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Monty: With the evil vanquished, I can start making it all nice again. No undead, no Apothicons, no Shadowman.


All of it gone, forever, but, here's the funny thing. The scene changes to Primis, as Dempsey looks down at one of his blood vials, with it being empty. Monty: They're from realities we already closed off. They shouldn't be here, they CAN'T be here! Monty: You guys and your bloody free will. What to do? Well, you certainly can't stay here.

Nikolai and Takeo nod at each other and are about to draw their weapons when Richtofen interrupts. Monty: Mhm, I suppose I could make a little corner somewhere in history. A place where I can dump some of the other shit that I have left over, or I just wipe you from existence. The screen fades to white then to a close-up on Dempsey. A crowd is seen cheering for them as the four raises their staffs as conquering heroes. The screen transitions into the "Primis" image from Origins. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. RK5 if A Better Tomorrow has been completed. Fragmentation Grenades. Sheiva - points. RK5 - points. Pharo - points. L-CAR 9 - points. KRM - points. Argus - points. Kuda - points. Vesper - points. VMP - points. KN - points. M8A7 - points. ICR-1 - points. HVK - points. M - points. Bowie Knife - points. Nunchucks - points. Skull Splitter - points. Buzz Cut - points. Nightbreaker - points. Path of Sorrows - points.

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Peacekeeper MK2. Haymaker Rift E9. Ray Gun. Apothicon Servant.

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Li'l Arnie. Ragnarok DG Juggernog - points. Quick Revive - points solo , points multiplayer.

How is this book viewed by other Christians?

Speed Cola - points. Double Tap Root Beer - points. Stamin-Up - points. Mule Kick - points. Widow's Wine - points. Der Wunderfizz - points. Deadshot Daiquiri - Obtained via Der Wunderfizz. Electric Cherry - Obtained via Der Wunderfizz. A fragmented part of the theater from Kino der Toten seen in the sneak peek trailer. The map selection screen with The Giant Gateworm lit up. The map selection screen with the Summoning Key and the four Gateworm icons.

Combat Immersion. Categories :. Cancel Save. Voyage of Despair in-game Blood of the Dead chronologically, story-wise. Survive for as long as possible against limitless waves of the Undead.

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Open the Summoning Key. Complete the Cycle. Elements of Infection and Infected. Elements of Demon Within and Life. A view of a countryside can be seen before the view goes towards a house. The camera goes up a flight of stairs and down a hall. Monty: But things started to go wrong soon after you arrived.

Monty: Thing is Maxis went and ballsed everything up. Maxis can be seen asleep within a chair as he begins to hear voices until he wakes up. The door to the basement of the house opens as Maxis heads downstairs. Monty: He heard voices, you see. Calling to him. Mysterious Voice: Only together The Shadowman flies through the hall before exiting the house. Monty: Someone even I didn't know was in there - The Shadowman. Monty: The one and only - original - harbinger of doom. Monty: I'm not going to sugarcoat things It's a fucking shitshow. Ludvig Maxis: Sophia A: Maxis Ludvig Maxis: You know what we must do, my dear.

A is then seen preserving the Summoning Key into her A. A: Yes, my love. Ludvig Maxis: We will do it together. As one we are, now and forever. Monty: You should be fading out of existence by now. Those blood vials Dempsey and Richtofen share a glance at each other. Richtofen: I was wondering when you would bring this up.

Monty walks up to Richtofen as he grabs his empty blood vial. Monty: Such a paradox means you're putting my perfect world at risk. Richtofen takes a step back from Monty. Richtofen: You could send us somewhere else, somewhere we've never been. Primis starts to fade away from existence. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Help us improve this article! Contact our editors with your feedback.

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