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Dead Hand Control: Conditional Bequests and Devisements

As appeals to pre- and post-ratification history in these cases illustrate, history constrains as it channels debate. Appeals to the collective memory of past constitutional settlements enable Americans of very different normative views to make authoritative claims about who we are and what we owe one another. Schedule a Call Fill in your details below and we'll have one of our product specialists contact you.

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Sorry, comments for this entry are closed at this time. Do Americans Have Enough for Retirement? I'm Here Because Three Reports Tell Secrets to Paying for Nursing Home Care Simply enter your name and email to the right to get your 3 Free Reports that reveal little known secrets to qualifying for Medicaid without going broke. Trustee removal and replacement provisions vary widely both in terms of who holds the removal and replacement powers and under what stated circumstances the removal and replacement powers may be exercised.

In general, trustee removal and replacement powers are highly desirable because they can facilitate a change of trustees when most or all interested parties, except the incumbent trustee, can plainly see that such a change is in order. Within the context of an incentive trust, however, a trustee removal and replacement provision, if not carefully circumscribed, can operate to defeat entirely the purpose of the incentive trust.

What Is Russia's 'Dead Hand?'

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Dead Hand Control: How Much is Too Much? - American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys

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