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9 days, Ubud to Sanur

The Backcountry - Snowboarding's Birthplace. Snowboarding's roots are in the backcountry. Close Encounters of the Bear Kind. Every year, beginning around the middle of October, Lake Tahoe's Kokanee salmon spawn for a few weeks in Tahoe's tributaries; and when they do, Tahoe's bears come to eat them. Scientists agree that bears have the strongest sense of smell out of all animals on Earth.

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It is this keen sense of smell that drives Tahoe's bears to its streams and rivers in droves during the annual spawning run of Kokanee salmon - out of the lake and into tributaries like Taylor Creek, on Lake Ta Have you ever seen a monitor lizard? They are ugly and have a ferocious look to them that does not lend itself to the word 'food', but in West Java, Indonesia they are exactly that. Bandung, West Java - Indonesia, is a bizarre food utopia. I lived there. Bali is an ideal place to learn to ride the waves regardless of your experience. With year round swell, great weather and the right water temperature, Bali is a favorite place for surfers.

Beginners can try at Kuta beach, where many surf schools have sprung up. Anybody can surf here, so just take your surfboard and ride out into the ocean!!!

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How does the thought of dangling over crashing waves of the sea sound? If your heart skips a beats reading this, then you should definitely try the Abyss Zipline. Experience the thrill of rafting in the foaming and frothing waters of the Ayung River.

The rapids are wild and the river has a 5 foot drop that is sure to make everyone on the raft scream. Not just that, the river meanders around lush green jungles and the views are so good that you will forget that you are in the middle of an adventure. Discover a hidden waterfall by taking an adventurous hike over steps above the ocean.

3 Days Travel Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Vacation in Bali

Peguyangan waterfall is not your ordinary gushing waterfall, but a series of small cascading springs falling over narrow ledges. They form natural pools which eventually trickle down into the ocean. The real adventure lies in getting to the waterfall. As you almost the reach the falls, you walk over wooden steps with huge waves crashing on the rocks just a few feet below you.

At the end you are rewarded with shallow pools where you can enjoy a natural spa in complete solitude.

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  • Must Have Bali: A Travel Adventure (Travel Adventure Series) Most Wanted.
  • Must Have Bali: A Travel Adventure (Travel Adventure Series) Most Wanted.

Fly over white sand beaches, rocky cliffs and the deep blue sea by Paragliding along Timbis beach. Soar above rocky cliffs and over turquoise waters of the ocean by Paragliding along Timbis beach. Makes for a cool video to show off later.

Indonesia Tour Packages | BALI and BEYOND

Canyoning essentially involves hiking, swimming and majorly abseiling through deep cracks. Some of these cracks can be more than feet deep and as you rappel down to its belly, you end up in azure blue pools. You can even cliff dive into these amazing natural pools taking your adventure to the next level.

BEAUTIFUL BALI // Exploring Adventures Travel Film

The activity starts with you venturing into the jungles and staying the night. An adrenaline pumping day indeed!!! Mount Batur is an active volcano rising to a height of metres. The trek starts in the dead of the night and takes close to 3 hours to reach the top. It can be a bit challenging as volcanoes are steep.