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Say it in the positive, and repeat it to yourself as often during the day as you can. Say it in the past tense as if you already have it. This is how you reprogram your subconscious mind. Work your way into believing you can have a prosperous life.

Reprogram Your Mind Fast: How We Form Belief Systems and How To Form New Ones Quick

Ask yourself what am I afraid of here. Notice what comes up without judgment. Befriend your fear.

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Take tiny steps towards what you want to create in your life. If you have an issue or problem in your life that you want to solve, ask for guidance. When your brain is in the relaxed alpha state just before bed or after yoga or meditation, this is the best time to enlist your subconscious mind to help you solve this problem. Find positive examples of how your desires have been achieved in the past. Find evidence or proof of the opposite of the fear your subconscious is bringing to you. When was there a time in your life that you accomplished what you desired or close to it?

Whatever you think about repeatedly, will become part of your subconscious mind and that will create the emotions of fear, frustration, or anxiety unless they are positive thoughts. In my money class, Smart Women Make Money , I see how fears around beliefs stop us from getting what we want in our life. I had a participant in Smart Women Make Money that had a successful business yet she was constantly struggling and broke.

How to Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

It turns out her belief went back to her family. She subconsciously spent all of her money. Once she was aware of how this fear and belief played out in her life, she was able to manage her behavior and stop spending all of her money. Make a promise to work with your subconscious and start listening to it.

When you learn how to access and reprogram your subconscious mind, you will start to bring more happiness , wealth and better health into your life. Editors note: This was originally published in July and has been revised for comprehensiveness. Photo credit: Lewis Mann , Creative Commons. Did you like this post?

The Complete Guide on How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

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How To Change A Belief | Happiness

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With all our intellectual smarts and education you would think that changing a belief would be easy. Yet sometimes a thought or belief does change quickly. Maybe some beliefs are easy to change and some others are harder. Why is that? Could it be some beliefs are like nuts and bolts that are reverse threaded? Most come apart with a turn to the left, but certain beliefs need to be turned in a different direction to loosen? I first started with my own and then began to coach other people in changing their false beliefs. Here is an answer to these questions and summary of how to change a belief.

The first step to changing a belief is to understand their construct and what makes us so attached to them. It is when we have that thought as a belief that we have strong emotions. It is the emotions part that cause us the misery. A thought by itself is just a concept in the form of a sentence or statement that we can manipulate with our intellect. For example, we can have a thought about what we, or someone else is wearing and whether it looks good or not without having much emotion. But what if we walk into a business social event wearing jeans and find everyone else in business suits?

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It is no longer a conceptual idea that we can easily drop or change with our intellect. We might think thoughts about what people think of us. But we are likely having strong emotions because our beliefs say they are judging us. I must have misread the invitation feeling stupid. Everyone here is staring at me feeling judged. I should go back home and change self doubt and insecurity about a decision.

This is a career ender feelings of doom and hopelessness. When you got dressed you believed you were perfectly fine with what you were wearing. But suddenly you looked at the same clothes with a different set of beliefs and that activated many emotions. The powerful component that we need to consider when changing a belief is that we will need to change the corresponding emotion. However, changing the emotions that are attached to the belief need a different approach. In a way it plays a very short mental movie.

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In that movie our mind projects an image of our self as a loser character. For that moment of the movie this is your whole identity. Since it is a version of you based on only one negative attribute it is a completely distorted self image. In that moment you have no other characteristics, no other history and no other qualities that would make this image accurate. It is a false image, but because the imagination fixates on one attribute and exaggerates it to a whole personality it is accepted as true in the moment.

It also might seem true because it is congruent with emotions you feel in that moment.

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Our mind is making a simple movie for the moment in an effort to explain the current emotions. By taking something that is a slip up in one moment and exaggerating it we have turned it into a self rejecting self image and will generate lots of emotions every time we think about it. We can also generate feelings unconsciously nor realizing our mind still has it stored as our identity.

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  5. One of the ways you can make this go smoother is to have another sense of your identity that you can associate to in its place. The exercises in the Self Mastery Course will give you practical ways to shift your perspective on this identity process as well as the other steps to change a belief.