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Meanwhile, Cain portrays a widowed father named Ty, who comes to Bliss with his daughter Anna all the way from New York to train with another former ski champion and one of Kat's former teammates, Maddy. Maddy is super rough on Anna though, so Kat ends up helping her out instead. While coaching his daughter, Ty and Kat get close and eventually fall in love.

In the meantime, though, Anna has a fall and starts second-guessing herself, so they all come together to "look deep within to conquer their fears and push forward," according to the official summary.

19 facts about 'Field of Dreams' that go the distance | FOX Sports

Although the story isn't real, the chemistry between Swanson and Cain definitely is. In an interview with the Hallmark channel , Swanson said that she and the former Superman go way, way back and that's fun with him on set, stating:. The feeling is mutual, according to Cain, who called Swanson " a joy to work with. He heightened the plot's suspense, delaying until the final scenes the ultimate purpose for building the ball diamond: a visit by Ray Kinsella's late father, John portrayed by Dwier Brown in the movie.

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A more practical change also became necessary. Author J. Salinger of "Catcher in the Rye" fame was a main character in "Shoeless Joe," but his attorneys made it clear, according to the filmmakers, that portraying him on screen might spur litigation. So "out of duress," they invented the character Terence Mann, offered as an iconic figure of the civil rights era, said James Earl Jones, who portrayed Mann.

Jones, the booming stage voice famous for Darth Vader and the "This is CNN" sound bite, utters the classic "People will come, Ray" monologue at the heart of the film. Robinson led what he describes as an "angst-ridden" day shoot in the summer of in and around Dyersville and nearby Dubuque a stand-in for Boston and Galena, Ill.

From his childhood on a farm in Michigan, Jones recognized the "sweet, acrid smell" of hog manure. Kinsella to this day praises the film version of his book but sums up the summer of in northeast Iowa with two words: "colossal boredom. He spent "two horrible days in the gym" in nearby Farley as an extra in the scene that shows main characters Ray and Annie in the middle of a raucous PTA meeting.

The author's daughter had a much better time that summer, Kinsella muses, thanks to "a little romance with Ray Liotta," who portrayed Shoeless Joe. It was a drought year. So to ensure lush, green corn beyond the outfield, the crew dammed Hewitt Creek and irrigated the field.

Is 'Winter's Dream' Based On A True Story? This Hallmark Movie Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

At first, the stalks weren't tall enough. Yet toward the end of filming, the corn had shot up fast enough that Costner had to be raised on a walkway to be glimpsed among the stalks. The iconic final shot of the film — orchestrated by Riedel — stands as a testament to the cooperation of locals. Hollywood people told Riedel later that they thought filmmakers used special effects to create the nighttime scene of a stream of car lights. But it was patient Iowans driving 1, cars lined up bumper to bumper on the roads leading to the farm. The shot illustrated how Ray's vision paid off: The field had worked its magic, and hordes of tourists had come.

So, not unlike Stephenie Meyer, his career was founded on equal parts cold calculation and keeping a dream journal. Now, you probably associate "dreaming about math" with being naked in the classroom before the big test, but Ramanujan's night visions were even more terrifying than that.

Dream The Real Story

For example , he would be standing in front of a red screen made of flowing blood, which a disembodied hand would then write results on. Ramanujan credited these dreams to the goddess Namagiri. Unfortunately, the deity was kind of lazy and didn't provide him with mathematical proofs, only the finished formulas. As a result, the finest mathematical minds in the world have spent the past century verifying and trying to make sense of Ramanujan's incredible formulas, and they're still at it today.

Meanwhile, Will Hunting is driving across the country in a Chevy Nova. Back in , the main treatment for diabetes was a starvation diet and positive thinking, which was every bit as effective as it sounds. Most children with the disease died within a year.

One night, Frederick Banting, a young lecturer at the University of Western Ontario, read an article about diabetes before going to bed. Because that's apparently what passes for light reading when you're a bright-eyed professorial candidate in the roaring '20s. Library And Archives Of Canada. But then, while half asleep at 2 a. He scribbled down 25 words outlining a crazy dream scheme of surgically tying up a dog's pancreas to let it degenerate:. Canadian Diabetes Association.

If he let a dog's pancreas degenerate, Banting reasoned that he could 1 give the animal diabetes, and 2 isolate a mysterious secretion given out by a specific part of the organ. Surprisingly, it took over six months before he convinced someone to lend him both a laboratory and a dog. But once he did, his plan went like clockwork. By taking out the shriveled remains of the diabetic dog's pancreas, grinding them up, and injecting them right back into the dog's blood, he managed to keep the dog alive.

He'd just discovered insulin, the stuff diabetics need to keep their glucose at non-lethal levels, since their pancreas no longer produces it. Banting later tried his "insulin injection" cure on a year-old boy , who promptly recovered from a terminal case of type 1 diabetes. Eli Lilly And Company. Ever written something down late at night, thinking it was the most brilliant thing ever, but then tried to read it in the morning and found that it looked like a pile of scrawled dick shapes?

The same thing happened to German pharmacologist Dr. Otto Loewi in But he had no way of proving this, and it turns out that's super important in science. One night in , Loewi woke up overwhelmed with joy because he had dreamt of an experiment that would finally prove his theory.

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Sleepily, he jotted down some hazy notes and went back to bed. To his horror, when he woke up the next day, he couldn't read his sloppy handwriting. Thankfully, Loewi must have watched the same episode of Frasier two nights in a row, because he had the exact same dream the following night.

Perchance to dream

Not to anger the gods of science any more, Loewi immediately got up and went to straight to his lab. Institute Of Pharmacology, Graz. The experiment consisted of making a frog's heart beat slower or faster by applying fluids from another heart that was already beating at the desired speed -- which proved that nerves tell muscles what to do via a distribution of chemicals, not by zapping them with tiny electrical impulses.

Loewi named this substance "vagusstoff," but it was later renamed to something that didn't sound like a personal hygiene product. Loewi's almost-forgotten dream discovery netted him the Nobel Prize for Medicine in , and he was also named the "father of neuroscience" by whoever hands out those titles. Virgil Finlay. Lovecraft invented a new genre of literature cosmic horror by taking the boundless unknowable horizon of space and adding a shitload of tentacles.