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And we all benefit from their participation. But social media also has amplified the voices of individuals who spend time stalking, berating, and defaming other people, their horses, and their businesses. WSI has a zero tolerance approach to individuals who stalk, berate, defame, and threaten others. We ban them from participating in discussions on Irish Warmblood pages as we owe our community a safe digital environment free of harassment. And we ban their aliases and surrogates. As individuals, WSI directors also choose not to engage with these people.

We believe the best approach to deal with these individuals is to block them and to resist the urge to engage with them in a downward spiral of hate. A simple test we use: Would you let this person into your sitting room, and let him or her say the things they say on social media to you, your family members, and guests in your home?

Horse International , the world's leading equestrian magazine, is sponsoring the prize fund for the Showjumping Champion Colt and Eventing Champion Filly. Along with the cash prize the breeders of these foals will receive a three-issue subscription to Horse International. The Irish Warmblood community congratulates and wishes the best of luck to the following young horses competing at the Dublin Horse Show under the registration or approval by the Warmblood Studbook of Ireland. Equilume , the high tech company founded by Dr. Equilume's innovative lighting products have been scientifically proven to stimulate early reproductive activity in the mare, improve foal birth weight, and help prevent prolonged gestation lengths.

WSI encourages breeders to visit Equilume's homepage and to use their scientifically proven lighting solutions to improve the efficiency of your breeding programs. The homepage for the Irish Warmblood Festival has been updated with the latest information. With his partner Sigrid Gielen, Gerald is a well-known horse breeder whose horses carry the "van Overis" suffix all around the world. Gerald is also a partner in and selector for the highly successful Flanders Foal Auction. The group included Ireland's most experienced and successful dressage breeder, a List 1 Dressage Ireland Judge who is an experienced and successful breeder, and a Grand Prix rider building a top class breeding program.

Each person discussed his or her breeding program and their goals. We discussed the pros and cons of using proven sires versus young stallions, and how WSI can help breeders make stallion selections through our Mare Inspection and Foal Inspection processes. Finally we discussed plans for the Irish Warmblood Festival scheduled for 26 September and how dressage breeders can participate and benefit from this action-packed day.

Peter will give a demonstration on assessing functional conformation and judge Irish Warmblood foals for the Championship with Dr. Jan Greve. Peter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role. For over forty years Peter worked as an instructor at the Dutch National Riding School in Deurne, and he also served as coordinator of international programs from to his early retirement in Peter was two times Dutch National Champion in eventing and , and he was a member of the Dutch team for the European Championships in Flyinge Peter also serves as a Judge of the national jumping competition for 4-year-old horses.

If you become a member now you can benefit immediately from special discount offers on the Irish Warmblood Festival and tickets for the World Young Dressage Horse Championships in Ermelo. Register WSI. Each person discussed his or her eventing breeding program.

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Finally we discussed plans for the Irish Warmblood Festival scheduled for 26 September and how eventing breeders can participate and benefit from this action-packed day. WSI has lodged complaints with DAFM about the exclusionary entry criteria but for some reason the civil servants believe that neither they nor HSI must comply with the law. The Directive went into effect in , and is designed to prevent discrimination in equestrian competitions including showing classes.

WSI recommends that you enter your foal even if it does not meet the current entry criteria "For the horse section, foals must be registered in a studbook that is a member of the WBFSH or Weatherbys pending DNA where this can be verified by the studbook is acceptable WSI's view is the view of the Council Directive: No discrimination against any breed from any country. It does not have a derogation from DAFM. A derogation cannot be granted by DAFM. So enter away if you have a foal of any breed born in any country.

And make them prove to you and WSI how their entry rules comply with the law. We are struggling for ALL foals to be eligible. The Directive went into effect in , and is designed to prevent discrimination in equestrian competitions. WSI complained and showed why this is illegal. WSI has complained again and shown how these criteria continue to violate the law.

We are struggling for ALL young eventing horses to be eligible. Ring or write the stallion owner or the agent from whom you purchased or intend to purchase semen for your mare and ask them to send you proof that the stallion has been tested for WFFS1 and is not a carrier. You should also test your mare.

Use this form to have WSI do it for you. Join the genomic revolution and have your mares and fillies tested for the genes associated with osteochondrosis bone chips. Already about horses in the Irish Warmblood population have been tested. And breeders are using the results when they select stallions.

Neither exists. This is unacceptable. Sport horses registered by any and every licensed studbook in the 32 counties must be allowed to compete. All this shows that HSI continues to use every angle it can to maintain its monopoly position.

Breeders, riders, producers, and owners in Ireland deserve better. The goal of the WSI Eventing Breeders Group is to help eventing breeders in Ireland communicate their needs and goals to WSI, and for group members to provide mutual support and advice. The goal of the WSI Dressage Breeders Group is to help dressage breeders in Ireland communicate their needs and goals to WSI, and for group members to provide mutual support and advice.

If you'd like an invitation to join the group please "Like" Warmblood Studbook of Ireland's page on Facebook and then send us a message with the email address linked to your Facebook account. Is there someone in the sport horse breeding world you've always wanted to meet, hear a presentation from, and have a discussion with?

Jan Greve has accepted our invitation to be a speaker at the Irish Warmblood Festival on 26 September. Send WSI a message with the name of your ideal speaker.

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Write a few words about the person and why you want us to invite him or her. We will go through the list and make a short-list of the persons with the broadest appeal. If that person cannot accept our invitation we will contact the second person on the list, and so forth. The person who nominated the second speaker will win the VIP Pass. If more than one person nominated the second speaker WSI will randomly select the winner.

We are very pleased to announce that world-famous breeder, stallion owner, and veterinary surgeon Jan Greve will be a keynote speaker at the Irish Warmblood Festival. Jan also will serve as a judge at the Festival. Article 1. Article 2. Further details will be announced soon. This prohibition also helps to explain why HSI refuses to allow WSI and another competing studbook to apply for affiliation.

WSI awaits a decision from the Competition Commission concerning whether or not it will launch a preliminary investigation. Three Irish Warmblood foals and their surrogate dams are on the way to Germany. Congratulations to breeder Luke Cafolla. The stallion's semen is available by contacting Jessica.

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Semen is available from this purpose-bred eventing stallion by contacting his owner, Mandy Driesch. No a member? Join today! The stallion jumped three clear rounds yesterday with Liam O'Meara but the air-time over the jumps led him to placing 12th only the top 9 earned the ticket to the RDS.

Fantastic round. When that happens the foal will be aborted or it will die soon after birth. Make sure you have zero chance of that happening by having the knowledge you need. A wonderful gift idea, made in Belfast by WSI supporters.

Luke-The First

Video 1 and Video 2. To date 33 WSI stallions, mares, youngsters, and foals have been tested and all are non-carriers. The stallion is back competing with Cian O'Connor after a long rest. His canter is functional with a long stride, more than sufficient suppleness, and good balance. He jumps well and with very quick reflexes.

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The stallion is quick off the ground and careful. His front leg technique is very good but he could bascule and open more behind when finishing the jump. Holy Blue goes positively to the fences but he needs to be encouraged to come off his forehand and not position his head behind the vertical. Breeding Recommendation: Holy Blue will suit a variety of mares. Mare that do not move in a downhill manner are desirable. Comments: Imnotafraid Fortuna is a rectangular stallion with a sloping croup and neck that is somewhat ewe-shaped.

His front and hind legs are correct except there is swelling in the hock that produced a low score for his hindlegs. He jumps very well and with exceptional scope. Breeding Recommendation: Imnotafraid Fortuna will suit many mares that lack power and scope in their movement and jumping ability. Comments: Investigator P is a modern blood-type stallion. He could be slightly more rectangular. C-3PO starts with a story in deep space. Neither droid knows how they got where they are and worry about Luke's safety.

Chewbacca brings the droids aboard and charges them while getting the story from C-3PO. Han believes Luke is still alive and starts to look for him.

Luke-The First by Diane W. Keaster, Debbie Page |, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

As they get close to Constancia, Imperial forces come into view. Gyla doesn't want to be a part of the action, but Han starts to fly through the Constancia's ring. In the ring made of ice, the Falcon comes upon a large doorway that it enters. Upon landing, Han is greeted by Sharlee , who mentions that they are now in Outpost 8. Luke and Gamine enter the room and tell their story of how they got there. I had known Chick longer than I had known my father and longer than I have known my sons!!

She packed Gus many, many miles as a little guy. She was about 20 at that time. Cole rode her about the time he was walking! She was just a few years old then. Although she did buck me off the first time I got on her, her first ride, she never bucked again until one time many years later. Gus was riding her as we rode at the base of the Lemhi mountain range.

I had heard there was a sow bear with a couple cubs in that area. All of a sudden Chick snorted and started bucking Gus stayed on pretty good he was only about 8 , but finally hit the dirt. Chick stopped, but was obviously scared! Well, I did the only thing a loving, country mother would do I made him get back on. We went a little ways, she smelled something again and blew up bucking again. I mean really bucking!!

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Gus stood up in the saddle as she was bucking, lifted one leg over the saddle and jumped off. As he hit the ground, he turned to look at me and said, "I knew I shouldn't have gotten back on but did it because you said to! She was scared and lathered up. Gus has such a soft heart and love for these horses, as does Cole, he ran the hose over her to comfort, all the while with a tear in his eye feeling bad for her.

More for my 'Fans' album!! I have these all taped to my desk to read when I need encouragement!! Send me yours so I can add them!! Classy's last trip into the Wilderness!! Moe Mennenger Wooten. My little pony lover just finished book one. This is the first longe So proud! Moving on to the next one today. These are simply amazing, your books just open up a whole new world I am definitely interested in purchasing the entire set for my granddaughter, who incidentally, was born a horsewoman, in a child's body.