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Back to the story: Mary Anne just keeps picking things up.

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She helps the medics when the wounded come in, unafraid of blood. She cuts her hair short and stops wearing makeup and jewelry.

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She learns to use an M While she remains loving toward Mark Fossie, the details of their future plans became hazy. Marriage is no longer a given. When Fossie tries to get her to go back home, she says she'd rather stay in Vietnam. She becomes more serious and distracted. She zones out when the medics play cards at night, staring into the dark. She says she'd never been happier. A couple of times, she doesn't come back in until late.


Then she doesn't show up at all. Fossie goes crazy looking for her all over the compound; Rat helps.

She isn't sleeping with any of the medics. Fossie assumed she was sleeping with someone. Sanders promptly guesses that she was with the Greenies, because it made narrative sense—why bring up the Greenies at the beginning of the story if they're not going to pop up later? Nope, she's out on an ambush with them. She comes trotting in with the Greenies just after sunrise and asks Fossie to wait until she's slept to yell at her. Fossie, unsurprisingly, chooses to yell at her immediately, and the two disappear to have a serious?

When Mary Anne comes out that evening, she's dressed in a skirt and a white blouse, and she and Fossie are engaged. Anyone who's ever read a story—and certainly any of the previous stories in this book—will know that this is not the story's happy ending. The two of them seem happy from a distance, but in reality, their relationship is brittle.

Fossie begins making plans for Mary Anne to go back home. Mary Anne starts to withdraw. She keeps staring at the jungle. And then she disappears and the six Greenies disappear with her. Three weeks later, the Greenies come back, and Mary Anne is with them. But instead of her eyes glowing blue, Rat says, they seemed to glow jungle green. She doesn't stop to say hi to any of the medics, but goes straight to the Greenies' hootch and heads inside.

Rat interrupts himself here to tell the soldiers that while the story sounds weird, it's true , really true, and that being seduced by the Greenies happens to guys all the time, so why shouldn't it happen to a lady? Mitchell Sanders tells Rat to stop digressing and tell the story right. He waits there all day.

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