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This article was co-authored by Natalia S. David, Psy. Categories: Fear. Updated: March 29, There are 17 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Method 1. Label your fear to reduce its ambiguity.

7 Ways to Overcome Fear and Live Your Dreams

If your fear is vague, the lack of definition could be making it seem larger in your head. Clearly define your fear in simple terms. Talk it through with someone you trust, or journal about it. Defining your fear makes it a little less scary. Plus, once you know what it is, you can develop a game plan to overcome it. Use mindfulness to sit with the emotions brought on by fear. Avoidance is a common response to fear, but it keeps you hostage to what you're afraid of. Rather than pushing away the thoughts and feelings that come along with your fear, accept them and mindfully observe them.

Notice what you're thinking and what's happening in your body. Let these sensations come and go without trying to push them away or avoid them. Stay mindful by making sure your thoughts aren't wandering away from the fear. If your mind wanders, bring yourself back to the experience at hand. Consider the worst case scenario. Reduce the power of your fear by thinking about the absolute worst thing that could happen. For instance, if you're frightened of humiliating yourself in public, consider what would happen if you did. Chances are, some people might pity you and try to help.

Is that really so bad? To prevent yourself from spiralling into anxiety during this exercise, do it in the presence of a close friend or family member who can offer support. Reframe the fear into something more realistic. Where is the evidence to support your claim?

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They probably won't laugh at me. Take gradual steps to face what's frightening you. To truly overcome your fear, you must face it head on.

Slowly, work your way through the different levels of exposure to your fear. With each level, you will gain more confidence to face the next.

Then, watch videos. Next, you might go down into the subway with a friend and just stand there for a while. Also considered but not used was "Shakebox". In the pre-recording stage of the album, the band had the same lineup as for their previous album in Robert Palmer, Andy Taylor, John Taylor and Tony Thompson , and all four musicians worked on the writing and arranging of the songs. However, John Taylor was going through a divorce at the time, as well as entering drug rehab, and pulled out before the album was recorded.

Instead Bernard Edwards , the producer, played all bass parts on Living In Fear , and took over as the group's official fourth member.

How to Live in Fear

John Taylor still receives writing and arranging credits on the finished album, but does not play on it, and is not listed as a group member. Unfortunately, Edwards died of pneumonia in Japan before the album was released; the album is dedicated to his memory.

These two events did not help the album and it was not a commercial success, with only one single, " She Can Rock It ", being released. Or set boundaries with your mother. Or go to rehab. Or speak up about the integrity breaches at work.

Four tips to help you stop living in fear | Psychologies

But you're terrified of the uncertainty. What you'll discover on the other side of fear, though, is that uncertainty is the gateway to possibility. When you don't know what the future holds, anything could happen. When you're afraid, you feel the need to micromanage everything. You mistakenly think you live in a hostile, random universe that's out to get you unless you grab the wheel with both hands and steer your life toward what you want.

You don't trust that it's a purposeful universe, that life is intelligent, that everything that happens helps you grow your soul, even if it's not what your ego wants. When you make the journey from fear to faith, you trust that it's a friendly universe. Then you can relax. Surrender to the flow of life, accept what is, let go of the handle, and enjoy the exciting ride. That's when life gets really fun. When fear is operating you, you'll avoid speaking up. You won't stand up for what you believe. You won't let your voice be heard when your integrity is being threatened.

You won't tell people when they hurt your feelings. You'll be too afraid to ask for what you really want. When you let love lead, you start respecting and appreciating the divine voice that flows through you, and you invite it to be heard. As a result, you'll attract those who resonate with your truth. You'll find your soul community.

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Fear isn't just an uncomfortable emotion that holds you back from following your dreams. It also triggers stress responses in the body that put you at risk of disease and make it hard for the body to heal itself. Fearful people are more likely to get heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory disorders, chronic pain and even the common cold.

They're also more likely to experience milder symptoms, such as insomnia, low energy, obesity, dizziness, headaches, backaches, decreased libido and gastrointestinal distress. This isn't meant to frighten you. It's meant to wake you up, give you hope, and inspire you to embark upon the journey of transformation from fear to freedom. First, it's not so much about curing fear, which can be your friend! It's more about letting fear cure YOU. When you develop the right relationship with fear and uncertainty, fear can be the finger pointing toward everything in need of healing in your life.

Here are a few things that can you can do now.

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  • Love can transmute fear almost instantly when you open your heart and allow yourself to feel gratitude. Close your eyes and think about a child you love or a beloved who touches your heart. Remember a time when you felt wrapped in the arms of Divine love, when you were touched by a synchronicity or a birth or a miracle and you just knew you were loved and protected by a nurturing universe. Let yourself experience that memory of love and connectedness. Watch fear dissolve in the moment. Meditation is a well-studied and scientifically-proven way to reduce fear, improve your health, ramp up your courage, and tune you into the frequency of real life magic.

    It includes guided meditations meant to calm your nervous system, boost your faith, rewire your fear-based worldview, and help you transform your fear into fuel for awakening. Every time you have a fearful thought, question it. What's true about that thought? What's not true about that thought? The minute you question your thoughts and beliefs, you start to create distance, allowing you space to take a witness position to your thoughts. This starts to loosen fear's hold on you right away.