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Whether it's an individual goal met, a team achievement, or an extraordinary effort in a crisis, make celebration part of your organizational culture. It brings people together and motivates them to excel. Make what you know accessible, and help those around you begin to think of themselves as leaders.

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Guide them out of any fears and insecurities and help them discover what they're capable of. It's a wonderful feeling for everyone.

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When people love their work and their workplace, when they trust each other, when they have pride not only in what they're doing but also in what everyone is doing together, you have a workplace that is productive, effective, efficient, successful, and irresistibly great. And it's something you can start building today. The opinions expressed here by Inc. More from Inc.

2. Maintain a Team Culture.

Sponsored Business Content. On the one hand, you can find out a lot about your teams and the work atmosphere inside your business by only listening to your workers. Also, staying open-minded and open-eared to your staff can also yield some ingenious new ideas. This is why you should encourage them to share their opinions and solutions with their team members and other managers.

For instance, you can delegate your team leaders and department heads to strongly support the employees to join the discussions pertaining to the projects in progress.

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Moreover, think about sending encouraging newsletters via email, so that your workers are frequently reminded that their creativity is more than welcome. Furthermore, inform them that such contributions will be recognized by the system of rewards, as well. You might also want to read what the experts from the Harvard Business Review have to say about the importance of listening in business, so check it out here. Obstacles in the work process not only slow it down, but they also increase the level of stress in the office.

How to Achieve Workplace Harmony

Business owners, managers and employees who deal with these problems will waste a lot of energy, which will affect both their creativity and efficiency. There are many applications available to help business owners juggle all the tasks that come with running their own ventures. The following practical hacks will be of great assistance along that path:. From creating and syncing data to editing and sharing them, the cloud is a perfect modern tool for keeping a business in order.

Additionally, you can also store your business data online and avoid buying dozens of budget-nibbling storage devices.

10 tips for creating a harmonious working environment

Businesspeople who are aware of this trend will include some cutting-edge payment options in their business agenda. Options such as online invoicing , popular payment gateways, like Stripe or PayPal, and accepting a wide range of credit cards will definitely improve the user experience your clients have with your business. For instance, accounting and computing are two segments that are vital for almost every type of business these days.

However, what business owners frequently do is ask one of their regular workers to maintain their office computers. When it comes to in-house accounting, a full-time accountant is too large an expense for most small or mid-sized businesses.

2. Check your attitude toward mistakes.

What such enterprises should do is turn to cutting-edge accounting tools. In the end, company values won't be endorsed by employees unless they promote transparency. But Netflix does this directly and without any sort of ambiguity: "We share documents internally, broadly and systematically. Nearly every document is fully open for anyone to read and comment on, and everything is cross-linked. United, concrete company values and mission statements pale in comparison when it comes to developing sound communication tools.

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  • And while employee buy-in can be a challenge, the results can be significant. Of course, divides between various company departments have long been an issue long. During his time at GE, Welch initiated what became known as the GE Work-Out process , a series of structured meetings that brought together various company stakeholders to hash out ideas, develop improvement plans and make decisions in real time.

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    Of course, company structure and communication can't and won't improve overnight, especially with many companies adopting and encouraging work-from-home policies. According to a recent Gallup survey, 43 percent of American employees have spent at least some time working remotely.

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    Sometimes physical communication isn't possible, but a wealth of software programs have been developed to serve today's ever-changing digital communication needs. Here are a few of those services and their capabilities:. In , Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh announced his company would go all-in on promoting employee empowerment values and ditch traditional management structure entirely.

    More specifically, Hsieh adopted what's known as a holacracy, a structure that allows self-organizing teams — not just upper management — to create autonomy, streamline decision-making, and crush so-called corporatocracy. Despite trying to involve more people in key decision-making, Hsieh faced internal and external criticism, and 18 percent of his staff eventually left the company.

    This apparently didn't overly concern Hsieh, who said his only regret was not making the move sooner. While adopting a holacracy system won't work for every company, here are some of the principles behind it :.