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In British Columbia we have a Community Charter in which the Province has given municipalities, among other things, responsibility for the health and well being of its citizens. If they accept that responsibility, they will indicate so by enacting a general health bylaw. I am sure the same rule exists in all the other provinces.

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It is the basic foundation upon which all your efforts will build. Colwood suburb of Victoria enacted its land use health bylaw in With your general health bylaw in place, your municipality can now enact a regulatory EMR health bylaw.

A regulatory bylaw is not constrained by a grandfathering element as is the land use health bylaw above. A regulatory health bylaw in British Columbia comes under a concurrent authority. To enact such a bylaw in British Columbia, a municipality must first present the proposed bylaw to the Minister of Health for comments. The municipality may then revise the proposed bylaw or leave it as is. Once the bylaw is enacted, a copy is deposited with the Minister.

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The EMR health bylaw should establish a maximum power density level of point one microwatts per square centimetre to the exterior of the nearest residence. This is the level recommended in the BioInitiative Report of Here in Colwood we have an unusual situation in that we have three powerful FM transmitters smack in the centre of our neighbourhood, thirty metres from the nearest home. At this point we are attempting to enact a regulatory nuisance bylaw, but not to force the removal of the offending towers because that might conflict with the inter-jurisdictional immunity rule in that we would be indirectly impairing a federally sanctioned enterprise.


If you have a nuisance or noise problem caused by wireless broadcasters in your community, you might take this same route. Municipality-initiated Siting Plan? Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Shop Indie eBooks.

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