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When strange boats set sail with vague intentions, the brotherhood of free air and the creatures of the fertile countries form the deer alliance, among them the Husihuilke warrior Dulkancellin and Cucub of Zitzahay. The author spins her intoxicating tale of the battle for conquest, survival and freedom - in which the boundaries between good and evil blur and at whose end stands the decline of an age - with interwoven historical and fantastical narrative elements set against the backdrop of the Aztec, Maya and Mapuche cultures.

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On comparisons of her work with J. Tolkien, the author replies, "Tolkien's epic is anchored in an opposite reality; it is a truly European epic, Eurocentric, monarchist. His work and mine embody entirely different cosmic visions: Tolkien writes from the point of view of the powerful, I write from the point of view of the 'abandoned'. In bringing attention to their fears and doubts she consciously distances herself from the classical archetypes of the fantasy epic and breaks with models of the genre. Liliana Bodoc recently published "Memorias impuras.

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Los padres" ; t: Impure memories. Even the American writer Ursula K.

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Having been compared In recent years with the Scottish writer Bodoc has become the Argentinian Rowling. Author of more than thirty tittles aimed at a wide age range, Bodoc has also written novels and short stories for children. As well as film scripts, plays and a novel that combines comics and cartoons.

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With an impeccable prose and a language with dazzling images that refer to cinema, these wonderfully well narrated stories have enshrined Bodoc as one of the most relevant fantastic literature authors in the continent. The epic genre of worlds imbued with magic and inhabited by extraordinary beings in search of utopias also includes successful writers in Spanish. A universe created by the Argentinian author Liliana Bodoc. For Bodoc, literature is like a glow.

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Daniel Gigena. While fantastic epic generally works by accumulation describing fauna and flora so often that they become familiar Bodoc moves in the opposite direction: objects or characters become real when she finds the prefect phrase to draw them. Daniela Azulay, Infobae. Madam, Sir, if your son or daughter unexpectedly devoured Harry Potters long novels or The Lord of the Rings trilogy, get them La Saga de los confines so they can finally get lost in the wonderful forest of literature.

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I ran away and distanced myself from these places to write a saga with a different world view. To create this universe I spent months reading books about Mapuche, Aztec and Mayan cultures..

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  • The concept is as old as humanity. Lightning was something magical until it was understood. Otherwise the world would be horrible.

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    La Saga de los Confines. Novela, La Saga de los Confines. Novela , Cuento infantil , La Saga de los Confines.

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    Novela, Memorias impuras. Los padres. Cuentos, La mejor luna. Cuento ilustrado, El espejo africano. Novela Novela, Amigos por el viento. Cuentos, El mapa imposible. Novela, La entrevista.

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