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Saturnales is a swiss festival organised by university students in Geneva that includes more than 5.

Celia Imrie: The secrets behind the over 60s happiness curve

This design proposal was based on the theme of Saturn and space exploration. The logo evokes dance through its wavy and smooth font. Atelier 52 is the collaboration of two craftsmen jewellers working in Lyon.

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Sharing the same workshop but working individually, they needed. The identity created highlights the diversity of their creations and the imperfection of handmade work that makes it unique and personal. Mosaique is an hostel based in a multicultural suburb of Lyon. This place offers rooms, a coffee shop and hosts local events. The identity developped evokes a patchwork inspired by mosaics from all around the world.

Different typefaces and patterns were created to represent cultural diversity and its synergy.

Celia Barnett

Patchwork Laundry. Celia Lake.

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Secrets in the stones Proserpina Gates thought she had a straightforward research question. And he's rather prickly about it. Ibis knows that his colleagues don't care for him. About the Book. Order Now.

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At 67, the Limerick fashionista has standards to maintain. I could never get it. I could never go around the town like that. I never even think about it.

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Jean Shrimpton was in every magazine - she was one of the biggest stars. Who I admire now in the fashion industry is Diane von Furstenberg. She is around my vintage and she still looks very clean and cool and nice. I get tired.

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