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In accordance with the University of Ottawa regulation, students have a right to produce their work, their thesis, and to answer examination questions in French or in English. Students enrolled in the MA program in Communication at the University of Ottawa have the opportunity to go directly to the PhD program without having to write the thesis provided the following conditions are met:. The student must make a written request to transfer to the PhD program no later than the beginning of the fourth term of enrollment and must enroll in the doctoral program in the fifth term at the latest.

Once the transition is made, all the requirements of the doctoral program must be met. Requirements for this program have been modified. Full-time students are expected to fulfill all requirements of the thesis option of the MA program within two years and of the research paper option within 16 months.

The maximum time permitted, whether enrolled part-time or full-time, is four years from the date of initial enrollment in the program. A student who has incurred two failures is withdrawn from the program. With cutting-edge research, our graduate students, researchers and educators strongly influence national and international priorities. The Faculty of Arts is proud of the state of the art research conducted by its professors. In the spirit of showcasing its research to the university community as well as to the general public, the Faculty has created three activities: Dean's Lecture Series, Treasures of the Library, and Excellence Lectures.

For more information, refer to the list of faculty members and their research fields on Uniweb. IMPORTANT: Candidates and students looking for professors to supervise their thesis or research project can also consult the website of the faculty or department of their program of choice. Uniweb does not list all professors authorized to supervise research projects at the University of Ottawa.

Research design and methods relevant to the Master's thesis or research paper project. State of the art of the discipline.

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Exploration of major domains of communication research, along with contemporary issues being addressed by scholars in these fields of specialization. Exploration of the social, political, economic, cultural and ethical ramifications of communication technologies as they have evolved over time. Relationship between innovation in new communication technologies and social and cultural change. Emphasis on the significance of ethical principles and responsibilities of public communicators, as well as sanctions faced when communicators fail to uphold these principles.

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Critique of self-regulation of the media. Analysis of argumentation. Study of legal precedents with respect to defamation. Theories and applications relevant to campaigns that promote issues and causes in the public interest. Strategies and techniques. Cases studies in the areas of health, environment, education and other public domains.

Theories and pragmatics of intercultural communication as applicable to various forms of communication verbal and nonverbal between and among individuals of different ethnicities, races, cultures, age groups, sexual orientations, genders, classes, abilities, language, religion, and value orientations.

Focused on workplace interactions.

Different approaches e. Role of theories in understanding communication challenges faced by contemporary organizations. Issues related to communication networks, organizational learning, management of diversity, computerization of organizations, and management of risks, among others.

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Critique of traditional e. Contemporary research directions in the field of mass and emerging communications. Study of the effects on audience behavior. Concepts, research, and theories regarding health communication issues at the micro level e. Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method research, with a stress on interdisciplinary approaches to health communication and public health research. Internal and external communication in public and private organizations. Case studies of Canadian and international organizations.

Theoretical and practical issues raised by the integration of mediated and distance communication into the work place, including those specific to the functioning of virtual teams e. Impact of information and communication technologies and political, cultural, and global dynamics on organizations. Theoretical and critical reflections on the strategic management of change in organizations, the transformation of organizational cultures, and intervention practices.

Case studies of hybrid cultures. Issues and concerns of particular relevance to the public service communication community. Preparation of a consultation report that focuses on a specific communication challenge faced by professional communicators. The role of communication in general and mass media and the Internet in particular in high risk situations such as conflict, war, disaster, emergency, and acts of terrorism including biological threats in a variety of cultural contexts.

Characteristics of modern risk societies, risk identification and management, the relationship between risk and crisis communication, and crisis management strategies. Case studies. Research directions in organizational learning, collective intelligence and information architecture, situated in the technical context of the general digitization of communication and the socio-cultural context of knowledge societies and human development policies. Interdisciplinary perspectives. Case studies from the work place, education, health, and cultural industries.

Empirical and critical studies of traditional and emerging media in various social contexts: organizational, domestic, educational, etc. Emerging research trends qualitative and quantitative. Critical review of key aspects of contemporary theory, research, and practice in political communication. Impact of changing communication technologies on government media relations. Study of the media strategies that aim to create the verisimilitude of everyday life. Analysis of the contemporary production of authenticity or its simulation in media genres such as televised reality shows, mock news shows, cringe comedy, and polemical documentaries.

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Theoretical and empirical studies of recent trends and changes in journalistic practices. Impact of social, economic and technological factors on journalism e. New socio-critical practices. Audience research. Contemporary approaches to international communication. The role of traditional and emerging media, international institutions, governmental agencies, and NGOs.

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Analysis of problems related to participatory communication and alternative models. Ainsi, dans notre analyse des nouveaux mouvements sociaux en Europe occidentale Kriesi et al. Je pense notamment aux mouvements populistes de droite. Abstract In this contribution to the debate launched by the editors of this special issue, we wish to clarify the limits to the political process approach and discuss inherent consequences. Parties annexes Bibliographie Armstrong , E.

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