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Colour each house one colour.

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You can use a variation of shades if you like, I used some darker shades of the same colour for accents, but make sure the house is all one colour. Lay all your houses out on the floor in front of you. When your child opens their eyes, they say the rhyme and guess a colour of house the mouse could be hiding under.

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Lift the house they chose to reveal whether or not the mouse is hiding there. Repeat until the mouse is found. Little Mouse, Little Mouse can be played with one child or a whole toddler or preschool group in a daycare.

If playing in a group, have the children take turns guessing. Repeat the game by hiding the mouse several times until everyone has had a turn guessing.

Little Mouse, Little Mouse, Are you in a red house? Printable game.

Children love guessing where little mouse is, but they also love being the one to try to stump you! Let your child be the one to hide the mouse while you cover your eyes and play the game the other way around. My boys also loved playing this game on their own once they learned it and they would often take turns hiding Little Mouse from each other. Little Mouse, Little Mouse is such a fun activity for learning colours, kids will want to play it over and over again! Or feel free to search out your own clip art images to use as well. PIN ME!

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Check out these other Circle Time Learning Activities. This first volume in the forthcoming series takes the plucky little mouse on a sailboat journey from the magnificent palace where she had spent her sheltered life, to a vineyard in Italy and then on a whirlwind tour of New York City. Solamae faces many challenges and overcomes adversities with a winning sky's-the-limit spirit, all the while embracing the belief that she is capable of helping others out of their dilemmas as well. Her strong faith in herself is coupled with her faith in a higher power.

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For more information: Click Here! The second volume in the series takes the plucky little mouse and her new pal, Puppino, to the islands in the Caribbean, then on a tour of Central America. Solamae tackles many newadversities during her exciting quest as well as during her thrilling adventures and misadventures with the new friends she encounters along the way. Together, they traverse the Panama Canal and points north along the westernshoreline of Central America dodging hurricanes and exploring the Galapagos Islands.

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