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iOS 7 on iPad Mini Hands On

Most of us have a digital camera laying around in a draw or desk. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network is one of those really basic tasks that we all must do from time to time.

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When browsing the web the address bar shrinks…. AirDrop is an amazing new way to share photos, notes, lists and more with other devices sharing the same wireless network. Not only does it display text and imagery with vivid clarity, but iPad also has a wealth of amazing features that turn…. Learn how to enable Siri on your iPad and ask commands… Siri is your own personal assistant.


He or she depending on your country can dictate emails and messages, make a restaurant…. Calculator has an almost haiku-like simplicity that embodies the iOS 7 aesthetic. Users praise it with haiku-like enthusiasm: "A great app that really works great. I don't like this because of the ads A to-do list app that takes simplicity to extremes.

Useful iOS Features

Now finally available on and tweaked for the iPad, and iOS 7. Just stick to your stock app Mail user, especially with the enraged user furor over its recently botched re-design , at least your iPad access can be enjoyed. The newest release fixes bugs and stability issues. Users describe it as "polished, perfect, fast" and "impressive" but one "CIO who needed to attach a file and had to use the web version" reports he "just downgraded [it] to one star" for that reason.

Price: Free; just-released iOS 7 app for iPad doesn't have user reviews yet. It's the white collar social network.

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The online meeting app, most recently updated for iOS 7, works with Fuze's cloud service and a variety of third-party videoconferencing systems. The "ease of use and functionality is hands down the best app we have found," says another. All Slides.

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