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Good luck to one and all. Go Down. Thank you Stephen for your gift! I've always wanted to travel everywhere to see the wonderful country I have lived in for most of my life but so far unable to. Congrats to making your free book to 6 best seller in good old USA! Teresa Ng. Apr 07, AM.

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Lisette Tenebroso

I enjoyed every second of my trips to the USA hence the book! There's just too much to see and do over there!

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I had a look at the amazon charts late on last night and my book, on kindle, had hit the 1 spot for non-fiction USA themed writing, thanks to my free promotion, knocking Lonely Planet into 2nd place! I could hardly sleep for the excitement last night!! Thanks for getting in touch. Apr 07, PM. Thanks for opening this thread to others too, Stephen. Apr 08, AM. You're welcome sasha, if we don't help each other who else will?!


Good luck with your project. Apr 08, PM. Go Up. She gave him an ultimatum: the Blackguards would return to the Clan if Carolina was no longer Queen. And much to her shock, he came through though it did not last. That King, like so many others, was swiftly killed off once Carolina regained her power. Hostilities are not at a standstill. The Blackguards were briefly sated by the bloody war in Europe, but not that things are calm and there is no use for them, the need for retribution is rearing its ugly fangs - especially against the werewolves.

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The Blackguard near decimation by the encroaching Je-Rouge wolves rattled everyone and none moreso than Lise. She's pissed and her anger, once ignited, tends towards the volatile. No matter what peace has been accorded, she will have her revenge - one way or the other. Despite her somewhat old age, Lisette is far from dull. She prefers to live it up every night of her life and lets nothing dim her perpetually, annoyingly, happy mood.

But she does have an evil streak. Lisette favors torture above all else, her mentor being Jack The Ripper.

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She can be utterly malicious towards those that threaten her or her Blackguards. With dangerous leonine features and golden hazel eyes, Lisette's beauty is in-your-face. She is tall and slim with naturally brown hair that she constantly dyes different shades of red or dirty blond. Her face and smile are anything but innocent. Face Representation :. Claire Danes.


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