compulsive hoarder, and cat lady and her families life are crashing around her as her father is busy with his secretary - his new girlfriend.

Back home, though it might be finally time for Rebecca's love life to start looking up as a new Sheriff has caught her attention. Is Alex Chen, the guy she needs to replace her feelings for Jake? Is this finally time for Rebecca to accept her life and move on from her dreams and settle for a reality she has never taken time out to realize is happening around her? This third entry in M. Pullen's "Marriage Pact" series is definitely my favorite. We've been with these characters for three books now, and in a way it always feels like coming together with old friends.

The "old" characters are so intertwined with the "new" in this book that it's more of an ensemble piece at points. However, just like you don't always like your friends, you admittedly This third entry in M. However, just like you don't always like your friends, you admittedly don't always like these characters.

They're flawed, but that's what, for me, makes these books so enjoyable. They fight, they make mistakes, they make decidedly unwise decisions, but they always get it figured out by the end. Rebecca in this book is certainly not an exception to that pattern; in fact, she's kind of the overachiever in the "Girl, what the heck are you thinking? But then you put yourself in Rebecca's shoes, and realize you'd be just as incredibly lost as she is.

In fact, Rebecca is probably the character in this series who I can identify with the most. Don't let the bright pink cover throw you: though this definitely has the romance element, it's not strictly a romance. I'd categorize it a little more in the "coming-of- not-quite-middle -age" category, if that were an actual category. Rebecca learns and grows as a character, and it's a far more fulfilling and dramatic read than the "romance" category often implies. Though don't let me lead you astray here: there are plenty of laugh-out-loud and hide-your-face-in-second-hand-embarrassment moments, too.

Plus, I'll admit that I have a total crush on Alex Chen. The romantic interest here is quite realistically swoon-worthy. My one somewhat-dislike of the book was the inclusion of Marci's blog entries. I liked that they were giving a side of the narrative we normally wouldn't get, but it was a bit odd to just have them thrown in.

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I checked the original formatting of the book, and it turns out they're actually supposed to be separated from the narrative, which makes them a little less out-of-place. But on the Kindle version they just flow right into the story, and I was a bit confused as to how they were supposed to tie in Was Rebecca reading them? Were they just supplemental elements? Baggage Check is a fast read, and quite a good way to spend a few hours.

It's definitely going into the "re-readable" stack along with its two prequels. Disclosure: I received a free Advance Reader Copy of Baggage Check from the author in exchange for my honest [and apparently quite lengthy Apr 05, Judy Collins rated it really liked it Shelves: books-read-in , womens-fiction , atlanta , contemporary , chick-lit , releases , netgalley-arc , alabama , mj-pullen.

A special thank you to St. A very fitting title and cover. From Atlanta to Alabama, M. From emotional baggage, complexities, wit, wisdom, and love. The game of life. How will each play the game? A luxurious rental house—technically supposed to be a bachelorette party for Suzanne. Rebecca and Marci had been part of the same circle of friends for more than fifteen years, since Rebecca had escaped to Georgia her senior year in high school, but they could never seem to get comfortable being alone together.

Rebecca, age 35 a flight attendant out of Atlanta receives a phone call from her mother back in Alabama, and returns to the town and a past, she so wanted to leave behind. A town and people she wanted to forget. She had exchanged this unpleasant life for an orderly one. She was not looking forward to returning. When she was growing up, in the rural small Southern town, a town barely able to support the weekend dance hall that only served soda and doubled as a senior activity center during the day.

A guy who played football with her brother, who still has feelings for her. She had no intentions of getting involved with him, or does she? Her mom, Lorena was a hoarder and has a psychiatrist. OCD plus now she is confused and dissociative. Mental Illness. A traumatic event. After Rebecca moved to Georgia for her senior year and went to college it became harder for her father to keep her mother in check.

Rebecca begins questioning her own life. For the last ten years she had been too busy lusting after a man who did not love her. Her career. She had been free on weekends and rarely made her way out I West to Alabama. How would she face her own past and present? Now Marci wants to know if her husband is cheating?

Rebecca had left all these things behind long ago. It was easier. There was something unhealthy in the way her mother clung to each piece of matter around her. As though by holding on to the everyday items, she could hold on to Cory. From the sorority at UGA, still the regional alumni VP, where she hoarded social connections, the way her mother hoarded garage sale furniture. Rebecca loved her orderly clean life. Being the kind of person who could be a blank slate, a smile that reflected back what people wanted to see in themselves.

She had built her life on being the girl-next-door clean, as asset to any man of wealth and reputation. And yet, she slept alone. The men of wealth and reputation wanted blue-blooded women like Suzanne, who could wear high heels and silk scarves and manage to curse while sounding feminine. Rebecca had never been able to pull off either. Was she trying too hard to be something or someone different? What about Alex? The boy who was there all along. However, on the opposite side, we hear from Marci Stillwell, through her Blog The Care and Feeding of a Suburban Husband with a series of entries about her life.

Is her picture perfect husband, lovely home in the suburbs, beautiful daughter and amazing life, what it appears to be? Everyone is busy rushing to grow up, however, do we wish we had spent more time enjoying our time being a kid? Always striving, while losing the enjoyment of playing the game journey. People are taken from us too soon, lives unravel, families crumble. Even when we stay together, we take each other for granted, and the love that should lift us up to be better people sometimes leaves us room to become selfish, righteous, or controlling instead.

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Win or lose, just get back out there. Sometimes you have to know the tears of loss to appreciate the joy of winning. Sometimes the people who need love the most are the ones who seem to push it away. Being an Atlanta gal, and a Southern native, loved discovering this author. This was my first book in the series and working my way backwards to the prior books. I enjoyed the comparison of marriage, relationships, family and friendships Life to the game of Sports. More than just about the "score" at the end of the game.

Ward Beautifully written, with human insights, a contemporary look at the lives of modern women, their complexities, family, friendships, and the strong need of acceptance and love. Dealing with the past, in order to move forward with the future. Love and Loss. Heartwarming, important life lessons, and self-discovery. We are, in many ways, defined by our baggage.


Pullen writes well and her novels are emotion-packed. This is the third story about a group of female friends from Atlanta and the men they fall in love with. The second book, Regrets Only, is a favorite of mine and I have read it several times. Baggage Check tells the story of a thirty-four year old woman who has carefully contained and orchestrated her life so there is nothing messy about it. She even washes down grocery carts and restaurant tables with wet wipes. Her family life was very messy Pullen writes well and her novels are emotion-packed. Her family life was very messy after her brother died when she was sixteen and her mother began to exhibit some mental health problems.

Her senior year in high school, Rebecca left the chaos of her grief stricken family in her small Alabama hometown and moved to an exclusive Atlanta neighborhood to live a neater life with her aunt where she could also move into the world of the wealthy and powerful. But now her mother has had a breakdown, Rebecca herself has no love life because she is still in love with a man who married one of her friends, and her father has given up trying to live with his crazy wife and has hooked up with a ditzy but wealthy woman.

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When Rebecca returns home to clean out the home of her mother, who had become a hoarder, she is pursued by Alex, a deputy sheriff who had been friends with her brother. Suddenly she spends her life dealing with messy things, including not just the disaster of a house but her troubled relationship with everyone in her life.

Whether like this story depends on what you are looking for. As I said, the author writes well and there is a lot of emotion and interesting insights. Through this, we watch her evolve and become re-engaged with life and people. There are interactions with Alex throughout the main body of the novel but not too many and they never come to anything.

It is not until almost the end of the novel that there is any movement on the relationship between Alex and Rebecca. There is a HEA. I thought I was buying a romance novel so I was a little disappointed that that was not really what this was. But, that's not the main reason I didn't care a lot for this novel. I like many women fiction novels and one might even think of Pullen's Regrets Only that way. But when I think about Regrets Only or a favorite women's fiction novel of mine, No Place Like Home, which has even more dire circumstances for the heroine, I realize I rate them highly because I really like, admire and enjoy the heroines.

Not so much Rebecca. And the heroines of these other novels have some positive relationships in their lives that help to counteract all of the anger, fear, pain and angst. All of Rebecca's relationships were too screwed up to be really satisfying. So, I found there was almost nothing for much of this novel that made me feel a little frisson of pleasure or happiness. The chronic unhappiness and distress was so wearing that half way through I was ready for it to be over.

Just my reaction. I can understand why others might feel differently. I finished the other two in the series, both of which I enjoyed, but I found myself having a really hard time reading this one. I didn't like Rebecca at all, Alex seemed a little obsessed with her and who she was in high school. The stuff about the mother seemed fascinating and humanized her but yeah, Rebecca was pretty awful.

Feb 07, Amanda Morgan rated it liked it Shelves: first-reads. But I didn't think it really mattered, I enjoyed this book just fine as a standalone. This book features Rebecca, one of three adult female friends.