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Show up early for a s ecret b and. Bring cake, it's my birthday. Steve's Top Pics from August Stephen Houldsworth attends more shows in Saint Louis than most, and he covers a huge range of sound. Be it hardcore or noise, pop or rock, Stephen comes equipped with his point-and-shoot. The guerrilla style of photography that results is a dry and honest take on the independent scene in St. Once a month, Mr.

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Houldsworth shoots us an e-mail with his recent favorite photos. Graham's Top Picks for August Graham Matthews bounces from show to show with a handy-cam, collecting the odds and ends of music in St. There is absolutely no genre-bend in his coverage, made evident by an ever growing Youtube page , which features thousands of videos of independent artists. Once a month, Graham sends us a list of 5 picks from his personal channel. Unexpectedly-awesome is the best kind of awesome.


What a sweetie! This video got more hits in a week than our previously most watched video got in a year and a half. At , he puts his slimy fingers all over the camera.

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I am still trying to get all the slime off the lens. Young moshers are brought on stage to get the party started. A newly bought Trauma Harness shirt glistens in the Ready Room's lights like a neon diamond. Every once in a while, the group throws together a montage of live footage, interviews and other miscellany clips. Recently, the group uploaded two videos: Episode 5 of their on-going web-series and a special festival episode with tons of footage from the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Kat Fest back in July.

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September was already packed with gigs, but a few more things just came together in the past week. Don't miss out - definitely come out and support the touring bands. There are a few fests in nearby cities in the next week namely Already Dead Fest and Cropped Out , so killer bands are coming through St. Louis on their way to and from. The melodies here are front and center and never get totally buried under a blanket of delay and reverb. There's a songwriting force at work here that feels catchy but, at the same time, subversive and downright weird.

Kisser takes a similar approach - but to psychedelic rock - crafting a sound that takes genre conventions in a meaner, more visceral direction. The start time says 9 pm, but expect this one to go late - that's usually how it goes at CBGB. Bring donations.