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Fun at the Bog: Sounds make Words make. Another fun story introducing Fred the frog and Ben the bug. They love to play They love to play in the bog with the rest of the crew.

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But when the fog sets in they go on a bus trip. Who will they meet High Stakes. Dark fiction writer Joel Betancourt's short story collection delves into matters that create our core. You'll find twenty-seven stories involving obsessed artists, vampire dolls, and desperate gamblers. These are just a few of the interesting characters you'll meet playing for Horatio Hilt and his High Flying Horn of. A story about a boy who struggles to listen to his mom and seeks advice A story about a boy who struggles to listen to his mom and seeks advice from his father on what to do.

He will eventually figure it out and also learn something new about the holiday season. Written in the The County of Los Angeles sells properties for which property taxes have not been paid The County of Los Angeles sells properties for which property taxes have not been paid: 3 years or more for non-residential properties, and 5 or more years for residential properties. The auctions are open to the public, and take place once CreateSpace Publishing. I think I am a bit fed up with it, but the moral is important and I sometimes need to remember to listen to the advice others give me.

This story will help me remember that. Eimear age 9. The Boy who Flew to High is one Greek myth from which we Lear that is important moral although by King Daedalus, not to fly too high into the Sun, to prevent his wings made of Wax should melt, does and he should melt, and he should fall into the sea, does not follow his fathers advice and as a consequence he flies to close the sun, which melts the wax on his wings and he falls into the Sea. Natasha — June 6, Bertie — June 13, Audible will soon be sponsoring a story, and it helps us keep in with them if you use our special link to sign up.

Bertie — August 3, The Boy Who flew to High is an especially good Greek myth about the dangers of over ambition and not following the advice of those wiser and older than you. Natasha — August 19, The Plot of this story involves a young boy who flies to high towards the sun even though he is warned by his father not to do so, for his wings with melt with wax from the heat of the Sun. It teaches the a valuable lesson that it is important not to overstretch ones limits. Natasha — September 20, This is another great story.

The children in my class all enjoy reading Greek myths but some find reading a bit tricky. Having Natasha read it aloud means they can read along and enjoy the story without having to stop to work out difficult words. Keep up the terrific work. Thank you for your comment. Natasha — October 14, Natasha — November 4, This a classic greek myth and one we remember because it teaches us a lot about the perils of being over ambitious.

The young boy flies too close to the Sun and his wings of wax melt, despite his fathers words of warning. Natasha — December 4, Good Stuff. You may also like to read the greek Myth The Minotaur,in which Daedalus who is a skilled craftsmen built the Labyrinth in which the beast is kept. You will find this story on Storynory.

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Natasha — December 22, These are two very Greek Myths on Storynory. The character of Daedalus appears in both stories. In the Boy who Flies to High, Daedalus is the father of the young boy. And in the story of the Minotaur, it is Daedalus the architect who built the maze, which is the centre point of the Drama.

Natasha — January 2, Yes I agree this is a sad story. When The Boy flies to High and close to the sun his wings of wax melt and he drops like lead into the Ocean. It is a tale that we can learn a great deal from. Natasha — February 1, I love this story because I think that even thought it is not real I think is a great lesson but still sad.

But nobody really knows, nobody has any real prof. Aww he died sob ; I feel sorry for him. But then he felt melt coming on his wings. So thats how he fell and drowned I think. Natasha — February 24, I feel soryy for icarus in my opinion i think that he should have not have flown in the air any ways but i learned that you should aim high by not to high when it be harful and sad. Thank you for your comment The Boy who flew to High is an excellent Greek myth and one we remember well When the Boy flies too High towards the sun and falls down into the sea he learns a very valuable lesson that it is important not too fligh too close to the sun.

Natasha — March 22, Hello Thanks for your comment. The Boy Who Flew to High is a sad story. Natasha — April 9, I think the story is really sad for the reason is that the boy did not listen to his fathers instructions. Princess victoria — April 19, I like this story very much ,but a myth is just a really short story you wrote a really like a long story. Dear Theo, We have had this proof-read — by two different people!

I will look myself again for the typos. Bertie — May 16, The Boy who Flew to High is very good story and we learn a lot from Little Icarus who does not listen to the good advice of his fathers words but instead flies to High to the sun where his wings made of Wax melt. You may also enjoy the story of The Wooden Horse on Storynory.

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Natasha — May 20, The Boy Who Flew to High is a very valuable story as we learn how to appreciate the wise words of those older than us. I hope you enjoy this and more stories on Storynory. Natasha — May 29, This would be a very good thing for Icarus, to have called out, when his wings of wax melted as flew to close to the sun. One moral lesson to draw from this is Prevention is Better than cure. Natasha — June 13, Icarus is the Boy Who Flew To High despite his fathers words of caution not to fly to close to the sun lest the heat of the sun melt his wings of wax I hope you find more greek myths you enjoy listening too on Storynory.

Natasha — July 4, Thanks for the story; it helped with my retelling of a Greek myth. But it was a bit different from the version I heard once. Still, thanks. I enjoyed the story. I have to do a paper on Greek mythology and this is the story I picked. I remember watching it on a kids television show and I loved it, I still do.

Myths Airman Reading Cafe — October 15, Edith Thys Morgan, former Olympic skier turned journalist, shares a similar conversation with one of […]. How do I explain Lance Armstrong to my kids? My Family Blog — October 22, I really like the story it would be so cool if i could fly. By the way is there anymore stories just like this one? Great Story he should of used super glue!!!!! I thought this story was very exceptional except for the fact that the stupid kid flew too high. This was a good story i have to do this for school on our laptops it had a good moral in the end.

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Francisco Anaya — December 2, It was good but I have read bater books than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the minotaur betr. Michael'A — December 5, Sisi Nickname above. Hey Bertie! Do you wish you had wings like Icarus? I do but I would be responsible! Orange Monster. Just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please dont sing again. Its just a nightmare. Chloe — January 8, It was Greek so I liked it! I am Greek! Icarus died. I hope you people learned a lesson. Listen to you parents:O. That was awesome! What up people. Hi niko. I did like da story. It was cool. Hi Yeah, is boss like mr. Read Greek mythology!!!!!!!!! Every one in I. John and Rishi, stop with the go Italy. Go Greece!!!! Marisa and Sarah, stop copying me. Back to school. Hello kids! So,I am a fourth grade teacher,and I am teaching my kids stuff and they really enjoy these storys! Thank you! It was OK i guess well the writing bit anyway because it helped me with my homework for school.

Aaaaaaaaaaaah my back!!!! ChristianLouboutinMen — March 16, Just gonna tell some people now, i read a few comments on people saying stuff like you should add this you should add that. Savannah — March 26, Jazz — April 1, Which one is the correct spelling? BTW, could you please respond to both of my questions?

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  5. Also, when I tried to post this, it told me I was posting too quickly. Do you know what that was about? Answer that question, too please. Owwww I love this story soooo much but ending was sooo sad and it is also included in my books……. NO — June 13, I once read a modern story about a man who made wings out of crutches and drapes.

    He had been shot in the brain so………………. Bertie — August 28, Bertie — October 9, For those of you asking and wondering what happened to Icarus, he drowned after he plunged into the Sea. Daedalus carried his dead body to an unnamed island and later, Hercules came on the island and recognized it and named the island and the sea around it after Icarus. I do not remember a single word about a phonic in that story.

    I think that story needs some excitement. The last time I read this story it had more of the it factor, you know, like lots of blood, and bones? So long story short……….. Ps: do you have any idea how long it took me to type all of those explomation points? I am eight years old. Thanks I had to do a project and this helped a lot!!

    Oh i really love this story. Bob — February 27, So many comments! Francesca — March 3, Thank yo Natasha I hav learned a lot I told my friends a bout it they said they will say it to there teacher and they did they have learned a lot from your website supper dupper thanks to you for giving this story up for us. I liked this story because it tells you that you should always listen to the people who love you. Which is bad. His wings broke and he splashed into the water. The morale of the story is you should always listen to your parents.

    And I need as much information as possible. Thank you Erin. Bertie — May 3, I like this story because you get to learn a lesson. Thanks Natasha. I believe you are always supposed to aim high.

    Mythical Pegasus Flying High

    Reach for the stars, but be cautious when doing so. Nice story. I cant wait to read more of the stories! Amazing story of the father and son, had to read it to the end. Our pastor preached on Sunday using the flight pattern of father and son, I to love Greek mythology, and as a kid I had a set of books, I found them quiet fascinating….

    That was cool but I feel bad when the dad lost his son. It might be one of those stories I will always remember. I loved it in my class they read it and it was a sad story but with an important lesson 8 years old. But it teaches the boy a BIG leason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Past several posts are just a little bit out of track! Bertie please can you say something I love storynory You are the best! It was awesome I cant believe that he could not here his father.

    It was sad at the end. Love your story. But the reader talks like a robot, I am 8 years old. I am awesome. That is a good story and I want to hear more Greek Myths. But the most thing that stood out to me was that they say that they wanted to go to their home town back in Athens that was not said in the book. It was a sad ending. Its not a nice feeling to loose the people you love.

    I hope all of us learn to listen to our parents please listen to your parents and find the things that teach us! I have heard this story before! But the way you guys wrote it is much better this version has more detail! Good job! When he fell, did he die, or did his dad come and pick him up or something? Did his dad continue the journey? Did he die when he fell, or did the dad rescue him? Did Daedalus continue the journey? Is there more to the story? What happened to the feathers? Did the dad die too? Where did the dad go?

    What did the dad eat? This story is terrible because little Icarus just died without being saved. I am a teacher and my class was studying the story. Bertie — June 3, Poor boy :p. What in the world was this story. She should be fired. I enjoyed the story even though it had a sad ending. That was a good story but it was slightly different to the one I heard. The intro bit was too long as well but I liked the different voices.

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    I think this story also weird because the boy just died! I am so confused if Icarus actually died or not because I know he fell into the sea but at the same time there are other versions that say he survived so can someone please answer this? Thank you. That was a sad story I loved how the father and son made wings I thout that making wings was insoluble ;]:]. This is why i love greek myths, most end in heartbreak and death.

    So sad. But also an inspiring story to do that thing but be car full you do not want to hurt your self. This is Allie signing out. I like the story because it shows everything that happened and very lovely helps me a lot with my tasks langage arts. In one, to get revenge on the King, he boils him in his own bathtub. I always loved Greek Myths. It is a great page to read such stories.

    The myth of Daedalus and Icarus

    It was really sad and I hate sad stories. But he should of obeyed his dad so I am glad he dyed. That will teach him a lesson he is a bad really boy for not listening. He died i thought this was a story not a funeral well i have said my blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He literally just died!

    This helped for school-we have to read about different kinds of Icarus stories… I wish there was a sequel too! Okay that was…. I like this story because it teaches a good moral.

    The myth of Daedalus and Icarus

    It teaches that you should never let success take you over. I like this book because it helps me like it helps me read bet and like but first I think about what was the book about a I realized like what was the book about. So he just fell? You can help by adding to it. January Pape [und] G[ustav] Benseler, ed. The etymology of the word " clue " is a direct reference to this story of the Labyrinth. The Greek Myths.

    Kline - University of Virginia Library. Greek Mythology. New York: Peter Bedrick Books. Zwi Werblowsky , Lucifer and Prometheus Routledge, , reprinted from , p. The icarus complex. Lund: Doxa. Categories : Sun myths Characters in Greek mythology.